Aaron Murray and the NFL Draft: The Decision is Actually Pretty Easy

Much has been said about DudeYouCrazy favorite Aaron Murray – the Murr-Man – and the NFL Draft over the past few weeks.  I’m not complaining about that, and frankly I’m glad to see him getting the NFL Draft consideration that seems to be surprising to many.  Even a number of my close buddies (fellow UGA fans) are stunned that Murray is so a highly regarded by NFL scouts and Draft theorists.

All that being said,  I’m not sure that what some are portraying to be a hot-button issue really has that much controversy or variability to it.  And, more importantly, I’m not sure that Aaron Murray’s decision is really all that complicated.

When an NFL Prospect is evaluated I would assume the following fields of characteristics are observed and analyzed:

  • Previous Performance (College)
  • Testing (Pro Day Performance)
  • Physical Traits (Height, Weight, Strength, Speed, Athleticism, etc.)
  • Skills (Passing, Cutting, Route Running, Blocking, Tackling, etc.)
  • Intelligence (Wonderlic, Schematics, etc.)
  • Character (Work ethic, etc.)
  • Intangibles (Leadership, etc.)


These traits all relate to the Murray in his NFL evaluation.  However, the trade-offs between one more year and jumping to the pros “early” (Murray has been in Athens for four years and is working on a Master’s degree, so it’s hard to call this early even though he’s only played three seasons) are actually much less vast than one might anticipate.  Why?  Because a number of these fields are already defined for Murray and a number of others seem to offer equal pros and cons.


Previous Performance 

As detailed here (and continually changing) Murray has been impressive as a collegiate quarterback.  I don’t foresee the Capital One Bowl changing his Draft stock because I’m not sure that a huge game against Nebraska merits a rise or that a disaster discredits three years’ of work.

But, I would say this is one of the few areas with some long-term variability.  Specifically, if Murray were to stay and perform at a high level next season against Clemson, LSU, South Carolina, Florida and possibly the champ of the SEC West in the Georgia Dome his stock would rise from “solid” to “must have” pretty decisively.  After all, previous performance is the first step to gaining NFL consideration and big game performance is the one shortcoming on his college résumé.

A year of great performance could vault Murray into the first round (or at least higher than he currently is).  And, on the downside, I’m not sure that Murray is capable of having a year (barring injury) that is bad enough to derail the last three years of growth.



I don’t think Murray stands to gain much ground in throwing Pro-Day and Combine routes against ghost defenders by staying another year.  He is not a Matthew Stafford with a cannon for an arm and a need to improve accuracy (Stafford made the “leap” between sophomore and junior year – before he was Draft eligible, but he was raw at that point nonetheless – in accuracy, and I think Murray made the same jump in long-ball accuracy already).  Murray will never have Stafford’s arm strength, but I don’t know that his “drill” passing will ever improve under college coaching.

This is a moot measurement point.


Physical Traits 

The story on Murray consistently reads, “His biggest flaw is his height, and he knows he’s not going to get any taller.”  This is probably true.  But height is not the only physical trait of importance.  Murray won the Strength and Conditioning award for commitment to the training program last week at the team’s award banquet.  There’s no reason to expect his intensity to subside should he decide to stay.  And, there’s no reason to expect him not to gain strength, agility and quickness – as it relates to the QB position – with another year in the program.

So, I can’t say that his height gives a true reason for leaving early as he could improve himself physically by staying.  Whether he stays a year or leaves he’ll be the same height, but he could get his body more NFL-ready with another year – and as an undersized pocket passer that holds a lot of value.



Murray’s greatest passing deficiency has been his decision-making.  This could certainly improve with more experience at the collegiate level and would vest itself in better performance in big games.  But, it would also improve (most likely more so) under NFL coaching.  Again, this should be a moot point in evaluating Murray.



Every quarterback can always be smarter, and Aaron Murray is no exception.  He could become sharper mentally at Georgia or in the NFL.  And his commitment to film room and game study in general lends itself to continued mental growth.  I’m not sure that he stands to gain much from his decision either way.



