Bowl Games of December 29th: You have a full starting lineup, just hope nobody gets tired.

Five games.  Five. Games.  Can I do it?  You bet I can.  Let’s do it. 

Bell Helicpoter Armed Forces Bowl: 

Big props to the Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl for getting the Air Force Academy to play.  That makes sense.  But you know what doesn’t make sense?  Air Force and Rice being reward for their regular seasons with a post-season opportunity.  If you are 6-6 in a crappy conference you shouldn’t go to a Bowl.  Out of protest I’m going to refuse to research this game and just tell you that the math says that Rice should cover the one point they’re giving up.


New Era Pinstripe Bowl 

The naming rights and name in general of this game would make a lot of sense for a baseball game.  It makes no sense for a football game.  Nonetheless I might actually watch this game – even during the regular season.  West Virginia was once the media’s darling with their QB and his Disney World-type numbers.  But then the Mountaineers lost a game, and then another, and then another, and then another, and then another.  Five losses in a row will kill momentum.  They did manage to rebound strong against Iowa State and Kansas, two teams that combined to win three conference games.  So yeah, Geno Smith is back baby!

Syracuse has been doing a little streaking of its own.  The ‘Cuse upset then ninth-ranked Louisville, traveled to Missouri to beat the red-headed stepchild of the SEC and then knocked out the Temple Owls on the road.

This should be a good game.  I am taking the Orange.  Go big Syracuse!


 Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl 

Is Kraft asking/encouraging us to fight hunger?  I’ve been fighting hunger for years.  I fight it by eating Kraft products, and it disappears.  My cheese consumption alone has kept Kraft in business.  What a waste of money.  I was going to buy more singles from Kraft than One Direction sells on iTunes in 2013 either way.  Why sponsor a bowl?

I’d recommend that you fight the urge to watch this game.  Arizona State is favored by 14.5 points! That’s two touchdowns and 2.5 extra points!  And it’s on television! Wow.


Valero Alamo Bowl 

Is it me or does the Valero Alamo sound like either a newer, improved version of the old Alamo or a mini-van?  Is it a mini-van?  I think it is a mini-van.  Nevermind.

I think this will be a fantastic game between the Longhorns and the Beavers.  A traditional gridiron power taking on the Beavers.  A legendary athletic program squaring off against the Beavers.

Why am I intrigued?  My dad has been taking on a pack of beavers for years.  DadYouCrazy lives on a pond and has a bit of a greenthumb.  He’s consistently planting new foliage around the bank of the pond and the local beavers are consistently destroying any and all vegetation.  If DadYouCrazy isn’t preaching or talking about college football and he is speaking, there’s a 25% chance he’s talking about the beavers.  Go try to sell him knives at the front door.  See how long it takes for him to ask if the knives penetrate beaver fur.  He’s as relentless in speaking about the beavers as the beavers are in destroying his plants.

I think the Longhorns, like DadYouCrazy, will fall victim to the Beavers.


Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl 

Now this just makes sense! Hot wings = Football.  Football = Hot wings.

Want more math?  Michigan State > TCU.



Now I’m exhausted.  Thanks for sticking that one out.  Be sure to follow along on the math sheet to see how the Normalized Scoring Model is holding up and more importantly follow along on the Tweeter Machine as I begin media coverage of the Capital One Bowl tomorrow.


That’s all I got/


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