Election 2012: Are the Georgia Bulldogs Impacting the Election? History Says Yes.

I don’t know if any of you have heard but the Presidential Election is heating up.  Go figure with it being election day and all.  I’m betting, however, that few of you knew the connection between the Georgia Bulldogs and the outcome of the Presidential Election.  Fear not, I do.

I ran a survey back through the last 15 Presidential Elections (it offered a good round number and a good review of Modern American History) and decided to look at how elections have panned out during seasons like the one Georgia is currently having – really good seasons.  In doing so I defined “really good seasons” as years in which the Bulldogs football team has one or fewer losses at the time of the election.  In an effort to make things more interesting I also looked at years during which Georgia beats Florida (because that is as important as total wins and losses) and years during which Georgia is undefeated against their “odd” SEC West Opposition (teams like Ole Miss, who the Dawgs just played; not teams like Auburn who are regularly scheduled rivals).

Here’s what I found: 

At the time of the election Georgia has boasted a record with one or fewer losses on five occasions during the time period that was studied.  On four of these occasions (2004, 1984, 1980 and 1968) the Republican candidate for President (George W. Bush, Ronald Reagan 2x and Richard Nixon) was victorious.  The lone exception occurred in 1976 when Georgian Jimmy Carter was elected.

Similar results have occurred when Georgia beats Florida.  Republicans (George W. Bush, George H.W. Bush, Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon x2) have taken the White House on five occasions (2004, 1988, 1980, 1972 and 1968) when Georgia has defeated Florida during an election year.  Democrats (Jimmy Carter, LBJ) have only captured the Presidency twice (1976 and 1964).

When the Bulldogs are having a good season they typically manhandle SEC West competition the way they beat the Ole Miss Rebels this past Saturday.  On seven occasions Georgia has gone undefeated against their oddly scheduled SEC West opposition during an election year.  On six of those occasions (2004, 2000, 1988, 1984, 1980, 1968)  a Republican (George W. Bush x2, George H.W. Bush, Ronald Reagan x2, Richard Nixon) has taken the White House.  The lone exception was Bill Clinton in 1992 – but the Dawgs did whip his beloved Arkansas Razorbacks 27-3 that season.

These numbers may seem coincidental but consider them relative to the actual election outcomes over that time frame.  Nine of the last fifteen elections (exactly 60%) have seen the Republican candidate take office.  When Georgia has one loss or less that number skyrockets to 80%.  When Georgia beats Florida the number rises to 71.4%.  When Georgia whoops up on the SEC West the number hits 85.7%.

Furthermore, when all three conditions are met (as they have been this year) Republicans are three for three in winning the White House – 2004, 1980 and 1968.

I’m not going to tell you how to vote and I’m not going to tell you how I’m going to vote, but I sure do like really good Georgia seasons.  And I’m not opposed to the idea of watching Barack Obama square off against what is shaping up to be a pretty fierce Georgia defense.

Your move, Barry. via

In all seriousness, please go vote.  It’s worth missing work if nothing else.

If you don’t vote you can’t complain comment on DudeYouCrazy.

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  1. Post of the day! made me smile too. Thanks.

  2. Go Dawgs!!! Great research and lets hope it holds true!

  3. Great legwork on digging up the stats Andrew. You’ll look like a genius if it holds true.

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