By all accounts Aaron Murray is a good citizen.  He will remain one regardless of where he goes in life.



Murray has grown as a leader in each year at Georgia.  I see no reason to expect anything else if he decides to stay.  If he leaves, however, his leadership (as a rookie) may take a back seat in the locker-room.  But, either way he will eventually go pro and be at the bottom of the huddle totem pole, so I’m not sure that this should be a factor.



There are very even pros and cons to staying – both from Murray’s perspective and from a talent evaluator’s perspective – in the categories of testing, skills, intelligence, character and intangibles.  Which leaves only previous performance and physical traits as variables for Murray’s NFL future.

If Aaron Murray leaves now he leaves with a superior college resumee, but not necessarily an elite one.  He leaves as an undersized athlete with in the best physical condition that a player of his size and ability can be in after four years in the Georgia strength and conditioning program.  He does not risk injury.

If Aaron Murray stays he can improve on his already solid track record, set virtually (if not literally) every SEC career passing record there is, and become an “elite” college passer.  If he stays he will still be undersized but will improve physically in a fifth year of strength and conditioning.  But, he opens himself up to the risk of injury.

If Aaron Murray leaves it will be because he believes this Draft class to be weak in quarterbacks and because he is making the safe move for the guaranteed money.  But since when does Aaron Murray do the “safe” thing?  With all due respect (and I actually mean that), part of what I love about Murray (and what I hate about him) is his flair for the dramatic.  Aaron Murray is not the player he is because he dumps off running back screen passes and does the “safe” thing.  He’s the QB he is because he throws bombs, time and time again, and he throws them against anybody.

Don’t be stunned when Murray drops a bomb on the NFL and sticks around Athens for another year.  Staying home is the bold move in this instance.  And it could pay off for Aaron Murray.


That’s all I got/




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  1. Aaron Murray did well against Florida, getting those 2 scoring drives both for Touchdowns, including that 45-yard TD Pass to Malcolm Mitchell with the downfield double-block by TE Artie Lynch to spring him into the end zone for the clinching touchdown, already ahead by 1 point.

    NFL only wants Aaron Murray to go to the Combines to stand there and get finally measured, which is going to come out 5 feet 11 and a half inches. He does not actually look that tall, and he is very slight of build. He is very smart. Looking at the sidelines with 11 seconds left against Alabama for the spike it or not call, shows his smarts. He’s smarter than the coaching staff.

    He is extremely slow afoot and Combines would show that too, at about 4.72 in the 40-yard dash.

    He will NOT throw a pass in the NFL if he does not go to the Combines, get measured in speed and measured in height. It has NOTHING to do with his throwing passes against a ghost defender. Not with Aaron Murray.

    You have to call it like it is.

    NFL wants to measure his height and speed. They’ve already seen he beat Florida # 4 in the polls now after he knocked them out of the National Championship; and it would have been the 4th Florida National Championship in 16 seasons. That’s 1 a class, every 4-year class on the average.

    Yes, other than that, he has lost to every other team who made the AP Poll Top 10 at 1-11; but, damn he had a great game against Alabama and should have been the difference in the game if we could have simply stopped the run all year long – which we never did do at # 79 rushing defense despite 11 going to the NFL Draft.

    And, no Aaron Murray does not want to go to the Combines and be measured. If he wants to throw a pass in the NFL, unlike David Greene and DJ Shockley, he will have to. 3rd or 4th Round NFL Draft Pick 2013 Draft ? Well, let’s say he goes to the Combines measures 6 feet 0 inches and runs the 4.72 in the 40-yard dash we’ve seen where every SEC Defensive Lineman at 300 lbs. has out-run him, then he has to come back for his senior season.

    He’s been here practicing with the team since December 2008 when we were preparing for Michigan State the 1st time for that bowl game.

    I like the guy, but he has not demonstrated leadership on or off the field, and there have been a multitude of incidents off the field with Aaron Murray the NFL will want to discuss with him, such as his Tweet prior to Boise State : “Going down to the Dome to kick some ass.” And, his beer can incident on his off-week, underage. And, his non-existent leadership on the field and on the sidelines with all the issues on-going off-field the entire time Aaron Murray was our Chosen One at QB with no one else given even mop-up duty.

