Georgia / Florida: From the Dark (Losing) Side

This recap comes from my childhood best friend, Brett, who like me made every effort to avoid the Big Orange while growing up in East Tennessee.  Unfortunately he settled for a different shade of orange and took to liking the Florida Gators.  I asked him to write this piece because he is knowledgeable, a life-long Florida fan and because DudeYouCrazy is the Fox News of college football: Conservative  Fair and Balanced .

On Saturday morning, prior to what was considered one of the biggest CFB games of the year, DudeYouCrazy offered me a chance to chime-in on his live blog and I excitedly accepted. Towards the end of the game I asked DudeYouCrazy to quote me word for word (in frustration) on my comments regarding the efforts of the Gators throughout the game, specifically the Gators last offensive play (which would have been maddening for any CFB fan). I also wrote a pregame piece in which I stated that neither offense nor defense would determine the outcome of this game, but instead the decisive factors would be special team’s play (I was partially correct). After taking a full two days to gather my feelings (beat a pillow to death) and mull-over the situation at-hand, I have come to an understanding as to what Florida did, what they need to do, and what they (in my perfect, Florida Gator mind) will do…and here ya go.

What the Florida Gators did on Saturday

Not one, or two, three, or four, five…but six (6, seis, sechs, seks, etc.) turnovers! I will buy the first person to comment on this post a fresh ice cream cone and a pack of bubbalicious bubble gum if they can name a team that committed six turnovers in a game and was still victorious (Hint: It was just a few weeks ago and DudeYouCrazy is barred from responding). (Dude’s Note: Come on! I actually know this one!!!!) The answer to that question is beyond the point. Now don’t get me wrong when I make this statement and I am not attempting to take anything away from the amazing defensive presence Georgia showed in this game, but Florida just gave it away. I have nothing else to say regarding the ball-handling of the Gators on Saturday besides the fact that it was poor, simply unfortunate and poor.

What the Florida Gators need to do

Plain and simple, the Gators need to focus on one thing and one thing only: Missouri. The last thing the Gators need after an unpleasant loss is an unnecessary loss to a less than mediocre team (yup, I said it Mizzou fans. Can you prove me wrong?). (Dude’s Note: “Mediocre” is a generous term for Missouri) Also, it wouldn’t hurt for the Gators to actually develop a little structure to their purported offense they attempt to run (Ground and pound? Yeah, the Dawgs grounded their offense and took them to the poundß see what I did there, DudeYouCrazy???). Oh, and back to the SIX(!!!) turnovers. How do you teach a team to not turn the ball over (mainly on the fumbling side)? Simple, you don’t. They’ll find out sooner or later that it’s a little difficult to win a game when you’re giving the ball to the guys wearing different uniforms 6 (!!!) times in one game.

What the Florida Gators will do (and the help they’ll need from the rest of the country)

Now, I understand what you’re thinking. This guy is a negative Nancy when it comes to his CFB team losing. Not exactly, but I wish you could have seen me Saturday night. Trust me Gator faithful, I still have confidence in the Gators and the following will prove my ultimate certainty towards the conclusion of this continuously shifting season. I hope you are fully prepared for this outcome, DudeYouCrazy.

  • Bama will defeat LSU
  • Kansas State (because I know the Dude hates them) will lose in the BIG12 ‘ship
  • USC will defeat Notre Dame (but Lame Kiffin will still be considered a tool)
  • Either Stanford (more likely) or Oregon St. will defeat Oregon
  • Georgia WILL (play like they did against Florida) defeat Bama in the SEC ‘ship
  • And there we have it folks…yet another SEC Nat’l Ship and a nice little rematch on another neutral field. Georgia vs. Florida. Jorts in January, this year’s Nat’l ship theme.



I’ll go ahead and save this for another post.

But what I will say is that this is NOT a long shot by any means. It’s just college football and we all know that anything can happen on any given week (and that the BCS is stupid).

Thanks DudeYouCrazy and all his many fans,


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  1. As another college football fan (also named Brett..), and one who pitched this same scenario to some friends at work (and was scoffed at), I completely agree this scenario could come to fruition, BUT.. I had Kansas St. losing to TCU (upset, I know..) or possibly Texas at home, not playing in a championship game that no longer exists.. Only ten teams in their “Big 12” now, so doesn’t meet requirement of having 12 teams (or more) in the conference to have a championship game. Myself, would LOVE the rematch, as it was the single most dominating performance by our defense all year, but it also *terrifies* me because in my memory, most teams that get a rematch after losing to a team, usually end up on top the second meeting.

  2. Beating the gators TWO times in one year….now that would be SWEET!!

  3. Nice, but there is no big 12 championship game as they have 10 teams.

  4. Unless I am mistaken, there is no Big 12 championship….

  5. This is the first UGA vs FL National Championship prediction I’ve read. IMy first reaction was “Thats Crazy,” but if the scenerio you mentioned actually plays out it could be possible. I’d like to see it happen, if for no other reason than to watch the heads of Pac/Big 12 fans explode. Good read, I enjoyed the post.

  6. The rest of the CFB world would not permit another SEC vs SEC NC game–nice read thou Brett

  7. Spurrier would be pisssssssed

  8. If you think Fox News is fair and balanced, dude you are crazy !! Other than that, great article !!

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