Jarvis Jones’ Greatest Hits: A Georgia Writer’s Word and Photos of his Final Moments as a Dawg

Yesterday was a sad, sad day.  Jarvis Jones declared for the NFL Draft.  At least that’s what reports say.  I won’t believe it until he tells me in person.

There’s really no way to quantify Jarvis’ impact in Athens, but if you wanted to try here is a sample of his performance over two years:

  • 155 Total Tackles
  • 91 Solo Tackles
  • 44 Tackles for Loss
  • 235 Tackle for Loss Yards
  • 28 Sacks
  • 193 Sack Yards
  • 46 QB hurries
  • 9 Fumbles Forced
  • 1 Interception


If those figures don’t do Jones any justice, then neither will my paltry words.  Nonetheless, here is some of my previous commentary on Jarvis Jones:

September 5, 2011: Boise State Game Recap

Jarvis Jones played a terrific game.  While watching the game live he was one of the few consistent heads around the ball.  He was easy to spot because he could not keep his helmet on.  He swarmed, got into the backfield and just flat-out tackled – something other players didn’t seem to identify with.


October 27, 2011: Florida Live-Blog

  • Jarvis Jones with third sack the night. YumYumYumYumYum.
  • Jarvis Jones forces a turnover.  He has to be MVP is Georgia wins this game and I’m not sure it’s too late for him to make run at the GOP nomination.
  • Georgia’s MVP: Jarvis Jones or UF Penalties
  • My main man Jarvis Jones. ..4 Prez


August 16, 2012: Handicapping the SEC East

Jarvis Jones is the new Y2K.  Wreaking Havoc.


August 22, 2012: How Good is Georgia’s Defense?

Jarvis Jones, Junior – Arguably the best linebacker in the country, Jones capitalized on a great 2011 season (70 tackles, 19.5 for a loss, 13.5 sacks, two forced fumbles and 49 QB Pressures) with a great Spring that saw him named Defensive Co-MVP.  He is a consensus top-10 pick in the 2013 NFL Draft


And then…this season began.  Early in the year I wrote (and illustrated) a piece explaining how Jarvis Jones changed the world.  People laughed, people cried, people loved.  Jarvis Jones read, Jarvis Jones laughed, Jarvis Jones tweeted.

Jarvis offered the following via Twitter: Saw the article, nice man gotta love it lol.

He then followed up with: lol that’s legit man…I like it.

Over the course of the year we learned that Jarvis might be Manti Te’o’s father.  We all watched Jarvis Jones dominate and on Tuesday, January 1, 2013 I had the unique opportunity to catch some of his final moments as a Bulldog.


Jarvis Jones walks in from warmups prior to the Capital One Bowl

Jarvis Jones walks in from warmups prior to the Capital One Bowl


Jarvis and Alec Ogletree chat as the game winds down.

Jarvis and Alec Ogletree chat as the game winds down.


An emotional Jarvis Jones joins the Georgia post-game press conference, already in progress.

An emotional Jarvis Jones joins the Georgia post-game press conference, already in progress.


So long Jarvis Jones.  It has been a pleasure.


That’s unfortunately all I got/





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  1. I have typed and deleted this comment 12 times now. There simply are no words in my vocabulary that can adequaetly encompass what Jarvis Jones means to me as a life-long Bulldog fan. Jarvis Jones is a Great Football player and an Amazing Human Being. I have never seen another player with his immense skill carry themselves with the dignity and class that Jarvis has displayed in Athens for the last three years. I sincerely hope he goes into coaching one day and returns to Athens to impart those qualities on future Dawgs.

    I will become a fan of whatever NFL team Jarvis Jones lands with. I’m just not done being a fan of this incredible player.

  2. As a Dawg fan, it would be great to have him another year, but I understand the factors that play in to these decisions. We must all wish him the best in the NFL. He will be a great representative for UGA and hopefully his continued success will encourage other young recruits to follow in his footsteps.

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