Good Sign in Georgia Bowl Prep and a Preview of the New Mexico Bowl and the Spud Bowl

It’s Bowl Season everybody! That’s right every college football fan’s second favorite time of the year, just behind the regular season and with a healthy lead above the offseason, is now upon us.

So without further delay: let’s dig deep into what matters to everybody out there – The Gildan New Mexico Bowl and the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl.


Gildan New Mexico Bowl: Nevada vs. Arizona 

This game is a who’s who of the extreme southwestern United States.  Hosted in New Mexico and featuring Nevada and Arizona, this thing has cactus written all over it.  And dust.  And those weird cowboy neckties that are really just pieces of yarn connected by a rock.

You know what it doesn’t have written all over it?  A compelling story-line.  But that’s what makes Bowl Season so unbearably watchable.  I bet you couldn’t name five players and coaches in this game without looking, but the Bowl coverage will feature at least five feel-good stories and probably a few progressive female commentators.  This game is going to have it all.

You want offense?  Both teams are averaging over 35 points per game against FBS opposition.  You want defense? Well, maybe hold off for a bit as both teams are giving up over 32 points per game.  You want oddities?  Arizona is surrendering more points per game than they are scoring against FBS opponents.  You want wolves?  Nevada is bringing the Wolfpack.

So what do I think about the game itself?  I’m wrestling with that actually.  Having not spent a lot of time studying these games, my gut tells me Arizona is the better team.  But, to be fair Nevada’s losses have mostly come against some pretty good teams that make you second-guess everything you believe and say, “wait, that team is pretty good?” like South Florida, San Diego State and Boise State.

I think Arizona wins the game if they actually show up, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Nevada cover the 7.5 spread.  After all, the math has the Wolfpack as the better team – outright.


Famous Idaho Potato Bowl: Toledo vs. Utah State 

“Famous” is probably the best word for this game with all the big names on hand.  Toledo is very much the Kardashian family of college football and Utah State is the entire Obama family at a Jay-Z/Beyonce concert.  There’s a lot of celebrities in this game, hence the “famous” aspect of the Idaho Potato Bowl.

Here’s the thing about this game.  The Kardashians don’t stand a chance against the Obamas.  Sure, they’re really good at their little reality show and they’ve got their own niche of followers (the MAC), but the Obamas still live in the White House.  And when it comes to a fame-spitting contest Utah State isn’t going to back down.

The spread is listed at 7.5 and the math shows a 14 point edge for Utah State, so I’d be hard pressed to make a case for Toledo winning this game.  And I’d be throwing down some presidential cash on this one if I was president.


Georgia Bowl Prep: A good Sign 

Georgia started bowl practice this week, which is always a good thing.  Practice makes perfect.  I can’t help but wonder, however, what it’s like to be a college football player watching everybody go out after finals and head home to do nothing.  Do you ever think, “Why couldn’t we just play in the Gildan New Mexico Bowl and just get this thing over with?”

No.  Nobody has ever gone to the DVD menu, selected bonus features and sat and watched the alternate ending that take place at the Gildan New Mexico Bowl.  Nobody.  Ever.  So while we, as fans,  lick our wounds (and there may still be some) and continue to get over the Alabama game, let’s all remember that Georgia is not Nevada or Arizona.   And Georgia is not Utah State or Toledo for that matter.  A few short years ago we thought the Dawgs might be heading that way.

Georgia has come a long way.



That’s all I got/


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  1. Toledo 28…Utah State…2

    You heard it here first!

  2. Ready for the MOST AWESOME COMMENT not about the MAC Conference?

    Notre Dame 17…Alabama…13.

    BOOM!!! That just happened, for the third time.

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