Georgia/Florida Gameday Preview: This Post is Graphic in Nature

It’s game day and I’m not sure what else can be said that hasn’t already been said.  In that spirit I figured I’d show you a few things, throw up some links and get ready for today’s live game blog.

Here is how Georgia’s offense stacks up to Florida’s Defense in a number of areas.  The red bar shows Georgia’s averages against BCS opponents; the blue bar shows Florida’s averages surrendered against BCS opponents.

Florida and Georgia would both have a long way to go to meet in the middle in yardage stats.

I’m hoping Georgia stays below Florida’s average in turnovers forced.

Here’s how things look for the Gators on offense against Grantham’s defense.

The gaps are a little more narrow on this side of the ball.

Recapping Stuff

If you missed anything this week, or want to reference it when talking trash here’s an outline of this week’s Hate Week content:


That’s all I got/



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  1. Andrew,
    Always enjoy your stats. The Dawgs’ defensive averages are really telling.

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