Arkansas Hires Bret Bielema, Eating Disorder Follows

I think Arkansas made a great hire with Bret Bielema.  The Razorbacks could have probably made a run at Alabama assistant Kirby Smart, or maybe even Louisville Head-man Charlie Strong.  By they brought in a tough, defensive-minded coach (Bielema was a DC at K-State before taking the same role at Wisconsin) who has no idea what it’s like to coach in the SEC.

Bielema is plenty qualified after a stint in the Big 10 – the strongest conference in the country according to the Big 10.  And he’s taken the Badgers to three-straight Rose Bowls.  It’s not like BCS Bowls are just handed out.  He earned the game this year by losing to Oregon State, Nebraska, Michigan State, Ohio State and Penn State.

Who am I kidding, I think this is a mediocre hire.  Not a disaster of a hire, but it’s not a good one.  Any hope Arkansas had of regaining the momentum established by that saucy lust-machine Bobby Petrino will officially stall out under Bielema.  Arkansas will go back to being Arkansas.

Let’s keep in mind that this is the same Bret Bielema who has a long history of disdain for SEC-style recruiting.  What does he define as SEC-style recruiting?  Well, he has a deep disdain for coaches who recruit until recruitment is done (which is their job).  If Bret Bielema gets a commitment from a player – verbally – you better back off or you’re not invited to his birthday party!

Have fun Bret, and Arkansas fans, enjoy this exclusive DudeYouCrazy commemorative t-shirt.


Click to enlarge.  It's worth it.

Click to enlarge. It’s worth it.


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