Georgia Florida Preview: From the Dark Side

This Preview comes from my childhood best friend, Brett, who like me made every effort to avoid the Big Orange while growing up in East Tennessee.  Unfortunately he settled for a different shade of orange and took to liking the Florida Gators.  I asked him to write this piece because he is knowledgeable, a life-long Florida fan and because DudeYouCrazy is the Fox News of college football: Conservative  Fair and Balanced .


Brett’s From the Gut Prediction: Florida 19 (1 TD + 4 FGs) – Georgia 10 (However they can get it).

Cross that line.  I dare you.  Either of you.

Thoughts, Feelings, and Facts

Tomorrow’s World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party World’s Largest Outdoor Sobriety Gala in J-ville cannot and will not be forecasted by history, statistics, or the fact that Georgia boasts better ex-QB commercials, politicians, stadium names, or television alumni than Florida (per that DudeYouCrazy character). Therefore, I am not going to spit stats (maybe a few) about each player and previous games from this year in order to back up my subsequent beliefs. Believe it or not, the factors in determining the outcome of this college football extravaganza will be punting (which leads to field position) and kicking of the field goals. I know what you are thinking – man, that sounds super exciting! Well, I’m sorry to disintegrate (burst) your effervesce (bubble) (definitions for the GA folk), but Florida does not have the most notable offense and although Georgia can put up considerable numbers, mark my words – that will not happen Saturday in JAX.

Coming into Saturday’s earth-shattering matchup at 2nd  and 1st  in the nation in punting (here is one stat), Kyle Christy is averaging a colossal 47.9 yards per punt with a net of 44.42 yards (that’s 2 stats). This wouldn’t matter all too much if it weren’t for the fact that Florida punts a lot (seriously, 37 times this year, another stat) and has still managed to remain unbeaten. With an average of five or more punts per game and no doubt in my mind that it won’t be any different tomorrow, Kyle Christy will continue his hulk-like football punting and lead the Gators in triumph over the Bulldogs (<-not a typo, I went to college and refuse to spell it the Georgia way). I also lied about my spouting of stats, there’s more than a few (my apologies).

Sticking to the theme of overpowering the opponent with legs of steel, Caleb Sturgis (aka Thunderfoot) is the Gator that seems to never graduate (Dude’s Note: No Joke! Rip Van Winkle said that guy was playing before he went to sleep).  Sturgis was granted a medical redshirt after missing the last nine games of the 2010 season. There’s not much else to say about Sturgis besides the fact that he is money and if this game comes down to a kicking contest between the 5th-year Thunderfoot and UGA’s frosh, I have a feeling the outcome will likely be in favor of the Gators.

Proving DudeYouCrazy Wrong While Making Him a Believer

Recently I tweeted @DudeYouCrazy, asking him what it would take to believe in this year’s Florida Gators. My tweet was as follows, “What’s it gonna take for @DudeYouCrazy to believe in the #Gators? Or at least think they’re a good team. USC who?”  @DudeYouCrazy responded with, “@BG_33 I will either not believe or be terrified of them on Saturday evening. I’m hoping I still don’t believe!”

It seems that after every week of CFB, DudeYouCrazy’s recaps are filled with feelings of disgust for the Gators even though they continue to win. I’m guessing this is because of my continued attempts to turn him into a Gator fan throughout our childhood. As everyone can see, these attempts were smothered as he moved to Georgia and we became football enemies for this one-week out of the entire year.  I’m thinking you’ll believe in something (whether it’s the Orange and Blue or Coach Boom) come 7:30 PM Saturday evening. In all honesty, I’m just hoping Georgia brings a little more competition than the Cocks did last week! Should be a fun little afternoon of football, natty light, and plenty of precisely cut jorts.

Go Gators!

Brett Goeringer

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