Sign that Aaron Murray is Staying: Murray Spends Afternoon with Archie Manning

Aaron Murray has been on a whirl-wind Southeastern conquering tour over the past few days.  After throwing for a career-high 427 yards and five touchdowns (and two interceptions) against Nebraska en route to winning the Capital One Bowl MVP Trophy and wishing DadYouCrazy a happy birthday (see below), Murray headed to New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl.  Last night he made a prominent appearance on College Gameday where he played the role of analyst with a style and poise that David Pollack is yet to master.  On the set he broke down Florida’s defense, the National Championship game and his Draft decision, saying that the NFL Draft committee graded him out as a second or third round prospect.


Murray has been a leader on the team and a media favorite for several years, so his partaking in extracurricular media opportunities isn’t necessarily out of the ordinary.  Nonetheless, one can’t help but wonder if he might just stay on the road for the next few months as he prepares for the NFL Draft, rather than stay in Athens, GA.  But in between the Capital One Bowl and birthday wishes and the appearance at the Sugar Bowl for College Gameday, something happened.  Or, perhaps I should say someone happened.

Aaron Murray spent the day with Archie Manning in New Orleans.  At 3:08 PM Murray took to Twitter to and offered the following:

Josh and I got to hang with Archie Manning all afternoon.  Great guy!

I don’t know what Aaron and Josh (his older brother, who played professional baseball before joining his baby bro on the UGA football squad in 2010) did with Archie Manning, but I’m sure it was something worthwhile.  And I don’t know what Archie might have said to Aaron during the day – but I’m pretty confident he didn’t insist that Murray leave Georgia early.

Aaron Murray signs a poster following the 2013 Capital One Bowl.

Aaron Murray signs a poster following the 2013 Capital One Bowl.


Archie Manning was one of the most decorated quarterbacks in SEC history until his son came along and he was re-assigned to “Peyton’s Dad” status.  Archie was drafted in the first round of the 1971 NFL Draft with the second overall pick.  Peyton Manning flirted with leaving Tennessee after his junior year before ultimately sticking around for a fourth year and becoming the first overall pick in the 1998 NFL Draft.  Then Eli Manning showed up in Oxford, MS; he stayed there for four years.  He was drafted first overall.

I’m not pretending to know what Aaron and Archie talked about.  I’m certainly not trying to put words in Manning’s mouth and I’m not claiming to understand the type of decision Murray is wrestling with.  But I think I’d like him to hang around the Manning family a little more often.  Because those guys hung around their college campuses for a while, and I hope Murray does the same.


That’s all I got/


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  1. Aaron has attended the Manning quarterback camp in the summers and is friends with the Manning family.

  2. Look Murray is a good quarteback but he will never be a great one in the pros!

  3. Maybe Jarvis can go spend the weekend with the Mannings.

  4. Look Drew Brees is a great college QB but will never do anything in the pros. Wait……..?
    Look Russell Wilson is a great college qb but will never do anything in the pros. Wait……?
    Look Colin Kaepernick is a great college qb but will never do anything in the pros. Wait….?
    Look Joe Montana is a great college qb but will never do anything in the pros. Wait….?

    Point is….You dont know what he will do in the pros.

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