Week Three Recap

So much for a slow weekend of college football.

Auburn really got things going by proving that Gene Chizik will in fact go from National Champion to out of work within four years.  Auburn needed overtime, a missed field goal by ULM and a truly triumphant moment to seize their first victory of the season.  Stats are for losers but it should be noted (for those who missed the game, and want to give Auburn the benefit of the doubt) that this wasn’t a feverish start or a frantic comeback by Louisiana-Monroe; this was a game of two evenly-matched teams.  ULM had more first downs, more time of possession, almost identical yardage (410-418) and fewer turnovers than Auburn.  There were seven lead changes in the game (ULM jumped ahead by 7, Auburn tied the game, ULM jumped back ahead, Auburn tied the game, Auburn took the lead, ULM Tied the game, Auburn won the game).

 The Tigers have a busy week as they get ready for a loss against LSU.


Auburn is horrible.  I say that knowing that the Georgia/Auburn game often doesn’t reflect the quality of each team – so I’ll take what may come in that game.  I say that knowing that the Tigers are Georgia’s oldest rival.  But, I also say that knowing nobody from Auburn will read this and I say it with pure conviction.  Auburn is so bad that I have to question whether Clemson is any good, because the Tigers from South Carolina barely beat the Tigers from Alabama.  Auburn sucks.

Mississippi State also beat Auburn this season and has now found a spot in the top-25.  I’m not one to believe in an SEC bias, because I am the very embodiment of said bias.  But, if you want to believe in a bias it doesn’t exist at the top (Alabama, LSU, Georgia and South Carolina all belong in the top 10), it exists lower down in the polls.  Tennessee didn’t deserve to be in the top 25 last week (all they had done was beat NC State and Georgia State and had zero momentum from last season).  Florida is not the nation’s 14th best team (at least not yet), they just happen to have played two overrated SEC teams on the road and thus look really good.  And, I really don’t think Mississippi State is a top-25 team.  The Bulldogs beat Jackson State, a terrible Auburn team and barely survived Troy (30-24) this weekend and are now sitting 23rd in the poll.  If you want an SEC bias, it’s in Starkville, MS.

An SEC Bias is about all you will find in Starkville.


Commentators are starting to jump on the idea that the east may have more depth than the west.  Duh.  And, it looks like Arkansas will finally be removed from all football-related consideration after Alabama decimated what once was Hog football.  I’m no Crimson Tide fan but I was glad to see justice served to an average team that became sub-par the moment ULM put their QB on the ground.  After the game, would-be QB Tyler Wilson had the following to say:

“Obviously that wasn’t pretty to watch.  Sucks I couldn’t be out there and do something about it.  Do I feel that we, at times, gave up out there?  Yeah, absolutely.  As a leader, it sucks to see people not do their jobs and to see things go wrong.”

Now that, my friends, is true leadership.  To recap:

·         Tyler Wilson missed the game after being knocked to hell and back by LOUISIANA-MONROE!

·         Against Lousiana-Monroe Wilson was a whopping 11 of 20 passing with 2 TDs and an interception before sitting out the second half.

·         Wilson probably had no say in whether or not he played, but he dodged a bullet by not having to suit up against Alabama.  If ULM hurt him, the Crimson Tide would haver murdered him.

·         Wilson had his second-worst career start last season against Alabama, throwing for only 185 yards.  So there is no precedent of him being successful against Alabama.  The Razorbacks lost that game by 24 points.

·         From what I can gather he sat on the sideline and pointed out every player giving up on the game.   I bet that took a lot of energy.  Even the coaches “gave up” as they sent in second (or third) string players.

·         Wilson did all of this and then had the fortitude to talk crap to the media about his teammates.  He learned his leadership skills from Bobby Petrino.

I was stunned that Notre Dame beat Michigan State.  That was sincerely shocking.  Welcome back to relevancy, Catholic footballers.  I was also surprised by Florida State’s margin of victory over Wake Forest.  I really thought the Demon Deacons would cover.  The FSU/Clemson game should be interesting this weekend.

Big props to Lane Kiffin for offering Tennessee fans something to cheer about late in the evening on Saturday.  I haven’t spoken to any of them but I’d love to ask them the following:

If you knew for a fact that Tennessee wasn’t going to win the SEC or even the Eastern Division (which most of the outside world did), would you rather lose to Florida and see Lane Kiffin’s National Championship hopes foiled on the same night  or would you rather beat Florida and know that until at least November 3rd when USC plays Oregon the Trojans will be a BCS favorite?

In that particular scenario I think Tennessee fans got exactly what they wanted.  And, ESPN got hosed!  How dare someone ruin the “feel good” story of a life time.  Can’t you see the movie trailer now?

 A corrupt program…


A scumbag coach…




Coming off of NCAA post-season suspension…



Can the Trojans do it?



America needs them to!



“We Are SC” A Feel Good Story.  Fall 2012.


Not to worry, Matt Barkley is still within striking distance of the Heisman Trophy.  ESPN has the goldenchild listed at 5th this week.  For what it’s worth here is a (wavy and not quite properly aligned  comparison between Barkley and Georgia QB Aaron Murray this season:


                             Barkley                           Murray

Total TDs               10                                  10

INTs                      3                                    2

Passing Yards        813                                842

Rushing Yards       -59                                 -4               

Completion %        60.6                               63.8           

Yards/Attempt       7.5                                 8.5

Rating                     148.0                             180.2

Team Record         2-1                                 3-0

I’m not saying that Aaron Murray should win the Heisman Trophy.  And, I’m not saying that Murray should be in the top four (ahead of Barkley’s current spot).  I’m just saying that Matt Barkley should not be in the top five after a game in which he completed fewer than 50% of his passes, threw two interceptions and no TDs and yielded a meager 6.2 yards per attempt.  Yes, it’s early in the season, but when you’re a national title contender and you lay an egg like that in a loss to a rebuilding team like Stanford, it should count for something.

That’s all I got/


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  1. Someone from auburn did read this…..ruined my day too. I knew better than to read it.

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