Week Six Recap: Good Thing Happening for UGA

An Interesting Pattern

For the second week in a row the teams ranked 3rd and 5th in the AP Poll suffered defeat and opened up the polls for a few lurking teams.  Last Week Florida State and Georgia took steps back in their quest for global domination.  This week South Carolina took one on the chin in Baton Rouge and the West Virginia Mountaineers got their tails raided by the Raiders of Texas Tech.

I’ll have more on the South Carolina game in a few paragraphs, but I’d like to point out how hard it is to adjust to major conference football at this time.  West Virginia is transitioning from the Big East (which is still a BCS Conference, albeit a crappy one) to the Big XII (a power conference that I’d argue is slightly down).  The Mountaineers quickly found out that it’s not the “big” games that kill you.  You can survive the Texas date that’s been marked on your schedule for months, but the grind games – the Texas Tech matchup for instance – will break you.

And boy did West Virginia break.  And, by literally not fielding a defense, you can see the kind of pressure put on Geno Smith.  When I looked at the box score (because I didn’t watch the whole game), I was stunned to find out that he had a decent (obviously not great by his previously unbelievable standards) game finishing 39 of 55 passing for 275 yards a TD and 0 INTs.  Yes, that’s his worst game of the season, but he still hit on over 50% of his passes and didn’t throw a pick, so you can’t put much blame on him.  You can, however, blame the defense that has given up 63, 45 and 49 points in three Big XII games.

I’m glad to see at least one pretender drop this week.  And, it will continue to help Georgia if opponents ranked higher than the Bulldogs can continue to lose…it’s science.


SEC Roundup 

I said on Friday that I thought Auburn would win, but I’d be happy to be wrong.  I’m happy.  I literally can’t believe how much worse Auburn seems every week.  They’ve gone from “I can’t believe they won a National Title a few years ago, because they’re not that good” status to “I can’t believe they’ve ever won a game because they suck” status in just a few short weeks.  Meanwhile, Ole Miss is sincerely putting together an impressive season.  There’s no punchline coming.  I think the Rebels might make a bowl game.  There’s no reason to assume that Arkansas will safely handle anyone this year, so that could be a win in two weeks for the Rebels following an off week.  Vanderbilt could be a win at home on November 10.  And, as I’ll say later, I’m still not that impressed with Mississippi State, so maybe the Rebels can steal the Redneck Egg Bowl or whatever that thing is.

The Alabama / Missouri game was just plain weird.  Alabama was about to go comfortably ahead 28-0 when lightning struck and Gary Pinkell got a 30 minute alcohol break and worked some voodoo whiskey magic to make it close-ish at 28-10 heading into the fourth quarter.  Of course, Alabama opened it up and won by 32, but the momentum was definitively swung by the weather delay.  I Tweeted about this on Saturday, but Trash-Talk Hero Sheldon Richardson (the coiner of Old Man Football)  said this weekend that, “He was tired of losing in the SEC.”  And went on to say some B.S. about making a statement against Alabama.  On the second-play from scrimmage Eddie Lacy ran for a 73 yard touchdown and went out of his way to waltz by every Mizzou defender – Sheldon Richardson included.  At what point does Richardson get issued a gag order?  I hated the announcing team giving credence to that fool though.  They said that he has “earned the respect of every offense he’s faced in this conference.”  Frankly, I don’t buy it.  Missouri was hailed as an offensive power house when they came to the SEC and they’ve been outscored in every single conference game.  I don’t think coaches are raving about Richardson and his defensive compadres the way commentators would want you to think.


I don’t always talk trash and say stupid stuff, but when I do my team gets beat.  Wait, actually I do always talk trash and say stupid stuff.  So, yeah, we do always lose.  But Kentuck ain’t gonna know what hit em when we play them in two weeks.  Kensucky!


I just literally looked up the Kentucky / Arkansas score, because I had no idea what happened.  We’ve given them hell (and deservingly so), but don’t be surprised if Arkansas pulls off a string of wins here.  I’ve said it before, but the Razorbacks have so much offensive talent that it must start paying off somewhere – even if only sporadically.  Needless to say it worked in Lexington.

Texas A&M narrowly avoided giving the SEC a big fat black eye by pulling away from Louisiana Tech.  Frankly, I hate talking about the Aggies.  Much like Mississippi State (more on this in a few) they just haven’t impressed me this season.

Mississippi State held on/rallied to beat Tennessee at home in a game that really seemed likely to swing either way until Mississippi State put together a long drive late in the game.  The Bulldogs’ ranking in the BCS poll is highly surprising to me (and I’ll talk at length on this and several other areas this afternoon/evening), but other than being 6-0 against opponents who have gone 1-17 against BCS Conference Competition, I’m not sure what they’ve done.  And Tennessee fans who are freaking out over the loss I guarantee you a. you don’t want another coaching change – four coaches in 5 or so years is not a good look, and b. you were on the road with a 0-2 conference record playing a team that for some reason people believe to be top-25 and were trailing by only three with 10 seconds left, did you expect something much different.  Sure, I – an unattached party – thought UT could pull the upset, but it would have been just that…an upset.


The Ones Georgia Fans Cared About 

Florida rallied late to beat Vanderbilt by a score that was not befitting of the game in many ways.  I don’t know that I buy any team that gives up 363 yards of offense to Vanderbilt and loses the Time of Possession battle to the Commodores as a top-2 team, but sure enough they did it.  I will say this: Florida still looks beatable to me as a Georgia fan.  And, they still look like the could beat South Carolina if things go well for them (and for Georgia fans).  So that is good.


And a big fat “Thank You” goes out to Les Miles for beating the Cocks.  In the words of Superhero Tim Tebow, “Preciate that.”

They said flipping a tire wouldn’t help me become a backup to the NFL’s 31st best Starting QB…’Preciate That

LSU dominated what seemed to be a much more standard issue version of South Carolina, and I’m sure the raucous homefield had something to do with that.  In any event, this loss opens the door for Georgia fans as South Carolina’s next loss doesn’t necessarily have to be to the Gators on Saturday to keep the Dawgs in it, although that would be preferred.

That’s all I got/


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