Down Go the Gators: A Season Defining Win for Georgia…Literally

This is the eighth of fourteen Post-Season Game Reviews focusing on the Dawgs’ performance.

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Georgia vs. Florida: A Season Defining Victory

The Georgia Bulldogs made the trip down to Jacksonville looking for a season-defining win.  Granted, every win over the Florida Gators carries weight and some fans like to over-simplify the success of every season by making it synonymous with the result of the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party.  But, in 2012 the Florida game offered clarity regarding the following definitions:

  • Were the 2012 Georgia Bulldogs a good team, or were they a squad that would struggle against the likes of South Carolina (already done) and Florida?
  • Was this a team that would continue the Dawgs’ upward trajectory that started in 2011?
  • And, more specifically: would the Bulldogs win the SEC East for a second consecutive season.

The game’s performance and the final score answered those three questions affirmatively, and the rest is history.  But few saw the end-game against Florida coming before it arrived.  Even with the clock ticking down and Florida driving the thought of an SEC Eastern Division Champion seemed obsolete to many.

Fortunately, college football surprised a lot of folks that day.  Georgia played to its potential defensively.  Aaron Murray overcame a poor first half to garner his first signature win as a Bulldog.  Jarvis Jones wreaked havoc.  Malcolm Mitchell made plays.  I celebrated.

Although far from perfect the rest of the season turned on that game.  Georgia went on to cruise by the likes of Ole Miss, Auburn, Georgia Southern and Georgia Tech en route to an upset bid in the SEC Championship that fell just short.

And all of that was magnified by the sweetness of the catapulting defeat of the Florida Gators.


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