Exclusive Videos: The Team Celebrates, Jarvis Jones, Aaron Murray and Mark Richt Speak

I’m about to begin the trek home and will have a full recap of the Capital One Bowl up tonight or tomorrow morning at the latest.  In the mean time here is some footage I captured yesterday following the game.  Enjoy.

Georgia players celebrate as Geno Smith begins to frantically look for the hats and t-shirts.



Aaron Murray high-fives the crowd on his way out of the stadium.



Jarvis Jones explains Alec Olgetree’s big play during the post-game press conference.



Aaron Murray talks about Georgia’s high-powered offense.



Mark Richt discusses the future of Georgia football.



Is this the end of an era?  Mark Richt, Aaron Murray and Jarvis Jones leave the Bulldogs’ final press conference of the season.


Again, please check back later for game recap and be sure to check out the Bowl Coverage you may have missed here, here, here and here.


That’s all I got/


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