Georgia / Florida LiveBlog: Half-time and Third Quarter

The Second Annual Georgia / Florida LiveBlog is coming to you from my parents’ basement, where unlike most bloggers I am actually a guest and not a resident.  I did this last year and we all know how well it worked, so I’m hoping to go 2-0.

There will be a separate page for each quarter for ease of viewing and timestamps will be representing the time remaining in the respective quarter once the game starts.  Until then the time stamps will be the actual time.  It’s not that complicated I know the fans wearing jeans both above and below their knees (or no denim at all) will be able to keep up.  Have fun, comment and keep refreshing for the goods.

The first quarter can be found here.  The second quarter can be found here.

0:00 – WOW!  Head Here Right Now.

1:39 – Florida Brett wants everyone to notice how bad Georgia’s kickers are relative to Florida’s.  Can’t argue with that, but can’t complain with the showing by Barber and the punting game for Georgia today.

2:58 – DadYouCrazy is asking…no, demanding…that Jarvis Jones be put into the offensive backfield.

4:05 – Jarvis Jones thinks he’s playing Missouri.

5:31 – Rambo is out of the game.  If you’re Jeff Driskel now is your chance to prove that you aren’t the worst QB in this game (which isn’t saying a lot in and of itself) by exploiting a white defensive back, Connor Norman.

6:11 – Georgia’s offense and Special Teams continue to do their best impression of Florida’s offense.  Meaning they continue to suck.

7:43 – Dad asks how Jarvis does that and answers his own question by saying, “He’s just there.  He’s just always freaking there!”

7:43 – HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.  Jarvis MF Jones.  and the MF is for My Football.

8:25 – Did anyone actually see that offsides on the onside kick?  Any one?  If you did you weren’t watching CBS.

8:34 – Florida Brett is predicting a 19-10 final score and says Georgia is done scoring.  If he’s wrong I’ll be sure to let him know on every single play.  Meanwhile there’s been an Evil Richt sighting.

8:34 – Captain Marshal Morgan has ice in his veins.  Or maybe rum.  Maybe iced rum.

8:47 – That timeout was brought to you by a dropped pass.  DadYouCrazy says Georgia will regret that.

10:16 – BLACK SWANN.  My cornerback is black, the Gators are blue.  And I don’t give an F about a pick or two.

11:03 – I for one can’t get enough of the guy who runs the play clock and is hurt on the sideline.  Definitely spend more time on this compelling story line.

13:18 – Florida’s defense appears to be taking a HUGE step back.  Didn’t even force an INT there.

13:25 – Hey Artie Lynch, thanks for you “help.” — Aaron Murray

14:01 – The four completions, three interceptions graphic is never something you want to see.  But if you have to see it you want to see it when Florida is still losing to you.

15:00 – Welcome back to the game that Florida Brett just compared to watching a Tony Romo vs. Brandon Weeden matchup.  He affectionately dubbed it “a complete trash show.”  They say good teams will make you play a bad game.  So I guess this is a classic case of two good-looking teams making each other look ugly.  It’s a real Bride Wars.

Halftime Thoughts: As I said yesterday, I thought Georgia’s defense would flip a switch today, and they’ve certainly done that.  The Gators have been limited to 139 yards (in over 17.5 minutes of possession) and forced three turnovers.  Unfortunately, Georgia produced three turnovers of its own on three consecutive interceptions on three consecutive drives that caused three consecutive curse words from MomYouCrazy.
Georgia could have put the Gators away several times (at least as far away as a team can against a tough second-half team like Florida) and failed to do so, but frankly I’m thrilled to see Georgia competing.  And, all the unsettled fans who are overly concerned with the sloppy game should be grateful to have a sloppy game after what happened in Columbia, SC a few weeks ago.  I know I am.

We’ll be back live in a few moments when kickoff comes – and I hope Mitchell takes a knee regardless of where he catches it.  Thanks for reading.  Go Dawgs.

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