    We’ve heard that Aaron Murray is the best QB in The SEC 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and NONE of those years yet, has he EVER won ANY such list, after the season.

    His biggest issue has been that he holds the ball too long, and makes poor decisions – not the least of which is stealing 6 carries a game from his Tailbacks who have been ultra-talented for him ALL these years; yet, he put up 1 yard per carry average instead of what all of them put up of 5 yards a carry.

    I like the guy who for what he did to Florida. He willed us to that win by himself. He should have been the difference in our favor over Alabama. He’s not as good a leader as David Greene. He’s nowhere close to DJ Shockley in any facet of the game. Aaron Murray getting to throw a pass in the NFL ? I will await a senior season, and a Combines measurement. Short of that, no pun intended, and Aaron Murray must only then have a dream to be drafted in a late round. I would think that he would like to have the opportunity neither DJ Shockley nor David Greene ever did to throw 1 pass in an NFL game.

  2. @Bulldawg20 – It’s great to see you back disagreeing with everything I say! I’ve missed your negativity. I find it impressive that you and I ultimately agree (we both think Murray should stay), but you were able to find some many incorrect facts to share to support your thesis!

    Thanks for reading. I’ll post more on this when I have some time.

  3. DYC…how about a better avatar for yourself in the comments section? Big timers have cool avatars…check out “bulldawg20″‘s for proof.

  4. Lost who made the AP Poll Top 25 :
    # 1 Auburn 2010
    # 12 Arkansas 2010
    # 15 Mississippi State 2010
    # 21 Central Florida 2010
    # 22 South Carolina 2010
    # 2 LSU 2011
    # 8 Boise State 2011
    # 11 Michigan State 2011
    # 11 South Carolina 2012
    # 2 Alabama 2012
    Won who made the AP Poll Top 25 :
    # 4 Florida 2012
    # 27 Vanderbilt 2012 in top 25 with bowl win*
    # 23 Nebraska probably drops out of Top 25 when beat them*
    That’s 1 so-far, hopefully 2 with a Vanderbilt bowl win who made AP Poll Top 25 and 10 losses.

    (1) Aaron Murray has not played well in these games except for Florida and except for Alabama and except for Vanderbilt and hopefully except for Nebraska – and, that he has done well 2012, his Redshirt Junior Season as an early enrollee here December 2008 practicing with this team. And, (2) Aaron Murray is not the dual-threat qb he was billed as because of his utter slowness and lack of stature in his build. He’s our qb, should be, and has been great 2012. Our offense returns intact except for 2 WR, both of whom dropped the football frequently for 4 years and now are out for the duration of their now over careers here.

    You have an article here which purports to put forth your proposition that all along before Vanderbilt Florida and Alabama 2012, that Aaron Murray always has had the destiny to be great in the NFL, while I remain perplexed about the photo he posed for in bed with his girlfriend on this year’s Spring Break wearing glasses he’s never worn in any game. And, of course, I think he’s a ball-hog in a pass-happy offense that should have run the football far more 2012 than it did with all the talent he has around him to run the football, not himself. College Quarterback ? Yes, he’s the best college quarterback we’ve ever had, if you can disregard his utter inability to escape 300 lbs SEC Defensive Linemen, all of whom out-ran him on the field of play.

    I like the guy. I just call it like it is. Sorry that you perceive that as a complete run of lies about him. He’s my quarterback, who threw the ball too much but well in 2012 and had a tremendous season by far his best. 2012 is what I asked him to do, and he did. I think 2013 he will be even better. I think he will be All America 2013 and will get some post-season award. I just hope that we play some quarterback 2013 other than he against someone so we have a qb prepared as a back-up for the 1st time ever for Mark Richt here other than DJ Shockley. But, I don’t hold out much hope for that one. Oh, and I love someone who says everything I say is a lie and points out not 1.

