Georgia’s Defense: Drastic Under-Performance

In August of 2012 I broke down what I anticipated to be the 10 Biggest Storylines in the SEC.  This is the third of ten looks back at those topics. 

Storyline 8: The Georgia Defense

Back in August I entertained the notion that Georgia could surrender 11.0 points per game or fewer this season.  Actually, I did a lot more than merely entertain that notion.  I supported it.  I laid out a case.  I believed it.

I concluded with the following expression of faith:

I for one would be disappointed to see Georgia allow 11 points per game.  Something in the single-digits seems way more significant.

Now is the part where we all laugh and wonder what the heck I was thinking.  Sadly as I re-read that article, I still believed it.  Here is a sampling of what made 11 points (and yes, even single-digits) seem feasible:

  • Georgia returned almost everybody from a defense that allowed 19.6 points per game in 2011.
  • Georgia allowed 13 touchdowns (either directly or off of short fields) as a result of special teams errors or mistakes by the offense in 2011.  That number was sure to decline.
  • The offenses Georgia was facing in 2012 were expected to be less prolific than the offenses faced in 2011.

But what actually happened?  Georgia laid a few eggs.  Here is the story:

2012 2011
Yards Per Game 351.2 268.5
Rushing Yards Per Game 177.8 165.1
Passing Yards Per Game 173.5 103.4
Turnovers Forced 30 32
Sacks 32 35
Points Per Game 18.8 19.6

Suspensions hurt the performance.  Egos hurt the performance.  The scoring defense improved, but this defense never really lived up to its potential, except for in brief spurts.

It’s hard to put the 351.2 yard allowance into perspective for the Bulldogs, so consider this: I sifted through 10 years of data and that total was the highest allowed by any Dawg’s defense.

That’s all I got/


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  1. I got 17.7 if you back out the pick 6s or special team screw ups. This does not include when the offense turned the ball over deep in our territory and left the defense in a bad situation. But I agree that the defense did not perform as well as I thought they would

  2. The 2013 Defense….as young as they will be will not be UGAs big issue next year. This 2012 Defense had NO intention of being a good defense. They all had intentions of being good NFL prospects. I’m glad the “ME D” is gone. The entire (I say entire because the WR are just as good or better we have returning) offense is back and WILL be just as good if not better.

    People ask how we will replace all those individual superstars…..easy….with a team.

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