Capital One Bowl: The Coaches’ Press Conference Audio and Notes

Here are a few completely random notes (wth audio at the end) from the Capital One Bowl Kickoff Luncheon Press Conference:

  • In attendance: Jeff Schultz from the AJC, Seth Emerson (one of my favorite beat writers), Chuck Dowdle – the legend, Greg McGarity and many others.  A laid back room.
  • Richt opened by saying that he thought Jarvis Jones’ got things right regarding the Dawgs’ need to prepare in the midst of all the outside activities going on.  In general he felt Georgia did a good job of practicing when they needed to practice and having fun when they needed to have fun, but ended with, “We’ll see if we did enough.”
  • Richt identified the need to end a bowl leasing streak as a major motivator.
  • Despite the 70-point allowance to Wisconsin Richt feels Nebraska has a solid defense and is aware of what a Bo Pellini defense can be (Pellini was the man at LSU in 2005).
  • Richt says, “A good back can’t be knocked down,” in reference to wrapping up.
  • He stressed, “We’re not losing everybody,” on defense and alluded to the athleticism and speed of the returning talent on that side of the ball.  Also mentioned that Georgia has similar questions regarding the offensive line this year, and that worked out fine.
  • Richt is very concerned with the 37 minute period between the pregame warmup and the actual kick-off.  Typically that period is 20 minutes.  He says it’s hard to gety hyped up and maintain that energy without fatigue setting in.  The alternative is coming out flat.
  • Also of note: the Special Teams coach topic was talked about at length, but Richt didn’t allude to any major changes in philosophy.


Capital One Bowl Presser


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