    • I never said you were a “liar” I said your facts were incorrect. But I’d be more than happy to point them out to you. Should I do it here or make an entire post about them?

    • @bulldawg20 : here are some things that you said that weren’t accurate (or that were lies, whichever you prefer) from the first comment you left:

      Murray’s complete game against Florida was not top-notch. I can’t call a three-interception first-half good. He did enough to win, and for that I’m thankful, but heading into the fourth quarter Murray was 7 of 17 passing for 67 yards, 0 TDs and 3 INTs. That’s not good. Scouts will watch that whole game – not just the last drive.

      I refuse to second-guess the last play of the SECCG because everyone involved (players, coaches, etc.) insists it was the right thing, and nobody writing or commenting on a college football blog has ever been in that exact situation. I stand by the notion that a scrambling Alabama defense is not going to be as good as a composed Alabama defense.

      Murray is not “extremely slow afoot” and if he did run a 4.72 that would be a more than respectable figure in the 40 and I would guess that would put him in the top-5 among QB prospects. You should examine what NFL quarterbacks typically run on the 40 (and I’m not talking about Cam, RGIII or Vick types who run often).

      I’m not sure why you even mention the possibility of him NOT going to the Combine. He most-certainly will go – if he decides to enter the Draft. And it has a whole lot to do with him throwing passes against ghost defenders. Murray is not elite enough to say, “I’m not passing you’ve seen enough,” hence the importance of Pro Days and the Combine and throwing passes to receivers running open routes. Even Stafford had to dust off the arm and throw on his Pro Day and he got rave reviews at a time when a lot of people were starting to think the Lions should go with a safer pick by drafting a defensive player. Scouts will want to examine Murray’s throwing motion, his release and his ability to throw NFL passes (i.e. long out patterns across his body – something film won’t show him doing often). That is me calling it like it is.

      And, you’re completely off on your understanding of the Draft process. If Murray were to go to the combine and run a 4.72 (which, for what it’s worth would have been the fastest time by a 300 pound defensive lineman in last year’s combine by a full tenth of a second, not “like every SEC Defensive Lineman” as you said) he would not have the option to come back. The deadline for declaring is in January and the Combine is in late February. If Aaron Murray enters the Draft he will be at the combine. And if he’s at the Combine it will be because he’s entering the Draft. He won’t have the option of performing poorly at the Combine and returning for a senior season.

      I’m also impressed with your ability to turn an article about Aaron Murray into a chance for you to bash the defense’s inability to stop the run. That’s creative. Almost as creative as saying that Aaron Murray has not demonstrated leadership. Murray was named the team’s captain at the year-end banquet. He was one of five players to receive such an honor (along with Jarvis Jones, Tavaarres King, Shawn Williams and Ty Frix – other great leaders). He is – by all accounts – a tremendous leader. And if you think NFL execs will have an issue with a tweet he sent over a year ago (which as an aside, I’d love to see – it sounds kind of funny) and a beer he was holding before he was 21, I think you’re seriously mistaken. For comparison’s sake: Alec Ogletree (multiple suspensions) will be a first round pick barring something unexpected.

      Also: Murray didn’t enroll at Georgia until January of 2009. So I don’t think he figured into the UGA bowl prep in December of 2008 too much. Furthermore, nobody said Murray was the best QB in the SEC in 2008 (when he was in high school), in 2009 (when he redshirted) or in 2010 (when he was a freshman on a 6-7 team). You should reconsider who you’ve heard those things from. Additionally, I don’t know how you define “best” as I think everyone would disagree on that topic, but Murray was toward the top of every passing stat last year (within the SEC) and was tops in TD passes. This year he leads the conference in yards per attempt, second in yards and touchdowns (behind Bray who has 98 more passes) and trails AJ McCarron for first in the nation in passing efficiency by 0.7. So I think the case can be made that he’s the best passer in the league now. But nobody made that case when he was finishing up high school in 2008, playing on the practice squad in 2009 and then getting his feet wet in 2010.

