Georgia / Florida: Can I Say I told you so?

GUT REACTION:  Between the statistics I posted today and the article I wrote yesterday I expressed the sentiment that I liked Georgia’s good offense against Florida’s good defense a lot more than I liked Florida’s bad offense against what had been a bad Georgia defense.  Thankfully that proved to be true.

Jarvis Jones is not a human being.  Shawn Williams found bravery in his bravado.  Aaron Murray played when it counted.  Todd Gurley played as expected.  Mark Richt, Mike Bobo and Todd Grantham had their team engaged and ready to rock in a big game.  And Florida sucks.  BOOOOOM! Muschamp.

But the real story here is that DudeYouCrazy is now 2-0 when live-blogging the Georgia / Florida game.  I am the Shawn Williams of Georgia Bloggers.  Go Dawgs and please, somebody fire Mark Richt.


That’s all I got/

A very happy, borderline giddy Andrew

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