Exclusive Photo of Rodney Garner Leaving Athens

Yesterday Auburn hired former UGA Defensive Line Coach and Recruiting Coordinator Rodney Garner.  Garner has ties to Auburn – he played there in the 1980s and coached there briefly in the 1990s.  But, he’d been at the University of Georgia since January of 1998.  He’d survived head coaching changes and coordinator changes.  And, he’d done a good job.

But, the allure of the middle-of-nowhere town in Alabama and the unproven head coach and the disastrous record of Auburn in 2012 was just too much for him to turn down.

So just like that, Rodney Garner is gone.  With only a burning bag of dog poop to remember him by.


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That’s all I got/


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  1. Good job recruiting, bad job coaching – let Auburn have the D-line as porous as a colander

  2. Santa just delivered the #1 item on my wish list… getting rid of Rodney Garner! Garner’s heyday was Seymour & Stroud and it’s been a slow and steady decline ever since – not too mention mismanagement of our recruiting.

    This is fantastic news. We don’t need to replace him either – just move Grantham to the D-Line and have coach O take over all the LB’s. Done… bye, bye Rodney!!!

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