      With regards to his “stealing” of six carries per game: can you watch the film and tell me how many of those plays featured this scenario: Murray stands in the pocket with a running back within arms reach and waiting for the football as Murray takes off running? You’ll be watching film for a long time. Georgia may run a play action fake in which Murray feigns a hand off before having to scramble when no pass opens up – but that is Aaron Murray running the play that is called. That’s not him “stealing” carries. And for what it’s worth: Murray has 55 carries in 13 games this year – that doesn’t equate to six carries per game.

      Is Murray a better leader than Greene was? Who knows? I’m not sure how to compare those two. He’s a much better passer than Shockley ever was (higher completion percentage, higher yards per attempt, throws TD passes more often and has a much higher passer rating).

      And here are a few critiques of what you wrote in your second comment:

      Again, Murray did not play that well against Florida.

      I’m not sure why you expected Murray to be a “dual-threat” when he came in. But any failure with regards to that I would place on your incorrect assumption. Murray was never defined that way by major recruiting services (notice that his recruiting profile lists him as a Pro-style Quarterback) and there is no history of Bobo calling for a QB run-heavy offense. I’m sorry that he’s not Johnny Football (if that’s what you wanted), but he’s not. He never has been, and I’m not sure why you thought he was.

      My article does not in any way, shape or form promotes a view that Murray was always destined to be great in the NFL. I used phrases like, “I’m glad to see him getting consideration” and “that’s surprising to many” and even express that my friends are surprised by how highly he’s regarded. In other words: I say that many – myself included – have been pleasantly surprised with how high Murray might go in the Draft. And, even then, I say nothing of how he will actually perform on the field at the NFL level.

      About the pass-happy thing: again, very creative work here. Since Matthew Stafford left (at that time Georgia was pass-happy) the Bulldogs have run 54.1% of the time and passed 45.9% of the time. This year Georgia ran the ball 57.09% of the time and passed only 42.91%. I don’t know how you could define that as “pass-happy.” And was Georgia good at running the ball? Heck yes. But Gurley and Marshall averaged 6.3 and 6.6 yards per attempt respectively. I don’t think Aaron Murray’s 9.82 yards per attempt slowed down the offense too much. Especially seeing as this year’s offense was one of the most prolific in Georgia history. But, it was pretty pass happy seeing as the Bulldogs only ran the ball 14% more often than passed it.

      I conclude with some common ground:

      I think we both hope he stays. I, like you, would love for him to be an All-American in 2013.

  5. I don’t know what you want. Aaron Murray against clearly the top defense in the nation, Florida, directed a scoring drive to begin the game. He did what I wanted him to do and that was hand the football off to Todd Gurley. He should do that a lot more 2013, and against a Nebraska team we’ve not beat and did lose to the only time we played them. There a couple of teams like that, I’d love to beat. Penn State is another. Both are Top 10 Football Programs All-Time in Wins.

    Miami of Ohio
    Southern California
    Boston College
    any Big East team while they still have a conference
    Colorado now that we lost the last time we played them there
    Texas A and M we need another win against too
    West Virginia
    Boise State
    Harvard in fact all the Ivy League schools if we could talk any in to it
    Maryland even
    Pittsburgh those still sting in New Orleans Tony Dorsett
    UCF now added to the list, too
    Wake Forest
    Alabama back to needing 12 there
    Auburn want another win against them
    I’d like some more against Florida, Mark Richt’s QBs not done well against
    there are others, but we can’t schedule them to square it

    Top 5 Total Defense
    Top 3 Scoring Defense

    And, the defense took the ball away, and Aaron Murray directed the drive against Florida, our most bitter hated Rival who has dominated us in the Mark Richt era and started before Mark Richt and continues. We start the game with a TD.

    On 3rd Down against hated Florida in 2002, a Florida team who would not make either the Top 25 Coaches’ Poll nor the Top 25 AP Poll 2002, David Greene went 0-11 on 3rd Down Conversions. That day, had he made 1 first down, we win that game and our national champions. But, no. On this day, Aaron Murray tried with a 1-point lead to hand the ball off directing a TD drive against Florida to seal the win with the clock winding down. Florida would have none of it.

