Second Annual State of the Dude Address

Last year I presumptively gave the First Annual State of the Dude Address.  You see, it is grammatically improper to label something as “The First Annual” unless plans for the Second event are already initiated.  So, a less sure DudeYouCrazy should have given an “Inaugural” address, but I worked on the assumption that I’d be back for a little more in 2012.  My assumption proved correct as today I paid my $10 domain registration a full eight days early, and obviously I am back for more.

Last year I encouraged fans to take a step back from the scandals – Cam Newton rumors, Tattoo trading, etc. – and get back to the root of college football fanmanship, the commonality of cheering for the collective greatness that is college football, college campuses, tailgating, fellowship of sport and competition.  I hope that you were able to do so in 2011 even as the corruption of college football set new precedents (Penn State).

If last year’s address was a call to “re-focus” so to speak, this year’s monologue is a demand for a little bit of fun.  I’m not asking you to harden your souls to the downtrodden ill-effects of corruption.  I’m not asking you to be insensitive to cheating and self-promotion.  I’m just asking you to take the next step towards fully enjoying the sport.

In that spirit here is what DudeYouCrazy wants to see fans do this season.

1.   Give the coaches a little slack.  If you dislike your coach, then focus on some things you do like about your program.  It’s one thing to be critical, it’s another to be cynical.  I’ve wasted more than my fair share of words critiquing professionals (Mark Richt and Mike Bobo come to mind) and all I ever gained from such remarks was a disdain for the team I claim to love.  As cheesy as it may sound, if you can embrace the positive and even some ugly losses can at least be entertaining – the South Carolina game in 2011 was one such game for me.  And, for what it’s worth you can save the “he’s getting paid millions of dollars to not lose games like that” arguments because that’s just not accurate.  He’s getting paid millions of dollars because there is a limited supply and a high demand for experienced coaches.  The market is dictating salaries much more so than wins and losses.


2.   Stop complaining about “the system.”  We all wanted a playoff and we are going to get one.  As I’ve mentioned, I’m not sure that the new system is going to be any better.  It may merely give credence to more “honorable mention” teams, but in any event what we said we wanted is coming to fruition.  Wait for that time to come, and wait patiently.  If you have a problem with your team’s strength of schedule ranking or are tired of certain conferences being favored contact your school’s Athletic Director before complaining about the system as a whole.  If the “system” is so unbelievably, obviously broken, then why isn’t your school smart enough to play by its out-of-whack standards?  If you have a problem with the media or coaches voting for a school over yours remember that they are paid to be experts and you aren’t.  Consider becoming a media contributor or a college football coach if you think you know better.  Or consider cheering for a team that wins when it matters most.  But please, for the love of all things good, stop bashing the BCS as it continues to do exactly what it’s supposed to do – crown a national champion.


3.   Get into the games.  Start watching some random schools.  Even try to go to a game of two unaffiliated teams if you can swing it.  As much as WifeYouCrazy hates it, the more college football I watch the more I love the game.  If you think the media influences who makes it to BCS Bowls and who gets the big-time recruits balk the system and watch a few random games.  Find a kid from a local high school that is contributing to an off-the-radar program and follow his team.  Pick a random “also receiving votes” team out of the polls and try to track the next breakthrough squad.  Just switch it up a bit.  Don’t wait around all Saturday just to root for your team and cheer against your rival.  That puts your school on a pedestal and downgrades all other competition.  I’m as guilty of this as the next guy.  I didn’t want to give Oklahoma State a chance last year largely because I hadn’t seen them play.  I’m not saying they should have gotten into the BCS National Championship game, but I am saying that I never gave them a shot.   I was ignorant to them.  Don’t be ignorant; it’s not a good look for anyone – and that’s science.


4.   Make fun of Jesse Palmer’s hair.  Honestly, if you ever start to lose your passion for college football turn on ESPN’s College GameDay on Saturday morning or College Football Today some afternoon and ask yourself, “How does a guy with hair like that get taken seriously anywhere, let alone as a sports analyst?”  Then, start out-smarting Jesse.  If he says something you don’t agree with – look into it.  Open up the stats, sort through some playbooks (Smart Football is great for this) and prove him wrong.  The more you know the worse Jesse looks and the more you’ll enjoy the game.  Be a nerd with it.  That’s half of what I do here!

YouTube Video

Home Depot said that guy is a tool.


5.   Read more DudeYouCrazy.  When I started this blog I had two goals: 1. To write about college football rather than boring WifeYouCrazy to death with my own thoughts and 2. To entertain and inform a few readers.  Well, I still drive WifeYouCrazy crazy for lack of a better term with my rambling, but I have somehow managed to succeed on the second point of emphasis.  Over the last year readership has taken off (thanks in no small part to sites like and the site has developed a bit of a following (the Facebook page should be rolling over 600 fans any minute, and Twitter hovers around 200).  I have modest ambitions for the site, but I remain humbled by each and every reader and am glad to say that I now have more readers than I have immediate family members.  In light of that: I am committed to writing a bit more often as long as people continue to read.  Furthermore, if there is a topic you want to read about, I want to cover it and I’ll do all I can to do justice to any suggested content.


Here are some things that you can look forward to (or at least expect) over the coming college football season.  These are tentative guidelines and the schedule will most certainly vary, but for the most part this is the site’s outline for the coming weeks.


·         On Thursdays I’ll be doing the weekly preview post.  I’ll preview SEC games and meaningful games around the country.  I’ll post some hypothetical betting lines and predictions.  I’ll rant about upcoming events.  I’ll even post a few YouTube videos for our non-readers out there.

·         On Fridays I’ll take a closer look at Georgia’s matchup each week.  I’ll discuss my confidence level, what to watch for and make a prediction for the outcome.

·         On Saturdays I’ll be live-tweeting games and bringing coverage from UGA games via the Twitter machine.

·         On Sundays I will go to church and then lunch before taking a nap on the couch while the pros play.

·         On Mondays I’ll recap the Georgia game, get some reactions from other fans and otherwise breakdown the Dawgs.

·         On Tuesdays I’ll have a national recap including a review of my own predictions and major storylines.

·         On Wednesdays I’ll do absolutely riveting interest pieces covering anything from Aaron Murray’s Heisman campaign to the nation’s ugliest players.


I hope that you can ignore all the shameless plugging I’ve done here – but rest assured that this only happens once a year.  Have a great season, have some fun and please come back often.

That’s all I got/


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