Week Eight Preview…Haters Edition

Buckle up boys and girls it’s Hate Week for Georgia and Florida fans alike.  In that spirit, let’s just into the weekly preview and drink some Haterade.


SEC-sy Time 

Kentucky travels to Missouri for a game that I would hate to watch.  Neither of these teams has a top-90 offense, so yeah that’s not gonna be fun.  But, this game has serious divisional implications.  The loser is likely to finish last in the Sec East assuming Tennessee doesn’t lay an egg.  And, both teams have a real shot at being the SEC’s worst Cat Mascotted team.  I’m taking Kentucky!  Missouri is going to be shut out!


I hate both Tennessee and South Carolina, but I wouldn’t hate to see Derek Dooley and the Volunteers do the community some service by dropping the Gamecocks.  And, I really think Carolina is going to lose this week or next (to Arkansas) to complete their typical second-half collapse (although they might ice that cake with a loss and a fistfight at Clemson on November 24th). But, since it’s hate week I can’t take the upset because I’d like that.  Cocks win.


Ole Miss travels to Arkansas for a game that I just hate Bobby Petrino is missing and that I will hate to see ruin Ole Miss’s season even without him.  Arkansas wins.


Vanderbilt is hosting UMass in a game that I’d hate to waste your time talking about.  Commies win.


A co-worker today asked me if Texas A&M would kill AuburnI hated to tell her this, but that will in fact happen.  Auburn is the third worst offense in the country.  Not just “out in the country” where Auburn, Alabama is located.  I mean in the nation.


Mississippi State fans are going to hate me for saying this, but Alabama is about to roll over you, Tide style.  Bold side-bet: MSU is going to drop out of the top-25 before Mitt Romney is elected President.  You heard it here first.


Other Game(s) of (Possible) Interest


Kansas State is playing host to Texas Tech in what is technically a matchup of good teams.  I kind of want to put the Wildcats on upset alert here, but I’m not totally sold on TTU’s ability to engineer a win.  If, however, they can bridge the gap between the Wildcats’ electric offense and their civilian defense it could work out.  The computer rankings sure would like that.  If you’re keeping track I just used the following words that you would find in a Techie College brocure: Technically, Engineer, Bridge, Electric, Civil, Computer.  So yeah, the Raiders win, thanks to my effort.

That is the only top-25 matchup of the week outside of the SEC where that crap happens daily (except Sunday through Friday), so I’ll jump into some other goodies.


Must-Miss YouTube 

If you guys didn’t see this a few weeks ago, don’t watch it now.  This video breaks down serious Big 10 issues by interviewing SEC fans at a Georgia game.  Pretty classic.


Heisman Watch


Here is why you should hate each Heisman Candidate this week:

  • Collin Klein, Kansas State: They guy only has 2000 yards of offense in 7 games.  That’s not impressive for a QB, especially in a conference that has 40% of its teams surrendering more than 31 points per game.
  • Manti Te’o, ND: Not exactly a household name.
  • Kenjon Barber, Oregon: Put this guy in Georgia’s backfield against SEC competition and tell me who plays: him or Gurley.
  • A.J. McCarron, Alabama: This guy’s stats are impressive.  His 1476 yards passing are 77% as many as Aaron Murray, and he’s getting almost as many yards per attempt too!
  • Braxton Miller, Ohio State: Wait, you’re telling me there’s a QB out there with a QB Rating of 138.3 and 11 TD passes to go with 5 INTs and he’s on the Heisman watch list?  Oh, but he runs the ball?  For almost 1000 yards?  Man, they must have one explosive offense.  Oh, they’re 41st in the country in yards per game?  Then, maybe this guy is just a ball hog and they’re not as efficient as they could be.


You guys have fun this weekend.  Watch the football.  Tune in tomorrow and Saturday for a lot more Georgia/Florida coverage including but not limited to:

  • A full Game breakdown from Dude
  • An opposing (Jort-wearing) breakdown from a Florida fan
  • Live blog during GA/FL


That’s all I got/



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