Jarvis Jones Wins Games By Himself: Remembering Missouri

This is the second of 14 Post-Season Game Recaps.  The Buffalo Game can be found here.

On September 8th the Bulldogs made their first ever trip to Columbia, MO to take on the SEC East’s newcomers, the Missouri Tigers.  With little-to-no rivalry bitterness, Missouri DT and all-around loudmouth Sheldon Richardson said that watching Georgia play was like watching “old man football.”  Georgia responded with a 41-20 thanks to 24 unanswered points.


What We Saw: 

  • Aaron Murray threw another three TDs but also threw a pick in the second quarter with the score knotted at 0.
  • Georgia’s run game was bottled up, managing only 113 yards on 35 attempts.
  • Marlon Brown had his second career 100-yard game and added two receiving touchdowns.
  • Georgia’s defense bent, but did not break and made play after play when it mattered.
  • Jarvis Jones was unstoppable.  Period.


What We Learned: 

Jarvis Jones will win you football games.  No questions asked.  Jones registered nine tackles, two for losses (both sacks, 22 total yards), forced two fumbles, intercepted a pass and ran it back to the one, broke up another pass and hit the QB on five other occasions.  No wonder Missouri failed to score during the game’s last 18 minutes.


What We Should Have Learned: 

Georgia was capable of rallying for a big win, and on several occasions it was going to take strong efforts against mediocre competition to close things out.  At the time the Missouri win seemed huge.  The Tigers went on to finish the year with a losing record.  This game was a precursor to Georgia’s struggles against inferior teams like Kentucky and Nebraska.


Long-Term Implication: 

This was a must-win game for the Dawgs at the time, and even looking back it carries a lot of weight.  Any SEC misstep would have removed the Bulldogs from the SEC Championship Game.  Furthermore, a win at Missouri opened that new rivalry on the right foot.


Looking Forward:

Georgia will host Missouri on October 12, 2013 and you better believe the Tigers will be looking for some revenge.  Unfortunately for them, the 2012 season showed just how far behind the SEC curve they are.  It could be a few years before Missouri can threaten to compete with Georgia’s talent.


That’s all I got/


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