SEC Championship Recovery: Is this the first Step?

That hurt. Bad.  And I don’t even play.  I may sound like a smart alack for saying this, but in all sincerity, my condolences go out to everyone who actually works for and with the UGA football program.  It was a brutal end to SEC play that had a harsh since of finality to it.

I’ll break down the game itself in greater detail Monday morning and I’ll look big picture on Tuesday, but here are some quick hits on yesterday.

  • Georgia had one big problem yesterday, and I think we can all admit it.  As I said early last week that stopping Alabama’s running game was the key to a Georgia win, and it didn’t happen.  I really wish I had been wrong.
  • I hope that the tendencies that make Aaron Murray the utmost in professionalism bring him back next year.  I think he improved his performance in this game and I think that last drive was four yards short of making him a first round pick.  I hope he’s back.  He’s my quarterback.
  • That last 2:00 or so seemed to be a microcosm of Georgia’s season and the game as a whole.  Georgia’s defense – erratic at times – made a stop when one was needed.  Georgia’s offense was explosive in driving the field.  But in the end Alabama was just slightly more prepared than Georgia.  And, I’ll speak at this tomorrow at length, I do think the playcall/strategy was correct.
  • David Pollack was once a DGD but I’m not sure that he still is.  His lack of on-air support for Georgia is maddening.  It is one thing to be a professional, but it is another to refuse to praise the university that made you who you are in a field that allows for you to do so.  Herbie and Desmond have both been pro-Big 10 and more specifically pro-Ohio State and Michigan before.  Would it kill you to give Georgia credence in a game that the Bulldogs were clearly prepared to be competitive in?  I liked you better when you didn’t look like a kid I could feed for 45 cents a day.  you used to be terrifying and now you look like a spin class instructor.  Bulk up or shut up, Pollack.
  • To the Alabama fan that bet me $500 last night that Aaron Murray was 1-25 against the top ten, contact me for my mailing address.  Georgia has now lost a total of 13 games in his tenure.  Pay up, son.

I promise I’ll try to do this game justice tomorrow, so come back for more.  Go Dawgs.  I’m proud of ’em.

Also, I haven’t even re-read any of this, but the best journalism is raw so I’m sure you’ll appreciate my typos.

That’s all I got/


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  1. Bulk up or shut up.

    I’m your guy, if you want lots of conversation. Bulking up is my thing…and I don’t even need weights…just doughnuts.

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