    Aaron Murray TORCHED this Top 5 Total Defense and Number 3 Scoring Defense in the nation. He took this team on his shoulders and WILLED US TO THE WIN BY HIMSELF. He had to throw the football to beat them. He converted the 3rd Down to Malcolm Mitchell in one of the Most Memorable Moments in the 121-year Proud Top 10 All-Time Win Georgia Bulldogs’ Football Program’s history. With the downfield block by Artie Lynch on 2 Florida Top 5 Defenders, we scored on that drive when Aaron Murray had to and did win the game for us.


    So, I don’t know what you want. What I wanted from the guy was that he step up and take this team on his considerable shoulders against the # 2 team at the time, # 4 team now, with probably the best defense in the nation, or right there and he alone defeated Florida for us.

    I don’t know what you want.

    I know what I want.

    I want Aaron Murray against top teams to go out there and do something. And trust me on this Florida was going to win the NC 2012 just as they would have then totaled 4 NC in the last 16 seasons of DOMINATING US.

    # 4 Florida 2012 beat :

    # 9 LSU
    # 10 Texas A & M
    # 11 South Carolina
    # 13 Florida State

    But, NOT THIS DAY.

    # 6 Georgia beat them.

    Ruined their season.

    It’s not like when they beat Florida State. Florida State for crying out loud lost to NC State who should have been a 6-6 team 2012 and is 7-5 as a result. Florida beating Florida State did not ruin Florida State’s season. They did that to themselves vs NC State.

    I don’t know what you want.

    You have a guy who brings his considerable talents to your blog, a Bulldog Fan of The Ages, seasons’ tickets, been to 17 games at JAX between the 2 clubs, prominently shown on TV there previously, legacy season ticket holder, alum, and he shares with you that Aaron Murray WON THAT DAMN BALLGAME FOR US.

    And, you want to what ?

    Let’s make NO MISTAKE ABOUT THIS crazy. You want to put me down, son.

    To make your point.

    That you ain’t happy. You didn’t like Aaron Murray’s performance in this game.

    What in the Living Hell do you want son ?

    This is football at the highest level. You had a QB will us to that win by himself, and all you can do is not CELEBRATE THE FRIGIN’ WIN, but run in here and put me down for celebrating how Aaron Murray beat hated Florida, ruined their season by himself, and handed us the victory.

    Without that drive for the TD to begin the game, without that drive for the TD Pass at the end of the game, we LOSE that game. We’re # 14. We’re not playing Alabama that Classic SEC Championship Game of All-Time again Aaron Murray played well enough to have been the difference on our side, and did not in that game because our Defense is # 79 in the nation against the run and on this night everyone knew Alabama was going to run the ball against us 60 times, allowed them to get 7 yards a pop in their 60 carries. It was out of Aaron Murray’s hands that night. I was there. We took Marta down there. We saw all the Alabama fans confident they would win. Aaron Murray should have won that game. He certainly played well enough for him to have been the difference in our favor.


    Not 2010.

    Not 2011.


    2012, Aaron Murray beat Vanderbilt who with bowl win will be deserved Top 25, Florida who was going to win their 4th NC in 16 seasons with their Top 5 or Top 3 Defense who beat # 9, # 10, # 11, # 13 and can knock Nebraska out of the Top 25.

    This is what I asked him to do. To beat Top team.

    Check Mark in SPADES.

    He, Aaron Murray, did it.

    Now, I return you to whatever your jealous vendetta is against me personally instead of saying thank you for bringing your perspective on Georgia Bulldogs Football to your blog.

    Aaron Murray played like crap against Florida. Stick it son. He won the most important game of the Entire Mark Richt Era all 11 seasons beating Florida, when he took us on his considerable shoulders and tried to hand off on the winning drive to Todd Gurley, but Florida would have none of it – and, so he WILLED us to the win driving us down the field, game in the balance, and pass after pass won the bloody damn ballgame for me.

    I don’t care what he did for you.

    • We will have been out-rushed in the 14-game season when our Defense has all these NFL Draft selections on it. A senior defense. And, this is because our offense is predicated on throw 1st. A Pass-happy Offense.

