Weekend Recap: Who is worth Watching for Georgia Fans and Much More

Week Eight Recap 

Wasn’t this weekend just phenomenal?  If you’re a Bulldog fan I’m sure you enjoyed all of the following:

  • The beautiful (no win over Florida can be called ugly) win over Florida.
  • The beat-down Georgia Tech (now 3-5) got from BYU.
  • And the 42-point loss that Auburn took at home.

But a lot of other things went down, so let’s get into it.


Around the SEC 

Unfortunately Kentucky was unable to live up to my upset bid against Missouri this past weekend.  Undoubtedly some excitement is being drummed up by my two favorite Mizzou storylines.  I’m sure Sheldon Richardson has taken the thrill of a first conference win (it only took five tries!) and turned it into a guarantee of victory against Florida in Gainesville this weekend.  If anybody has the link to that story that I’m sure exists please send it to me.  And, Dorial Green-Beckham (you know the guy whose name sounds like a cigarette brand and who I compared to Randy Moss – in an off-the-field capacity) returned from suspension to catch seven passes.  That’s a lot of balls.  Ignore the fact that he only had 25 yards receiving.  DGB was a huge recruit – or so Missouri told us.  His impact has been felt to the tune of 18 offensive touches and 172 yards and one touchdown in 6 games.  That’s impressive.  He’s even less noticeable in conference play where he has 9 touches for 61 yards and 0 TDs.  I’ll continue to pile on the kid because I never know when to quit, and say that his average SEC game (which he only is eligible to play in 60% of the time) he’s putting up 3 catches for 20 yards.  Baller.


South Carolina pushed through a Tennessee squad that became the first team not named “Vanderbilt” to start three consecutive SEC seasons 0-5 in conference play.  But, the real story was the sad situation surrounding Marcus Lattimore’s knee.  I’m working on a piece that should be up sometime tomorrow regarding his injury, but for now send some thoughts and more importantly some prayers his way.  From what I understand the young man is turning 21 today and undoubtedly looking for some answers.  He is looking to return to football in 2014.  I’ll look forward to seeing him gracing the field once again.


Ole Miss held on to knock off Arkansas and moved to 5-3 (2-2 in the SEC) with just one win separating the Rebs from bowl eligibility.  I am continually surprised by the Ole Miss football team and thoroughly impressed.  They aren’t winning games by chance or beating up on depleted programs (Auburn) any more (although Arkansas is clearly down as well), they’re just winning games.  Let’s hope the Dawgs can postpone the Rebels 6th win for another week.


Vanderbilt beat UMass…Whatever.


Texas A&M is quietly having a really good season while Auburn is very loudly and very publicly getting their Tiger tail whipped.  So lost in the 63-21 massacre is the fact that A&M is now 6-2 with its only two losses coming to two top-seven BCS teams.  Not lost in the massacre is the fact that Auburn is now 1-7 and has clinched at least a tie for last place in the SEC West while being outscored 185-81 in six SEC games.  That’s an average score of 31-14.  LOL.


As expected Mississippi State’s dream season came crashing down in a fairly substantial way against Alabama.  The Bulldogs lost by 31 in a game that had a 24-point spread which seems to go a long way in supporting my theory that their perfect 7-0 record was fraudulent.  Dan Mullen’s boys only slid from 11th to 15th in the BCS Poll following the loss, but they take on 16th ranked Texas A&M this week and could soon slide out of the top-25 if that proves to be a loss and is followed by a loss to 5th ranked LSU.  And, for what it’s worth I don’t know if the Bulldogs will be decidedly favored in any of their remaining four games (with Arkansas at  home and Ole Miss on the road closing out the season). It was a good run MSU, it was a good run.


Other Games 

Add, “Notre Dame looked really good against Oklahoma,” to your file of things you never thought DudeYouCrazy would say without any hint of sarcasm.  It’s true.  Notre Dame looked good.  I still think they’re beatable and nothing would make me happier than USC bursting their bubble in a few weeks.  If Georgia were to win out I’d certainly be begging for that.


Kansas State rolled over Texas Tech and launched itself to the second spot in the latest BCS Poll.  I haven’t watched the Wildcats play a full game, but I find it hard to believe they’re the nation’s second best team.  And given that I’m a pretty close follower of college football, shouldn’t the fact that I don’t have much of an interest in the Cats in Purple be somewhat indicative of their status?  I’m not saying that I think the “Who DudeYouCrazy Wants to Watch” poll is in anyway reflected in the BCS formula – but it probably should be.  I have an interest in watching all of the following teams any and every week from here on out or until they drop out of National Championship contention: Alabama, Notre Dame, Oregon, LSU, Georgia, Florida, Florida State and Clemson.  I am and always have been pro-SEC, but the fact that I included Notre Dame, a Pac-12 school and two ACC teams in my eight-team short list of “worth watching” squads is equally sickening to me and accurate.  I couldn’t care less about Kansas State.


That’s all I got/





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