Handicapping the SEC West: How I did.

This is the eleventh article reviewing the topics I deemed most important to the SEC before the season began.

The previous articles in this series can be found here:


The SEC West

As you probably saw, I did really well handicapping the SEC East before the season started.  I wasn’t quite as dominant in the West as you can see below.

Team DYC Projected Wins Actual Wins Vegas Spot Dude Win $?
Alabama 11-12 11 10.5 Yes
Arkansas 7-8 4 8.5 Yes
Auburn 6-7 3 7.5 Yes
LSU 10-11 10 10 No
Miss. State 7-8 7 7 Even
Ole Miss 2-3 6 3.5-5.5 No
A&M 7-8 10 7 Yes


But hey, four wins isn’t awful.


That’s all I got/


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