Remember When Derek Dooley Had a Hot Seat to Sit On?

In August of 2012 I broke down what I anticipated to be the 10 Biggest Storylines in the SEC.  This is the second of ten looks back at those topics. 


Storyline 9: Derek Dooley’s Hot Seat


In August I offered the following sentiments regarding Derek Dooley:

  • While I really like the idea of Derek Dooley, I hate that he’s at Tennessee where no Dooley ever should be and I still think he might be in a little over his head.
  • Dooley arrived in Knoxville as the third coach in three years – a sure sign of failure, but he came carrying optimism, passion and a general congeniality with the fans.  Unfortunately what is “likeable” to fans has not equated to on-field success – as of yet.
  • If Dooley doesn’t win 7 or more games this season he can pack his stuff and get his mom to send out his résumé.  But, I’m not sure that 7 (or even 8) wins guarantee Dooley a return.


If my standard was the one that Tennessee used (and it probably should have been), then Dooley made things easy on the administration.  After beating what was supposed to be a respectable NC State team 35-21 and dismantling an FCS foe (Georgia State), Tennessee found a spot in the top-25 poll and all my East Tennessee pals took to Facebook and Twitter to announce the vomit-colored orange return to prominence.

The next week Tennessee lost by 17 at home to Florida.  Then they gave up 26 points (albeit in a win) to Akron.  Dooley and company then reeled off a string of losses to top-25 teams (Georgia, Mississippi State, Alabama, South Carolina).  The horror wasn’t over.  They needed late heroics to beat Troy 55-48.  They lost to Missouri 51-58 in overtime.  The Vols lost by 33 points to Vanderbilt.  Ultimately a win against Kentucky gave the Volunteers a fifth win.

It was bad.  Very bad.  But out of that filth came Jon Gruden.  Just kidding.  Of course he didn’t come.  I bet Derek Dooley wishes he still had a hot seat to sit on.  Now he’s a rambling man.

Who’s on the hot seat this year?


That’s all I got/


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