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The election is over and since Barack Obama won there will be college football this weekend!  Because he killed Bin Laden!  But in all seriousness, regardless of your political affiliations take solace in knowing that we have a President who cares about a college football playoff.  Mitt Romney might have fixed the economy over the next four years, but his biggest attempt to improve sports was an attempt to buy the NHL (yes, the whole league) in 2005 with Bain Capital.  And we all know the NHL is just fine without him…wait…I’m just being told the NHL is in a labor dispute that puts those of the NBA and NFL last year in a sandbox to play with blocks.  Ah well…we have college football!



Arkansas is traveling to South Carolina for a game that has “Epic South Carolina November Meltdown” written all over it for the following reasons: Arkansas is a talented team looking to actually do something right in a “why not?” game, South Carolina is missing Marcus Lattimore and has no passing game, it’s November.  Is the late season loss really a thing for the Gamecocks?  Since Steve Spurrier arrived in Columbia (prior to this season) he had lost 35 total games.  Seventeen of those have come in November or later.  That doesn’t indicate a trend in and of itself, but consider that 48.6% of his losses have come in November or later but the Gamecocks have only played 35.6% of their games during that time frame.  There’s definitely a trend.  Anecdotally, prior to last season the Gamecocks had never finished (November or later games) under Spurrier with a better than .600 late season winning percentage.  From 2007-2009 the Cocks lost 9 of those 12 late season games.  Arkansas wins.


Tennessee is going to beat Missouri convincingly just to piss off the fans that want Dooley fired.  It’s going to be turmoil-town in Knoxville!


Florida will beat Louisiana-Lafayette.  Blah, blah, blah.


Alabama will roll through Texas A&M in a game that will go a long way in showing the true gap between A&M (15th in the polls) and LSU (7th in the polls) and their identical records.  I expect Alabama to win much more comfortably than they did against LSU.  Unless Les Miles shows up to coach the Tide down.


Vanderbilt and Ole Miss are going to get together to see who the prettier school.  Ole Miss will trot out the coeds from the Grove while Vanderbilt will rally around James Franklin and his boys who are shifty, dirty but most importantly pretty.  I like Ole Miss in this football game, because if you didn’t catch my drift earlier, I think Vanderbilt is soft.


Poor little Mississippi State has to travel to LSU to take on an angry LSU team.  And trust me ladies, you won’t like Zach Mettenberger when he’s angry.  Mississippi State won’t like him either, especially if he plays the way he did against Alabama.  But even if he doesn’t, the Tigers will win this game.


Oh also, Georgia is going to do some assaulting of their own against Auburn.  You should watch. More on that game later today (and tomorrow).


Other Games


Kansas State travels to the town of Christian to take on the Texas at Christian University and their Horned Frogs this weekend.  That game is so big that it’s being aired on Fox at 7:00 PM Eastern Time.  Yeah.  Kansas State gets nationally televised games now.  Bet you wouldn’t have expected that at the beginning of the season.  But they do have Collin “Optimus” Klein at QB.  [And if I may be so bold: if you’re going to change “Prime” to “Klein” to make the nickname “Optimus Klein” in a Transformers reference, why not change “Collin” to “Calvin” to make “Calvin Klein.”  It’s not like Transformers is any cooler than Calvin Klein jeans.  If this was 1994 then both of those nicknames would be awesome, but it’s not and both of those things are only cool for losers.  I digress.]  Transitive football says TCU can win this game.  TCU beat Oklahoma State by 22 points (on the road, mind you), thus TCU = OK State + 22.  The very next week Kansas State beat OK State by 14 (at home), thus Kansas State = OK State + 14 and Kansas State = TCU – 8 points.  I’m taking the Frogs because I was on the Math Team in high school.


Who are we kidding?  Oregon is going to beat California and their bears of gold.


Last week Notre Dame struggled to steal a win from a 1-3 Big East team.  Can they do the same in defeating a 1-5 ACC team?  Unfortunately for fans of college football who hate Notre Dame (read: fans of college football) the answer is no.  But don’t tell Bill Romanowski I said that.


Must-Miss YouTube

 Good one, Bill…


That’s all I got/




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