How Embarrassing: Georgia to be outrushed this season?

As good as Todd Gurley and Keith Marshall have been and as talented as the Georgia defense is, the Bulldogs could give up more rushing yards this season than they actually gain if they struggle against Nebraska.

Georgia is outgaining opposition on the ground by 6.38 yards per game this season which means through 13 games the Bulldogs have a rushing edge of 83 yards over their opposition.  This is something to keep an eye on as Nebraska comes into the game averaging 254.46 yards per outing on the ground.  But, if both teams put up their season average (the Dawgs average 184.15) Georgia should win this minor victory in the trenches.

I’m not quite ready to give up on this one, but one reader is declaring this one over and a loss for the Bulldogs.  He says, “We will have been out-rushed in the 14-game season when our Defense has all these NFL Draft selections on it. A senior defense.”

We’ll have to see if he’s correct (although he actually blames the “Pass-happy” offense – which I’ll break down on Sunday –  for this potential discrepancy), but Nebraska is absolutely terribly at stopping the run (96th in the country).

If you were looking for a completely random statistic to track during the Capital One Bowl this is it.  In short if Nebraska outruns Georgia by 84 yards then Georgia loses the season-long rushing battle.  That would add insult to what has already been an embarrassing rush defense at times this year.


That’s all I got/




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  1. GA 38, Nebraska 13…you heard it here first.

    GA will dominate on the ground, unless Martinez scrambles for lots of yards due to being in passing situations and forced out of the pocket by Sac-Man Jones.

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