Week Four Recap

Did anyone watch the Florida / Kentucky game?  I didn’t think so. Neither did I, but from what I can gather there was never any doubt in the game as Florida scored points and Kentucky did not.  Imentioned last week that Florida needed to dominate the game to be taken seriously and they did just that.  I’m still a little bit on the fence about the Gators, but we’ll learn a lot when they travel to LSU in two weeks.

Speaking of LSU….  Who knew a team could look so bad against Auburn?  The Tigers from Alabama’s backup school had allowed an average of 28.33 points per game against Clemson, Mississippi State and powerhouse Louisiana-Monroe.  And yet the dfense showed up in time to hold LSU to 12 points?  I felt like LSU had a lot of questions on the offensive side of the ball, but wow.  LSU racked up fewer yards, fewer first downs and turned the ball over more often than Clemson, MSU and LA-Mo.  War Damn Damn.

Former UGA QB turned Sexual Assaulter turned LSU Tiger would love to stay and chat about 
his perpetual fumbling problem…but he really must-dash (pronounced: mustache).

Ole Miss threw down in a big way to improve to 3-1 heading into the stretch of the season that won’t let them win.  Nonetheless I pegged the Rebels for two or three wins late this summer and they’ve already met that expectation.  Good for you Ole Miss.  Good.  For. You.


Alabama proved FAU’s defensive end Cory Henry exactly right or exactly wrong depending on how you look at it.  Alabama proved to be – as Henry asserted – a good team that executes well and wins game.  But, unlike Henry’s assessment Alabama was still exactly what people think.  Alabama didn’t match Georgia’s 700+ yards of offense against the Owls, but the Crimson Tide did hold FAU to a measly 110 yards of offense.  How bad is that?  Let’s put it this way: I was watching a ballgame in Athens, GA and the Owls still only outgained me by 110 yards against Alabama.  Even more impressive is the fact that the Alabama defense did that without forcing a turnover.


Apparently South Carolina’s 21 point win over Missouri was enough to move the Gamecocks up from 7th in the country to 6th.  I find this odd as Georgia’s 21 point win over the Missouri Tigers resulted in the Bulldogs going nowhere.  Yeah sure, Oklahoma lost this week and made room for a slide up – but let’s not give Carolina too much credit for winning this game at home.  Let’s not ever give Carolina too much credit for anything.  Ever.  I don’t care if Connor Shaw completed 20 straight passes.  At one point he was 0/1.  You can’t start games like that and expect to win every week.  (Georgia’s Aaron Murray started off 12/12 passing).


How about good old Arkansas?  Are they the new Ole Miss?  The West needs a grazer to go around and clean up after all the Tigers and Elephants.  Can we all just agree now that it is total BS that South Carolina gets to play Arkansas this year?  The Razorbacks are 78th in the country in points scored and 110th in points allowed.  I wish Georgia could play them!  And, before we throw out the voluntary “it’s early” arguments remember: three of Arkansas’ opponents this year are Jacksonville State (an FCS school), Louisiana-Monroe (a Sun Belt team that is 1-2 thanks to a loss to Baylor where RGIII doesn’t play anymore) and now Rutgers (a Big Least school).  The NFL’s replacement refs said Arkansas looked bad.  What’s wild is that Arkansas should have some talent.  John L. Smith must be worse at coaching than he is at balancing a check book.  I’m going to continue to pick Arkansas in hopes that he is just on a one-man mission to prove my predictions wrong – even at the cost of his career.

YouTube Video

 John L. Smith has a lot to smile about.

Texas A&M has really looked tough playing SMU and South Carolina State these past two weeks.  The combined score of 118-17 has to feel good to the 12th man.  I wouldn’t mind being correct in my coming pick of Arkansas over the Aggies this week.  I’d love to see the two SEC newbies fall to 0-4.


In preparation of the Georgia game the Tennessee Volunteers did their best Georgia impression against Akron as they let a little league team hang around for the first half before crossing the 40 point line and winning the game by 20+ (as the Dawgs did against Buffalo, Mizzou and FAU).  I hope Tennessee does their best Vanderbilt impression this week and rolls over immediately following the opening kickoff.


Mississippi State remains in the top-25 despite the fact that they’re coming off of a six-loss 2011 campaign, replacing starters all over the offense and not really accomplishing anything.  The Bulldogs résumé this year is far from noteworthy and their track record dating back to last season (2-6 in the SEC with lone wins against Kentucky and Ole Miss) is less than impressive.  They’re off this week before playing Kentucky on October 6th.  The Tennessee game may be a toss-up but if they upset the Vols and win against Middle Tennessee State as they could be in the top-15 and riding 6 weeks in the top-25.  This will make it super awkward to let them know that they aren’t as good as Alabama, Texas A&M or LSU as we watch them disappear.  Weird.


SEC East


How about the SEC?  Everyone who thought it would be a down year was exactly right.  The SEC only has four of the top six and five of the top eleven teams in the country.  And if I may be so bold as to point this out: three of the top five SEC teams are in the East.  Alabama may still be at the top but LSU looks very beatable and many writers agree.  Last week LSU held a 230 point edge over Georgia in the AP Poll and a 352 point lead over South Carolina.  This week if fell to 95 points over Georgia and 199 over the Cocks.




Don’t try to explain to me why Kansas State’s Collin Klein is now third on ESPN’s Heisman Watch Poll following a 13/21 passing performance and a total of 228 yards of offense and 1 TD.

On the year Klein has 1047 yards of offense and 10 total TDs to go with 2 INTs.  Aaron Murray has 1093 yards of offense to go with 13 TDs and 2 INTs.  Murray also has a higher QB Rating.

Know what’s an even harder sell than Klein?  De’Anthony Thomas.  De’Anthony is sitting at fourth on De’Poll.  And he’s having a great season.  How great?  Almost as good as Georgia freshman Todd Gurley.  De’Anthony has 572 yards of offense and seven TDs.  Gurley has 657 yards of offense and seven TDs. 


Other Stuff


Don’t get too comfortable on the Florida State bandwagon just yet.  Remember that the Seminoles just gave up 37 points to a good Clemson team – but a Clemson team that score only 26 points against Auburn.  FSU doesn’t have the defense to survive a whole season – even in the ACC.  And, even if they did I think they’d lose to Florida.  So let them enjoy the fact that they almost covered the spread in a rare top-10 matchup between ACC teams, but know that the Seminoles won’t be in a National Championship game.  Unless it’s that of the Seminole Nation.  They have a good shot at winning that one.

That’s all I got/


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