Week Six Preview: How Bulldogs Fans Should Cheer

I hope that the Georgia Bulldogs have a restful weekend before regrouping next week to take on the Kentucky Wildcats and prepare for the Florida Gators.  This off weekend couldn’t have come at a better time.  Here’s to an arrest-free break!


Around the SEC

Auburn travels to Ole Miss this weekend to take on a Rebels team that is actually better than anyone thought.  One look at Mississippi’s résumé  wins over Central Arkansas, UTEP and Tulane and you can tell that the Rebellious boys from Oxford are here to play, am I right?  On the other hand, I’m not sure what Auburn is here to do, but I don’t think it involves a bowl game.  At 1-4 with games against A&M, Georgia and Bama remaining it seems all but guaranteed that the Tigers finish below .500.  To make matters worse they have to travel to Ole Miss and Vandy in back-to-back weeks in games that should be sure-fire W’s but are shaping up to be quite dicey.  I think Auburn wins this game though, because as bad as I think Auburn is I think Ole Miss is even worse.  But, I’d love to be wrong here.

Abuurn’s finest.

Alabama makes the grueling tripto Columbia, MO where no SEC school has lost this season to take on the still winless in Conference play Missouri Tigers.  The Tigers remain that way and fall to 0-4 in the conference much to my delight.

Vanderbilt gets to play host to the chomping green monsters from Gainesville this weekend as Will Muschamp and his Florida Gators head north.  Here are the reasons why I think Vanderbilt could win this game:        .   Here is why I want them to win this game: It would mean really good things for the Georgia Bulldogs and it would be hilarious.  Here is who will win this game: Florida.

Kentucky and Arkansas are getting together in this week’s least-watched game.  I really want to see John L. Smith get on a hot-streak because I know he’s probably betting against himself in Vegas every week and still somehow blowing it.  So I’m taking the hogs.  Woo pig sooie!

The Cocks from South Carolina are making their way south to take on the cocks Tigers from the Bayou in what may be the game of the week.  First and foremost: LSU is not that good from what I’ve seen.  Secondly, South Carolina only has looked awesome against UGA.  Third, this game is in the raucous, bourbon and spice-soaked armpit of the SEC that is Baton Rouge.  LSU could really win this game.  I need them to.  You need them to.  They have to.  LSU wins!

Texas A&M gets to play their makeup game from Hurricane Whoever against Louisiana Tech this weekend.  What a fortuitous postponement that proved to be.  A&M skipped a week and promptly got beaten by Florida before winning four-straight and proving that the SEC bias does indeed reside at the bottom of the Coaches Poll where the Aggies are now ranked 22nd thanks to wins against Southern Methodist, South Carolina State, Arkansas and Ole Miss.  LA Tech has somehow finagled its way to a 5-0 start and a top-25 ranking as well.  Who would have thunk it?  A top-25 matchup.  Aggies win.

I hope Louisiana Tech doesn’t mind a $3.00 convenience charge.  Because when you mess with aTm that’s what you get!

Tennessee will get to dig in at lovely Starkville, MS as Double-D Derek Dooley tries to beat a different set of Bulldogs and dance his little orange pants off.  I don’t believe in Mississippi State.  I really don’t.  The Tennessee Volunteers win this one.


Other Biz-nasty

Texas is taking on Oklahoma in a game that really used to have relevance not that long ago but now just seems like a slowmotion 30 for 30 waiting to be made.  You know the type that isn’t that interesting but you feel obligated to watch because you like Bill Simmons and you know that most of the films are really good and this one will eventually redeem itself, only it never does?  Any one?  No?  OK, then maybe you’ll enjoy this game.  But I won’t.

Stanford will beat Notre Dame and that’s all I have to say about that.


What Georgia Fans Want This Weekend:

Here is your How-to-Root During the Off-Week Cheat Sheet:

  • Root against Florida.  You probably already do, but root against them this week.  Any loss by Florida (especially an unexpected one) helps Georgia.
  • Root for LSU.  Yes, that’s hard to do.  But if they can beat South Carolina things could start looking up.

What if Vanderbilt beat Florida this week and LSU beat South Carolina?  Then next week what if Florida beat South Carolina?  Then what if Georgia beat Florida the following week?  Georgia punches a ticket to ATL, that’s what.


Must-Miss YouTube

 Highpoints of this video include:

  • Redneck Mississippi Cattle Raisers
  • DE Denico Autry milking a cow
  • Bulldogs Beefin Up

Look for some type of Live-Blog/Thread during the games tomorrow.  If I can get the tech-side of it worked out it could be fun.  Thanks for reading.  Everybody have a great weekend.

That’s all I got/


PS: This has been the most read week in DudeYouHistory, so many thanks to all the new folks who are reading/commenting, and of course thanks to all the old followers out there (that means you, Bulldawg20)!  I can’t exactly say that you all make the world go ’round, but you do make my comment section more entertaining, so please keep it up.  

Next week I’ll be running several mid-season recaps on my preseason SEC Picks as well as the more routine Georgia-oriented game preview stuff.

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