Jarvis Jones is a Nice Guy with a Sense of Humor

Jarvis Jones has done some pretty cool things this season.  In three games he’s registered 24 tackles, 7.5 tackles for loss, 4.5 sacks, 3 forced fumbles, 2 pass break-ups and one interception.
All of that cool stuff inspired me to write this story about Jarvis and how he will change the world last week.
The big man himself saw the story on Twitter and what ensued was the single greatest Twitter conversation of my life.
The conversation was brief but culminated with Jarvis offering the following endorsement of DudeYouCrazy:
@SacManJones_29: Saw the article, nice man gotta love it lol @dudeyoucrazy
He then stopped for clarification:
        @SacManJones_29@dudeyoucrazy you wrote that?
I responded affirmatively and he closed by saying:
         @SacManJones_29@dudeyoucrazy lol that’s legit man…I like it.
So, I’m pretty big time.  You’ll notice a few formatting changes to the home page of DudeYouCrazy.net.
And, most importantly: Jarvis Jones is a cool guy with a sense of humor that puts up with Dude.

That’s all I got/


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