Capital One Bowl: Live Thoughts from the Press Box

Check out the pre-game photo blog here and the game preview here.

I’m going down to the field.

4Q – 4:18: I voted Damian Swann for MVP.

4Q – 9:113: Nice tackle by Damian Swann there.  He’s going to be great.

4Q – 11:03: That pass play was the longest in Georgia’s bowl history.  And Aaron Murray has 36 passing TDs on the season – a new record.  And Christian Conley has SEC Speed.  And nobody in the state of Nebraska does.

4Q – 13:00: For the first time today, the Georgia fans seem to be having a noticeable impact on the game.

4Q – 14:52: Beautiful catch by Keith Marhall.  Dawgs up by 7! 38-31.

End of Third Quarter

3Q – 1:40: Murray hits Justin Scott-Wesley for a gain of 31.  That’s his second catch of the day (first went for 24).

3Q – 2:34: Good job staying home by Christian Robinson there.  Results in a loss of two for a scrambling Martinez on third down.

3Q – 5:23: Murray has been out on naked boots more often than a call-girl today.  Not sure why.

3Q – 5:30: And Alec Ogletree makes a play forcing and recovering a fumble.  Georgia seemed to be out of position following yet another defensive timeout, but he made a play.

3Q – 7:21: The degree to which the defense has leaned on the offense this year is damn-near unfathomable.  Especially given preseason expectations.  Murray has made mistakes, but he is keeping Georgia in the game as Burkhead continues to manhandle the Dawgs.

3Q – 7:26: Murray hits Conley for a 49 yard bomb.  He’s really got a good deep ball.  But the catch is under review.  The call stands.

3Q – 7:50: Good job by Murray finding King on that third down.

3Q – 9:36: Not to beat a dead horse, but why is 240 pound Richard Samuel IV running kicks back?  Is there not anyone else now that Mitchell is out?  Damian Swann maybe?  Todd Gurley is good at it.

3Q – 10:10: Generic sports opinion alert: Georgia’s defense needs to make a play.

3Q – 11:59: We just had an Alec Ogltree sighting – a rarity today.  Unfortunately it was about 20 yards downfield when he tackled a running back,


2Q – 0:16: I’m now jockeying for urinal position.  There is no rush like the bathroom rush at the end of a quarter in a press box.  I’ll be back shortly with a half-time writeup featuring thoughts and feelings.

2Q – 1:26: Another fruitless drive.  On a serious note, I think Georgia needs to target Nebraska safety Damion Stafford.  He is celebrating like he’s an all-star.  Let’s give him the chance to be one.

2Q – 4:09: Nebraska hasn’t yielded a ton of holes for Georgia to run through.  The Dawgs can ill-afford to continue negating long runs by Gurshall by doing nothing after them.

2Q – 5:56: The official stats have Burkhead with 1800 yards rushing this game.

2Q – 7:59: Way too many third-and-longs for the Bulldogs against a very mediocre defense.

2Q – 8:48: The troops respond and hold the Huskers to a FG.  23-17, Georgia leads.  Samuel back to return a kick.  Again.  For some reason.

2Q – 9:34: Hold the Huskers to a FG or less here would be a huge win for the defense and would take some pressure off of Murray and company.  Nobody wants this to turn into a repeat of the Tennessee game.

2Q – 10:33: Todd Gurley bursts up the middle untouched for a TD.  Georgia leads 23-14.

2Q – 11:42: Damian Swann makes plays.  He’s like Rambo but at a position closer to the ball and with a higher upside.  But that same knack for getting big plays.

2Q – 13:10: I would never root for Nebraska to do anything well.  But if they’re going to run the ball well I hope it’s with Rex Burkhead – the great white hope.

2Q – 14:57: Murray threw for 153 yards and 2 TDs in the first quarter.  But he also has only hit on 5/11 passes and has thrown two to the wrong team.

End of First Quarter: Georgia hurries to get a play off.  Murray gets sacked.  No good effort goes un-sacked.

1Q – 3:22: The Georgia defense continues to play.  I continue to be unimpressed.

1Q – 4:04: Murray has two INTs and two TD passes in the first quarter.  When was the last time that happened in a bowl?  Somebody hit me.

1Q – 4:15: Samuel is again back to return.  His shirt is still tucked up.

1Q – 4:15: Murray is struggling tremendously.  Playing like the pressure is on him.  Playing like this was going to be his last game.  Playing like it probably shouldn’t be.

1Q – 5:29: If you watched Georgia’s defense on this current drive you wouldn’t be too afraid of losing everyone to the Draft that’s on the field.  They can’t stop Nebraska’s run.

1Q – 7:54: Georgia now leads 9-0 following that 83-ish yard drive.

1Q – 8:45: Georgia seems content to run the ball and take shots deep.  We’ve seen more Wildcat formation than mid-level passing game.

1Q – 9:59: Gurley continues to be a hoss with a first down.  But there was nothing doing on that second run.

1Q – 11:39: Great stand by Georgia’s defense, followed by a blocked punt courtesy of SEC Speed and a comical safety as nobody could recover.

1Q – 12:49: That’s Murray’s “Stay in School” M.O.

1Q – 14:14: Keith Marshall got the start (along with Gurley) and just did some work on a screen pass on third and long.  Gain of 21.

Would have liked that against Bama.

1Q – 15:00: Georgia set to receive.  Here we go…

1:04 PM: An announcement just informed me that cheering is not permitted in the Press Box.  But crying is good.

12:59 PM: Ball’s in your court guys.  Make me proud.

Click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge.

12:54 PM Just found WifeYouCrazy in the crowd.  She’s sitting way closer than I am.  I’m not mad.  Really I’m not.

12:50 PM: I’m settled in and eating my second meal of the day in the Press Box.  That means it’s go-time.  We’re 18 minutes away from kick-off.

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