      853 plays 2012 season.

      Not 1 moment of 1 game has any back-up Quarterback been given meaningful opportunity to exploit his abilities. Again, 2012, as in every previous campaign – except for DJ Shockley.

      He only because he Dad forced Mark Richt to promise the coach that he would prepare his son as back-up QB.

      One would have suspected with Mark Richt’s own status in football as a player himself, and given his significant Calling in Life, that he would’ve tried every year to get the back-ups involved and to design plays that would substantially make them succeed, given their God-Given Talents.

      30 have transferred-out who could’ve suited up and been a big help, especially on Defense, in our last game, for example.

      Yes, some were forced out.

      In each of those cases, too, it could be put-forth, that Mark Richt purposely and specifically, attempted to tell them that he preferred 1 other. Instead. 1 other. Always 1 other. I want this guy. This is my guy.

      Running to the Press and Complaining to them of all people that this guy doesn’t have this or that. That this is why they a crowd favorite, are given no meaningful shot. Put them in maybe. But, make them run the play that is designed for the other guy. Not the play which would showcase the unique talent each of 125 men can bring to the table.

      Round peg, square hole.

      This is what we run.


      (1) Who do we have ?

      (2) What is the best play call based upon their unique talent ?

      But, instead :

      (1) We run this scheme.

      (2) The player, in this scheme, playing that position is required to perform the following group of functions and skills, and any deviation from that, or short-comings related to that, mean YOU are not the chosen one, and so, when you do get in, you must do the same as he and run those plays because by God, that is what we run around here. Get it son ?

      853 plays

      366 passes plus 25 sacks. Sack is a play which would have been a pass.

      391 passing plays.

      853 plays.

      487 rushes including 25 sacks in college counted as a rush.

      462 rushes.

      54 % rushes in The SEC.

      46 % passes in The SEC.

      That’s a Pass-Happy Offense.

      We threw the football as many times as we ran it.

      In The SEC.

      Alabama, SEC Champions, ran the football 3 times as much as they allowed.

      3 to 1.

      Not out-rushed for the season as we will’ve done this season, but ran the ball three times as much as they gave up rushing.

      Quite a bit of difference, wouldn’t you say ?

      300 % per rush than Alabama gives up rushing.

      825 plays Alabama.

      300 Passes plus 23 sacks.

      323 of 825 plays are Passes for Alabama. More than a-third of Alabama’s plays are pass plays, while again half of our plays are pass plays.

      Pass-Happy Offense in The SEC.

      We play an ACC-Offense or a Big XII offense in The SEC.

      Fish out of water.

      LSU 835 plays.

      333 passes plus 26 sacks.

      359 of 835 plays.

      Again, 42 percent LSU plays are pass plays.

      180 % more rush than they give up at LSU, too.

      We run a Pass-Happy ACC Big XII Offense in The SEC.

      It taxes our Defense.

      South Carolina.

      This is Steve Spurrier, mind you.

      803 plays.

      329 passes plus 35 sacks.

      Again, 45 % passes, and this is Steve Spurrier I point out 2012.

      120 % more rush than their opposition 2012.

      How do you win football games in The SEC ?

      Well, you throw the football as much as you run it, and actually will have given up more yards rush than you established in your own rushing game, when you have a


      And, our Opponents will have MORE YARDS RUSHING THAN US.

      In The SEC.


      768 plays.

      259 Passes plus 36 sacks.

      295 of 768

      More than a-third again for Florida, too Passing Plays.

      2 to 1 rush compared to gave up rushing Florida.

      We run a Pass-Happy Offense in The SEC.

      Like we’re some ACC or Big XII team.

      Texas A and M :

      1 and two-thirds more rush than gave up rushing.


      959 plays Texas A and M

      457 Passes plus 23 sacks.

      480 of 959

      And, even Texas A and M had more than 1 and two-thirds more rush than they gave up rushing.

      It’s just us.

      We’re the only team who will have GIVEN-UP more rush than we got.

      This is because we’re a Pass-1st team.

