Georgia Nebraska: Half-time Thoughts

A few random thoughts and feelings from the Press Box at halftime:


  • Aaron Murray’s accuracy has been off this game in the same way it often is in those “big” games that he typically underperforms in.  His passes are high and behind more often than not.  He’s not leading receivers consistently and he’s knocking heads off on what should be “touch” passes.  I don’t know anything that you don’t know, but I wonder if in Murray’s mind this was his “last” game as a Georgia Bulldog.  I don’t know that a game of this nature necessitates him coming back – but it certainly isn’t the note that I would think he’d want to leave on.  But I’m not Aaron Murray, so what do I really know.
  • The defense is furthering my belief that losing all this talent may not result in a statistical drop-off next season.  Nebraska has 246 yards of offense, but more concerning is the drives in which Georgia seems to refuse to make plays.  It is beyond frustrating as we all know what the Dawgs are capable of and we even see spurts of it, but there is no rhyme or reason to when they execute.  And, I refuse to believe that Nebraska has the talent to negate Georgia’s abilities and render them inconsistent – especially when I’ve seen Kentucky do the same thing.
  • The loss of Malcolm Mitchell hurts.  Rhett McGowan is not a go-to receiver.  Ever.  Mitchell got knocked on the head and I’m betting that he’s experiencing concussion-like symptoms.  He will not return, that much is sure.
  • Georgia needs to capitalize on long runs by the backs.  Gurley and Marshall each broke a 19-yard drive on two consecutive possessions and put the Dawgs near mid-field.  The Dawgs got zero points from those drives.  The holes aren’t there everytime.  When one opens the backs are finding it, but the offense needs to capitalize off of that momentum better.
  • In general, the first half is about what I would expect from Georgia in a bowl game given recent history.  Nebraska came in with a little bit more of a chip on their shoulder and the Cornhuskers are making a case to be the better team, at least today.  Hopefully that turns around.



  • Jarvis Jones is now the single-season record holder for sacks by a Georgia Bulldog thanks to one play in which Martinez rolled out and then fell down and a play in which Martinez was called for intentional grounding.  They may be “cheap” sacks but had Martine played each play out according to the rules both would have been sacks any way.
  • Aaron Murray now has the single-season passing yardage record for UGA.  He also is the holder of most passing yards by a freshman, by a sophomore and by a junior titles.
  • Murray needs to complete passes at a higher rate (he was just 11 of 23) to capture the highest single-season passing completion percentage mark held by Mike Bobo.
  • Georgia’s 318 yards of offense put the Dawgs at 6,276 for the season – that’s 557 more than the previous school record.
  • If the offense keeps moving the ball they could also close in on the highest yards-per-game mark in school history.



How many third-and-longs have the Bulldogs had?  I lost count around a thousand.  Just kidding, but Georgia did have eight third downs in which they needed more than six yards to convert.

This feels a whole lot like the Tennessee game.  And that’s not a good thing.  It’s not inherently bad and may mean that a few players want to come back for more as they’re left hungry.  But, it is a far cry from a dominant performance.  Granted, it’s a blast to cover up here in the booth, especially when the team I root for has no direct consequence for a poor performance.

Keep watching, keep reading and Go Dawgs.

That’s all I got/



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