A Dawg Fan’s Top 10 Biggest BCS Blunders

Judging by the outrage since Sunday night, I’m assuming that people thought the College Football Playoff system started this year. It does not. The BCS as we know and hate it is still in existence. That being said, I still think the BCS will do a fine job of crowning the National Champion as long as the SEC Champion continues to go to the one game that actually counts. I’m not defending the wackiness that is the BCS or otherwise expressing my excitement for Georgia’s fate in Orlando, but it is what it is and I know what it is so that’s it.

But, if we’re going to complain we might as well do it in an organized manner. So here we go.

Here are the 10 Biggest Travesties of this years’ BCS

10. I feel really bad for Manti Te’o and Notre Dame’s draw of Alabama in the BCS National Championship. I don’t know that the outcome would have been any different with Georgia in the game (the Tide and the Dawgs played what was apparently a decent game on Saturday afternoon), but there’s a good chance that Eddie Lacy and T.J. Yeldon will ruin any credibility Notre Dame’s defense has. Manti Te’o could be trucked out of the first round of the NFL Draft and possibly even off the face of the planet. The Tide (or the “Taaaaaadddd” if you’re a true Alabama fan) is gonna roll.

9. It’s a shame that Florida State drew Northern Illinois in this year’s Discover Orange Bowl. I’ll write more on the Huskies in a bit but I think the ‘Noles will discover that NIU isn’t good – even by ACC standards. And I hate to see ACC teams winning BCS Bowls.

8. It’s a shame that Wisconsin got in. I actually like Wiscy too, (almost as much as I like Whiskey). But it’s ridiculous that a five-loss Big Ten team is playing in a game of significance against a Stanford team that lost to Washington. That’s not why the system was created. And even if the system is about making money, I can guarantee more could be made with other teams.

7. The eight teams playing in the four normal BCS Bowls feature a combined total of 15 losses. That wouldn’t be so bad except that if you add up the teams finishing in spots 3-10 of the BCS (the ones who should be playing) you get a total of 13 and four of those teams (Georgia, LSU, A&M and South Carolina) didn’t make a BCS game because they combined to lose eight games to each other or to Florida and Alabama.

6. The eight teams chosen (if that’s the right term) also combine for 58 wins against BCS Conference opponents. Remember, some conferences automatically are slated for a bid unless something weird happens (hence the not really “chosen” aspect). Those conferences apparently hold some type of intrinsic value and according to the BCS are “good.” So those 58 wins might sound really awesome. It’s not. If the spots 3-10 were selected that total would be 64.

5. As a Georgia fan, it still royally sucks that Florida is in the Sugar Bowl over the Bulldogs (or frankly anyone else, Kent State was soooo close!). I’m not complaining about Florida I’m complaining about the system. And I’m not mad – because this is no surprise here – I’m just complaining. I am not, and no other UGA fan currently is, discrediting Florida’s accomplishments. What Florida has accomplisheddefeat of currently 8th ranked LSU, defeat of 9th ranked A&M, defeat of 10th ranked South Carolina and defeat of 12th ranked FSU – is undeniably impressive. I am, however, discrediting Florida for what the Gators did not accomplish – namely their 0-1 record against teams ranked above 8th and a failure to win their own division. And again, I’m only complaining for the sake of complaining. This is how the system works and Georgia benefited from it in 2007 (didn’t win division but got Sugar Bowl bid) as much as Florida is benefiting from it now. But it’s still wrong.

4. If you can get past the who part of the BCS Bowl pool (Louisville, Florida, NIU, FSU, Oregon, K-State, Wisconsin, Stanford) it’s still hard to understand the Oregon vs. Kansas State matchup. Not because the teams are undeserving (within the pool at hand I’d rank both of these teams in the top-4 along with Florida and Stanford) but because they both deserve to beat the tar out of some crummy opposition. This may be the most entertaining game of the BCS Bowl season, but if I’m one of these one-loss alleged studs that was in Championship contention a few weeks ago, I’m ticked that I don’t get to show up to my game half hung-over and without practice to beat the tar out of NIU.

3. If I’m Notre Dame I think I would have preferred being snubbed by the BCS than having to face Alabama. I’d rather complain to a sympathetic media core and the Vatican than get embarrassed. If Alabama plays the way I know they are capable of and ND plays the way I think they will, then Irish football could be set back 10 years to a time in which they still get a lot of hype from the media and have every game on TV but will not actually be very good at football. Wait. That’s where Notre Dame football currently is.

2. Iowa got screwed. Yes, the Hawkeyes finished the season 4-8, but they won more games against BCS Conference opposition than Northern Illinois, and if they belonged to the Leaders Division of the Big Ten, where Ohio State and Penn State do immoral things that remove them from Championship contention, who knows what might have happened. They could have been Wisconsin. I mean the Hawkeyes beat Michigan State in East Lansing (the Spartans beat Wisconsin in Madison).

1. Oh also, Iowa beat Northern Illinois. You know, the team that plays in the MAC. You know, the worst conference in America. But Northern Illinois did beat Army (2-9 record) by a score of 41-40 and the Huskies took down Kansas (1-11 record, 0-9 in Big 12) by seven points – so the rest of their out-of-conference slate was pretty stout. Really, though. If you can outlast Kent State (the team that gave Kentucky its lone FBS win – by 33 points!) in double-overtime then you deserve to play in a BCS Bowl. Especially if that just happened a few days ago.

The BCS: Helping people forget about complaining about political elections since 1998.

That’s all I got/


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