Points, Gurshall the Disappearing Defense: Remembering the Tennessee Game

The Georgia / Tennessee game was a roller coaster of offense and emotion as the two squads met in Athens on September 29th and put up 95 total points.  Georgia squeezed out the win and the Dawgs left fans grasping for air – much like Grantham’s defensive line.


What We Saw:

  • OFFENSE!!!!! Both teams moved the ball and scored the ball – seemingly at will.
  • Murray threw for 278 while Tennessee’s Tyler Bray threw for 281.
  • Keith Marshall showed his world class-speed en route to a 10 carry, 164 yard two TD day.
  • Todd Gurley added three touchdowns on 24 carries and 130 yards of his own
  • Georgia’s defense bent, broke and finally picked off enough Bray passes to win.


What We Learned: 

Keith Marshall is the real deal.  So is Todd Gurley.  Gurshall lives!

Tyler Bray got a lot of hype heading into the game, when it was all said and done most college fans would prefer Murray to the beer-bottle chucker from Knoxville.


What We Should Have Learned: 

This game was Georgia’s 2012 defense in a nut-shell.  This was supposed to mark the ballyhooed return of a “full” defense as suspensions rolled off.  The Dawgs didn’t live up to the hype.  They gave up tons of yards, but ultimately made enough plays late to win.  This game was a microcosm of the season as a whole.


Long-Term Implication 

Winning an ugly, but close, game like this gave Georgia an opportunity to stay in contention even after a loss the following week in South Carolina.  If Georgia drops the Tennessee game and the South Carolina game, the Florida win becomes meaningless, the SEC Championship game becomes a non-option and the Capital One Bowl becomes wishful thinking.


Looking Ahead 

Tennessee canned Dooley and then spent the better part of three weeks embarrassing themselves in the name of a coaching search.  They’ve lost a lot of talent (several players that actually did have talent are going pro early).  It’s hard to see this team coming back strong in 2013.  But that’s why you play the games.


That’s all I got/


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  1. This game was the real head scratcher because we scored 51 points while Turing the ball over 3 times with a pick 6 and 2 fumbles deep in our territory leading to 21 points. Without those miscues, this game ends up as a rout and a pure UT embarrassment.

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