Georgia / Florida LiveBlog: Fourth Quarter and Gut Reaction

The Second Annual Georgia / Florida LiveBlog is coming to you from my parents’ basement, where unlike most bloggers I am actually a guest and not a resident.  I did this last year and we all know how well it worked, so I’m hoping to go 2-0.

There will be a separate page for each quarter for ease of viewing and timestamps will be representing the time remaining in the respective quarter once the game starts.  Until then the time stamps will be the actual time.  It’s not that complicated I know the fans wearing jeans both above and below their knees (or no denim at all) will be able to keep up.  Have fun, comment and keep refreshing for the goods.

The first quarter can be found here.  The second quarter can be found here.  The third quarter can be found here.

GUT REACTION:  Between the statistics I posted today and the article I wrote yesterday i expressed the sentiment that I liked Georgia’s good offense against Florida’s good defense a lot more than I liked Florida’s bad offense against what had been a bad Georgia defense.  Thankfully that proved to be true.

Jarvis Jones is not a human being.  Shawn Williams found bravery in his bravado.  Aaron Murray played when it counted.  Todd Gurley played as expected.  Mark Richt, Mike Bobo and Todd Grantham had their team engaged and ready to rock.  And Florida sucks.  BOOOOOM! Muschamp.

But the real story here is that DudeYouCrazy is now 2-0 when live-blogging the Georgia / Florida game.  I am the Shawn Williams of Georgia Bloggers.  Go Dawgs and please, somebody fire Mark Richt.

0:00 – Many thanks to Florida Brett and Florida Eric for joining in.  I know the feeling you have right now all too well, and that’s not me being a jerk it’s me being honest.

1:18 – From Florida Brett: Walk home Jordan Reed, walk home.  I hope his roommate locks the door too.  Honestly, he couldn’t settle for the 1 yard line.  Stupid.  Ridiculous.  Garbage.  Congrats, UGA, y’all deserve this.  Well PLayed.  Piss poor Florida performance.

1:58 – Jarvis Jones.

2:45 – Jordan Jenkins with a great job staying in his line, taking up space and getting held on that revers.  I respect the no-call though.

5:52 – Florida Brett would wrather watch women’s college hockey than Florida’s offense.  His words, not mine.

6:12 – Serious question for Florida fans.  Was Gillislee supposed to be good?

7:11 – Hey Florida Brett, no scoring cap on the Dawgs…yet.

7:11 – I take back everything bad I’ve said about Malcolm Mitchell.  He’s a helluva good kid.  If anything he doesn’t talk ENOUGH trash!

7:46 – Glad we’re hearing Humpty Dumpty and GD talk about voting.  The refs need to get this thing right.  If they do it’s 3rd and five.

8:55 – Nice try cheaters!

9:41 – Georgia’s defense is the story of the game, not Aaron Murray.  In my opinion.

9:42 – For the non-SEC teams out there, this is the very definition of the “every week is war” mantra.

11:33 – Will Muschamp is absolutely stunned that he can’t use 12 guys.  When did that rule change?

13:58 – We have a FUDGE RAMBO SIGHTING!

15:00 – The Fourth Quarter matters.

But now it’s time for this.

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  1. All the haters can kiss my a**….. No better blog to celebrate a great win than DudeYouCrazy. Jarvis Jones for President!!!

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