      A Pass-Happy Offense.

      We go out there, run a few pass plays, sink or swim.

      And, sent the Defense right back out there to defend the run.

      54 Scholarship players plus a transfer-in.

      Now, we play Nebraska a Top 10 All-Time Football program who beat us the only time we’ve played them.

      Vanderbilt is the only other SEC Team who might end up Top 25 for 2012.

      115 % more rush than pass.

      Not out-rushed 2012 as we’re putting up 2012.

      806 plays.

      323 passes plus 23 sacks.

      346 of 806

      42 % of Vanderbilt’s plays are Passes.

      We run a PASS-HAPPY OFFENSE.

      Anyone beginning to attempt to whine that we’re NOT a Pass-Happy Offense in The SEC, is crazy.

      Right ?

      We’re going to be out-rushed by our Opponents for this season, while every other SEC team has out-rushed their opponents by LARGE MARGINS.


      961 plays.

      130 % more rush than they gave up rushing.

      Not out-rushed like UGA will’ve put up for 2012.

      351 Passes plus 30 sacks.

      381 of 961 plays

      39 % of Nebraska’s plays are Pass Plays

      More than a-third again Nebraska, too, Passing plays.

      We run a Pass-Happy Offense in The SEC.

      • What other SEC schools gave backup QBs “meaningful” playing time for a reason other than injury to their starter? And please define “meaningful” when you give your examples.

        I have a hard time saying that Aaron Murray (or Georgia as a whole) “torched” any defense when the offense scored 17 points, gained 273 yards of offense and turned the ball over three times. That is not “torching” in my opinion. Again, I’m thrilled that Georgia did enough to win the game against Florida. I can’t say that enough. I expected them to, and they did and I’m still thrilled about it. But when the Dawgs force six turnovers (which they did against Florida), 17 points seems like a disappointing total for scoring.

        And I don’t think your assumption that Florida would win the National Title if they had just beat Georgia is correct. Alabama is a better team. Very few outside of Florida fans (and some of them might even agree with me) would argue that point. The BCS (which does a decently good job of ranking teams but a terrible job of assigning bowls) had Alabama ahead of Florida even with Alabama losing more recently than the Gators. Florida doesn’t have the offense to beat a team like Alabama.

        As for what I want? I want to see Georgia beat Florida in this case. And Georgia did. But I never want to see Aaron Murray (or any other QB wearing the red and black) throw three interceptions. Only one other quarterback threw three or more interceptions against Florida this year. As stout as the Gator defense is, Murray did the second-worst job of any QB Florida faced in the turnover department. I don’t want that. Texas A&M, LSU, South Carolina and Florida State all threw for more yards against Florida than Georgia did. But guess what? So did powerhouses like Bowling Green, Vanderbilt, Tennessee, Louisiana-Lafayette, Missouri and Jacksonville State. I don’t want Murray’s yardage total against Florida to be the 11th best against the Gators. I can say that Murray did what he had to do late in the game to win. But I can’t say that his whole-game performance was what I want, because it wasn’t. Georgia could have opened that game up in the first half.

        As for what I want when I write: I always have two purposes – to entertain and to inform my readers. And you are one of my readers. You only comment when things go poorly for Georgia (prior to this post I hadn’t heard from you since early October, right after the South Carolina game), but you read nonetheless. And you have obviously been entertained as you’ve felt compelled to write these great long comments. And I’d assert you’ve been informed as you refrained from coming back to many of the topics I informed you of (such as how the NFL Draft works) after reading my last response to your comment.

        I don’t want you put you down, as you accuse. If I did you would know. And if you’d like me to start I’d be more than happy to do so, but I’m not going to waste the space that my other readers visit to do so. I want to entertain you and I want to inform you. And in that spirit I’m going to dedicate an entire article to the question, “Did Georgia throw the ball too much this season?” I haven’t started it yet, but I can already tell you won’t like it, because in summary: I have trouble finding faults in the most explosive Georgia offense in school history.

        But you will be entertained and you will be informed.

        As always, thanks for reading.

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