Breaking News: Georgia Freshman Running Back Todd Gurley Robbed

Georgia freshman running back and all-around beast Todd Gurley has been robbed.  Somehow the coaches relegated him to second team All-SEC behind Mike Gillislee of Florida.  This is ridiculous.

Gurley got an extra SEC game this season, but even if we ignore that (which we shouldn’t as his efforts against Florida helped earn said extra game), he still outplayed Gillislee this year.

Here are the two backs’ 12 game stats:

  • Gurley: 1138 yards, 14 TDs, 6.5 yards per carry
  • Gillislee: 1104 yards, 10 TDs, 4.7 yards per carry

The gap in yards may be marginal, but a four touchdown difference and nearly two yards per carry indicate Gurley’s dominance over Magic Mike.

So how about in SEC play?  Below you will find Gurley’s per-game SEC averages (9 total games) and those of Gillislee (8 games)

  • Gurley: 17.1 carries, 98.2 yards, 5.7 yards per carry, 1.1 TDs per game
  • Gillislee: 19.1 carries, 81.1 yards, 4.24 yards per carry, 0.63 TDs per game

When looking at common opposition, I’d call Gurley the clear leader as well.

  • Tennessee:  Both players played well with Gillislee racking up 115 yards on 18 carries and Gurley racking up 130 on 24 touches.  But Gurley had two TDs and Gilly had none.  Edge: Gurley
  • Vanderbilt:  Gillislee carried the ball one more time than Gurley (17 to 16) but gained 63 fewer yards (67 to 130) and failed to score while the Gurley-man scored twice.  Edge: Gurley 
  • Kentucky: Neither player played well against the Wildcats with Gilly hitting 56 yards on 13 carries and Gurley accounting for 47 on 12.  But Gilly’s TD was more than Gurley got. Edge: Gillislee
  • South Carolina: The Cocks also locked both players down with neither reaching the endzone.  But Gurley got more yards (a meager 39 to an even worse 37) on fewer carries (13 to 19).  Edge: Gurley
  • Missouri: Gillislee rushed for three more yards against Missouri (68 to 65) but he needed six more carries to do so (16 to 10) and failed to reach the endzone while Gurley made it once.  Edge: Gurley
  • Cocktail Party:  Lastly, when the two squared off Gurley edged Gillislee in carries (27 to 22), yards (118 to 77), yards per carry (4.4 to 3.5) and TDs (1 to 0).  Edge: Gurley

Todd Gurley got robbed.

That’s all I got/


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