Dear Boo: An Open Letter to Discouraged Dawg Ken Malcome

Dear Ken,

Can I call you “Boo”?  I understand that it may have certain negative connotations coming from fans in the stands and that it may sound weird for a man to call another man “Boo.”  But I also understand that it is your nickname, and I find it to be catchy.

From what I understand you’re upset.  I don’t know how upset you are, but I understand why you are upset.  You said recently that you don’t mind if you don’t start and insisted that “you just want to contribute.”  You are contributing, Boo.

You may play sparingly, but when you play, you play hard.  I bet you practice the same way.  That’s more than I can say for a lot of running backs in recent Georgia history.  When you enter games – often late – it is more comforting than any Victory Formation ever could be.  When you enter the game, it’s to wrap thing up, pick up some yards and to punish some defenders in the process.  And you do a darn good job of it.

You’ve been surrounded by tremendous talent at the University of Georgia.  You’ve seen Caleb King, Washaun Ealey and Isaiah Crowell disappear into football oblivion.  You’ve seen Todd Gurley and Keith Marshall rise to prominence.  But Boo, you’re still just a sophomore by the NCAA’s standards.  And the best is yet to come for you.

Sure, you could go elsewhere.  Maybe you’d get more playing time.  Maybe you would start.  Maybe you would even dominate.  But if you went somewhere else and played against competition that was worthy of your skill set (the FBS level) and dominated, it would be a direct reflection of your own hard work and dedication.  And I believe your hard work and dedication can still pay dividends at the University of Georgia.

Mark Richt and company stood by you when things got shaky last season.  I’d recommend that you stand by your team.  I think the rest will sort itself out.  And, even if you are resigned to a minimal role for the next few years, you can still have a bright future.  I’m sure the running back formerly known as Danny Ware (now known as D.J. Ware) thought about transferring after his carried declined from his freshman to his sophomore season in Athens.  He stuck it out another year and then moved on to greener passages.  Much, much greener passages.  He’s in his sixth NFL season and playing on a two-year, two million dollar contract.

I’m not promising you millions of dollars, but I think if you stick around for another year you will find some success and some clarity.  So just think about it.


Your Boo-gest Fan,


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  1. Hey, t his is great advice to a fine young man who , like any competive athlete, wants to play more. Don,t quit Ken; stick around this fine established program and things will work themselves out.

  2. great article couldnt have said it better myself..u hit on all the points and know about former players allot like i do..i follow all my dawgs.. my favorite in the pros is geno(unblockable with1 man) atkins. he wasnt rated that high and is undersized but has led the leauge in sacks 2 years in a row for interior lineman..but to malcome, he deserved better. the coached somewhat lied to him in the offseason when he was about to transfer, but the coaches knew they needed him since isiah broke ankle crowell was released …coach was nervous about the running backs and promised boo all this stuff and when they saw success in gurley and some speed in marshall, they deserted what they said and promised to malcome…malcome is better than marshall..i havnt seen malcome fall on his face running and nobody touched him..malcome is a hardnose runner and should have ben utilized like alabama does with lacy…marshall isnt but 2 feet faster than gurley in the 40..thats not worth lying to the kid and playig a freshman that can hardley stay on his feet

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