Week Seven Preview: The Summary for Georgia Fans

I’ll be out of town for a wedding this weekend, so most of the weekend previews are being composed early and posted on the usual schedule (Thursday for weekly preview and Friday for Georgia focus).  Just keep all of that in mind as I won’t have anything relevant to anything that happened after Wednesday in these posts.  I will, however, be on the Twitter machine when possible and hope to catch some games on Saturday on my phone during the wedding prayers, etc.


LSU travels to Texas A&M to take on the Aggies who have a freshman Heisman candidate playing the quarterback position.  Johnny Manziel has quite a record – both on the field and as a criminal.  After getting in a fight and wielding a fake ID this summer the youngin has managed to throw for 1680 yards and run for 676 more while producing 24 total TDs.  I expect the LSU defense to shackle Manziel better than any of the Aggies’ previous opposition and I’m counting on the Tigers to get the win.

Auburn travels to Vanderbilt this weekend in a battle obnoxious coaches who can’t quite win football games.  I’m taking the Commies here.  Anchor Down you gold and black sailors!

South Carolina travels to Steve Spurrier’s old swampin’ ground to take on the Gators of Florida in a 3:30 kickoff this Saturday.  This is the game of the century of the week this week.  Georgia fans will be rooting for Florida for one of the first times ever while South Carolina will be striving to put a loss to pesky LSU behind them.  As I’m writing this (Wednesday evening) Marcus Lattimore is not a sure-thing (he bwuised his wittle hip bone), but I’m betting that Spurrier is just being coy and the hoss will play.  Defensive Tackle Kelcy Quarles is also (or at least should be) out for punching an LSU player in the type of classy move that typically doesn’t garner suspension from Spurrier because it’s hard for him to be hypocritical of Mark Richt’s suspended players if he actually suspends his own thugs.  I think Florida has a lot of momentum right now and with the homefield advantage and a banged-up Lattimore I expect them to win.

Mississippi State continues to prowl through a daunting schedule as they take on the Blue Raiders from MTSU.  Add this powerhouse to the long list of stout opponents Mississippi State has already taken down (Jackson State, Troy, South Alabama, Kentucky, etc.) and you have the recipe for an obnoxious group of cowbell ringing fans thinking their team is awesome at 7-0 and a bitter DudeYouCrazy because he refuses to believe them.

Georgia takes on Kentucky but I’ll tell you about that in another post.

Alabama gets to take on the Tennessee Vols in a game that some orange jumpsuit wearers are afraid may see more Crimson than Puke in Neyland Stadium.  That would be hilarious.  Almost as hilarious as a Tennessee upset.  But more realistic.  Alabama wins.


I’m keeping it short and sweet as I’m on a strict time budget this week, so I’m not covering anything outside of the SEC.  But as always, thanks for reading and check back tomorrow for the Georgia / Kentucky preview.

That’s all I got/



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