National Championship Preview: This Dawg Says Roll Tide…Just for a Night

Id’ be lying if I said this didn’t hurt.  On every possible level this at the very least kind of sucks.  I still wish Georgia was playing tonight.  Aaron Murray claims to be “over it.”  He moved on faster than I did.  That’s embarrassing.  Even aside from that still-stinging defeat, the end of college football season is a dark time for me every year.  The transition to the offseason and basketball is never easy.

The only thing that could soften the blow is a convincing Alabama win.  I hate Notre Dame.  The Irish haven’t been relevant for years.  This is just their third 10+ win season in the last 18 years.  But if you were from a foreign country and came to the United States at any point during that time period and watched College Football on TV (you’d never leave!) you’d think the Fighting Irish were perennial champions.  They aren’t.  And I don’t want them to be.

If Notre Dame wins the National Championship this year then my children will likely be hearing about it 20 years from now, even if the Irish don’t win another game.  I don’t want another generation stuck watching the golden helmets on Saturday when a better team is playing.  I don’t want another Manti Te’o making tackles the way a middle linebacker should and getting hailed as the greatest thing since all you can eat seats and sporting events.  I don’t want it.

I want Alabama to win.  I’m not happy that Saban is back in the game, but I want him to win.  A Crimson Tide victory squashes (for now) the evil that is Notre Dame and furthers the cause of the greatest conference in the history of college football.  So can they do it?

Of course they can.  I’ve watched Alabama and Notre Dame play several times this year and here are some eye-ball tests that favor the Tide:

  • Frankly, I don’t know that Notre Dame can score – at all – against Alabama.  Alabama has the best defense in the country, and I’m not sure that Notre Dame’s offense is anymore advanced than say…Mississippi State.
  • Manti Te’o is a good linebacker.  I couldn’t tell you another ND backer’s name because every tackle is credited to Te’o even if he’s on the sideline.  Manti Te’o is not as good at the linebacker position as Eddie Lacy and T.J. Yeldon are at the running back position.  I am confident of that.
  • Furthermore, Notre Dame’s front seven has never, ever, even in their wildest dreams seen anything like Alabama’s offensive line.
  • I joke a lot, but when I watch Notre Dame play I see an 8-4 team.

Statistically the gap closes a bit, but Alabama played five teams that were ranked (at the time) in the top-25 and Notre Dame played only four.  Alabama’s two best wins are close victories over 7th ranked Georgia and 8th ranked LSU.  Notre Dame’s two best wins are against 6th ranked Stanford and 11th ranked Oklahoma.  The two share one common opponent – Michigan.  Notre Dame beat Michigan at home 13-6.  Alabama beat Michigan in Texas 41-14.

The math favors Alabama (although not by the margin of the spread) and so does common sense.  Roll Tide…tonight and tonight only.

That’s all I got/


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  1. I am breaking rank as an Auburn Grad, but tonight I will watch the game with Alabama fans, and say Roll Tide, but only today. However, I am for the SEC, and sometimes have to swallow my pride. As an Auburn fan, i have had nothing to cheer for this year, so I hope my Bama friends are happy tonight.

  2. I consider any SEC team our brother. I”ll be rootin for Bama but I believe ND is for real and will win this game 21-17.

  3. I consider all SEC teams family. I”ll be rootin for Bama but I believe ND is the real thing and will win this game 21-17. Roll Tide!

  4. Dude your are crazy…Saban takes our recruits every year. Why do you want them better and stronger to our future or potential Dawgs? I’m a faithful UGA grad. However today I must hold my nose and root for ND. I hope you do not pull for Florida in their bowl games because they are SEC. If so I want my suscription money back from this Crazy ass blog

    • Thanks for reading and I wish you paid for a subscription; that would be great for me (although I’m not sure I could guarantee you’d get your money’s worth!).

      I don’t entirely agree with your logic, though. I don’t know that Alabama gains any more of a recruiting edge over Georgia by winning this game than they already have. If you are an elite athlete and you live in the South and you want to play for the most dominant team in the country and the southern team with the most tradition – you go to Alabama. It doesn’t matter if they win this game or not. For Georgia to make up ground in that regard they needed to beat the Tide in the Dome back in December. Unfortunately the Dawgs didn’t. I don’t foresee any recruit honestly saying something along the lines of, “I was going to go to Alabama but since the Tide lost to ND, I’m going to go play for Georgia – the team Alabama beat in the SEC Championship.”

      Notre Dame might actually stand to gain more from a recruiting standpoint than Alabama. By my count fewer than a dozen of the players on ND’s roster are from Indiana which means the Irish rely heavily on national recruiting. Their national recruiting profile after tonight’s game is going to be one of three things: 1. National Champions, 2. Former powerhouse program that almost won a Title, 3. Over-hyped media darling that is washed up. As a Georgia fan, I hope the third option proves most accurate.

      Alabama on the other hand, at worst, will have won two of the past four National Champions and appeared in three of the last four. Until Georgia defeats them or somehow captures the SEC through other means (beating LSU last year would have worked), that gap will continue to widen. I don’t want ND also gaining ground.

      Again, thanks for reading. Enjoy the game and let me know your thoughts. Go Dawgs!

  5. Sure,
    I didn’t say anything about ND for the record… we do not recruit against them for our core or to be honest our in state players as a general statement. I was also thinking deeper than perhaps my exact previous statements and perhaps my deep thoughts did not convey to your crazy mind.

    I know a loss in this game will not make ( for example) Said Georgia recruit think, “well that’s it, I’m not going to that Alabama cow college”.

    However continued NC after continued NC is nothing but glamour and glitz these kids love. I wish they would have not won last year or the one before that. Alabama kills us on recruits. As long as they play the last game of the year, they will continue to do so you crazy bastard. So I stand by my original statement, I hope they lose! This year and every year after! Go Dawgs…not Go SEC!

    • My apologies, your thoughts didn’t strike me as particularly deep.

      As you say, “As long as they play the last game of the year, the will continue to do so (kill Georgia in recruits).” So, I’m not sure why I should root against them in this game. Win, lose or draw they are playing in the last game of the season.

      We can certainly agree to disagree on this, but I don’t see how rooting for another SEC team is any crazier than rooting for Notre Dame.

  6. You are forgiven.

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