This Georgia fan is Devastated that Petrino Isn’t Going to be at Auburn

Auburn has taken a “win at all costs” mentality under current athletic director Jay Jacobs (and a history of NCAA allegations would indicate a much longer trend).  The Tigers have been the center of controversy (Cam Newton’s money and Nick Fairley’s altered high school transcript), turmoil (now looking for a third coach since 2008) and occasionally unparalleled success (Heisman Trophy and BCS National Championship in 2010).  Has Auburn done things the right way?  I’m not so sure.  But they have done things the Auburn way.

Bobby Petrino would have done things the Auburn way.  He would have lied (he secretly interviewed for an un-vacant position at Auburn while remaining the head coach at Louisville, he lied about taking the Atlanta Falcons job before taking it a few days later, he resigned mid-season in 2007 after telling the Falcons he wasn’t going anywhere days before he left for Arkansas).  He would have cheated  (ask his wife about that).  He would have recruited (ask his mistress’s fiancée about that).  He would have stabbed you in the back (Tubberville, Louisville, Atlanta and Arkansas could all serve as witnesses here).  And he would have even won some games (he’s 75-26 as a college head coach).

Bobby Petrino would have given Georgia fans further vindication in their hatred for Auburn.  Bobby Petrino would have given Auburn wins that would undoubtedly be followed by black eyes or even tire marks.  Bobby Petrino is the right man for Auburn.

Now we’re just stuck with the new Chizik and his nutso wife.

That’s all I got/


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  1. I predict the Gus Bus will finally wreck. Gus has not proven that he can recruit and do it in the backyard of Bama, Georgia, Florida and LSU. Auburn is in a bad way. Gus has no honor, no respect and his antics are going to catch up with him. Look at Tennessee today and this will be Auburn in three years.

    Just a prediction from a upset ASU alumni. Go Dawgs!

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