My Readers Have Been Brainwashed – Georgia will win the SEC!

The DudeYouCrazy Mid-Season Reader Poll is still in full swing and will continue until noon on Saturday.  Actually, I’m not very good at techy stuff so you can probably keep voting well into the future, but I’m going to stop tallying votes after noon on Saturday.

In any event here is a quick update from exit polls featuring the first 25 ballots cast.  A few things stand out but the most disturbing is the fact that thus far only 12.1% of the site’s visitors today have actually voted.  Disgusting.


The SEC East

There’s an interesting trend here on this Georgia blog.  Georgia received 17 if the first 25 votes to win the SEC East, easily more than Florida (7) and South Carolina (2).  Maybe it’s because this site draws a lot of Georgia fans…or maybe it’s something else.

The SEC West

But wait, it was even more lopsided for Alabama.  Every single one of the first 25 ballots that came in chose Alabama to win the SEC West.  That’s convincing.

The SEC as a Whole

The whole Georgia thing couldn’t be a coincident now.  You’ve been brainwashed.  My writing is so darn good that people think Georgia will win the conference.  How else do you explain the angry hate mail I received just last week from Anti-Richters and now without any more games being played a 40% mark of readers thinking the Bulldogs will win the conference?  I’m good.


Yeah, yeah, yeah.  Whatever.

The Big Least

Who cares?

The Big 10

Bourbon Meyer coming through with a 104 proof vote! Come on baby!

The Big 12

This was surprising to me.  I don’t know that I buy Kansas State but as a few other polls (Heisman and Pretender Watch) show, my readers apparently do.

Pac 12


Heisman Trophy

Kansas State’s Collin Klein got a decent amount of love as the C. Klein that’s not Calvin.  My reader’s dig him.  Geno Smith, however, seems to be in a comfortable lead in this poll and just about every other one.  I hope all those that voted “Other” were thinking of me, but alas I’m not eligible.


I told you everyone was brainwashed.  We hate Notre Dame and we don’t believe in Dan Mullen.  My readers are always right!

Keep voting and I’ll post the final tallies Sunday or Monday.

That’s all I got/


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  1. Here is a prediction Florida beats us by 17-20 pts. And one more don’t be to surprised if Auburn beats us.

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