The Russell Advocare Athletic Meineke V100 Independence Bowl of Texas Preview

If everybody could calm down for a second like that stupid British propaganda poster turned internet meme dictates, I could break a little good news.  Major Conference College Football is about to enter your life again.  Finally, after suffering through the likes of Nevada, Utah State, Toledo, BYU, San Diego State, UCF, Ball State, Louisiana-Lafayetta, East Carolina, Boise State, Fresno State, SMU, Western Kentucky, Central Michigan, San Jose State an Bowling Green, I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  If we can all suffer through this afternoon’s game between the Ohio University and Louisiana-Monroe we get rewarded by a 23-game Bowl stretch that only features seven non-BCS Conference schools.

But, to get there, we have to survive the…

Advocare V100 Independence Bowl

I don’t know what Advocare is but if it’s not a toothpaste, I wouldn’t put it in my mouth.  And I don’t care too much for the Ohio/LA-Mo matchup, but if you have nothing better to do at 2:00 PM on a Friday then this may be a prime candidate for starting the weekend a little early.

These two teams represent the two worst conferences in America, the Sun Belt (It dries up the wet pants) and the MAC (the Most Awful Conference).  Both teams come into the game with identical 8-4 records, but history tells us that one of these teams will differentiate itself on the scoreboard and in doing so will establish itself as the better team.

The LA-Mo Warhawks will have the opportunity to avenge the loss of co-Sun Belt dwelling Western Kentucky while the Bobcats from the Ohio University will look to improve the MAC to 2-0 in this bitter Bowl rivalry series with the Sun Belt.

Ultimately, I expect one of these teams to win and viewers of this game to lose.  But, for what it’s worth the math says to stay away.  But if you have to bet put your money on Ohio +6 points.


Russell Athletic Bowl

There are two things I love about this year’s edition of the Russell Athletic Bowl.  First and foremost, it actually makes sense on every possible level for Russell Athletic to sponsor a Bowl game.  Russell Athletic manufactures athletic apparel and thus has a vested interest in the livelihood of college football.  It just works.  Secondly, the game features two BCS Conferences, the ACC and the Big East.  If I had to like a third thing it would be the awkward scenario of the players from these schools (Virginia Tech and Rutgers) wearing Russell Athletic apparel despite the two schools’ firm and lucrative ties to Nike.

Remember how the other day I told you (if you happened to read and still stumbled back here) that the Big East was sneaky good?  And has anybody noticed that Virginia Tech is way down this year?  Mathematically – and observationally – this seems like a Rutgers win.  But, the Hokies are favored by one point, primarily on reputation.

Rutgers is 9-3 with three losses to teams that are participating in Bowl Season – on the field, not on the internet like me.  VA Tech is 6-6 and needed overtime a few weeks ago to beat Boston College (Notre Dame’s less Catholic, more drunk cousin that finished 2-10 this year).

Neither of these teams has much offense, but Rutgers has the better defense  The Scarlett Knights (Sailors’ delight) win.


Meineke Car Care Bowl of Texas

I kind of, sort of get why a car care company would sponsor a Bowl game.  What I don’t get is why this game is not only in Texas but also subtitled Texas.  Meineke’s corporate headquarters ditched Houston for Charlotte in 1986.  If I’m Charlotte I’m ticked.  But all is forgiven because I happen to have a friend whose last name, Meincke, vaguely resembles “Meineke,” and the Alan Meincke Car Care Bowl jokes never get old.  Am I right guys?

But enough about Alan, let’s talk more about me.  I might actually watch this game.  What’s not to love about a Minnesota team that went 2-6 in the Big Ten Conference (the Conference with 12 teams) taking on a Texas Tech team that went 4-5 in the Big XII (the Conference with 10 teams)?  Aside from Minnesota’s lack of offense and Texas Tech’s lack of defense, I can’t think of much.

Texas Tech is favored in this game by 13 points according to Las Vegas, which seems really high.  Is Texas Tech decidedly 13 points better than anybody?  I’m not sure.  The Raiders have a great offense, but their defense ranks 92nd in the nation in points allowed, so outscoring anybody by 13 points may take a lot.  Sure Minnesota’s offense is poor, but I suspect the Gophers will actually show up – which typically translates to points against the Raiders.

The math says Minnesota can cover the spread.  We’ll see if that rings true.


That’s all I got/



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