Texas A&M and Missouri’s Debutante Ball

In August of 2012 I broke down what I anticipated to be the 10 Biggest Storylines in the SEC.  This is the fifth of ten looks back at those topics.

The New Kids on the Block

Texas A&M and Missouri held their SEC Debutante Balls this year and announced their womanhood.  We didn’t know what to expect from the two cotillions, but to say that A&M threw the better bash would be a gross understatement.

Rather than make an honest effort at welcoming the new kids on the block I dedicated an entire column to insulting the two programs and even went so far as to run a countdown of insults in preparation of the Missouri game.

I handicapped Missouri as good for six wins and they came up short.  I pegged A&M for 7-8 wins and they blew my expectations out of the water.  Hey, 0-2 ain’t that bad, right?

Truth be told I don’t think anyone ever really counted on Missouri to be a factor in the SEC any time soon (a huge reason for my anti-expansion stance…why add mediocre teams?).  Equally true: nobody expected this from A&M because nobody knew what to expect from Kevin Tumlin and nobody knew who Johnny Manziel was.

The Aggies balled out of control in 2012.  They were the anti-Mizzou.  I even almost came to like them one.  Almost.  I guess you can teach an old Bulldog new tricks.  Almost.

That’s all I got/


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  1. You are right, no one knew how good Manziel would turn out to be, and no one knew how good A&M would be. However, as for being anti-expansion, I can understand being anti-Missouri, but I can’t understand being anti-A&M.

    Of course, I am an A&M graduate, so what the heck do I know….I am completely biased.

    I think anyone that understands the inner-workings of football in Texas would have known that A&M would be at least a competitive team at some point (in the SEC). However, I think we are all pretty shocked at how well they did their first year.

    I actually expect there to be some fall-out from their early success. I mean, if they can’t sustain this level of success, their fans might get impatient. I mean, if college football fans are anything…its impatient and ungrateful…right? haha

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