LSU Players Got Stomped by the Bulldogs on Saturday, Literally.

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In college football, there’s a lot of dirtiness that goes on that we may turn a blind eye to just as long as it helps our team to win games.

On Saturday, the Miss State bulldogs marched into death valley and came out with a 34-29 win against LSU. For MSU’s center Dillon Day, he lets his feet do the talking (or should I say stomping?).

The first victim to fall to Day was Davon Godchaux who takes a massive stepping to the stomach AFTER the play was called. I repeat, AFTER the play was called.

So maybe it was just an accident?

Not so fast.

Later in the game, Day spots out Rashard Robinson and decides to jump after the family jewels, which ended up taking Robinson out of the game.


How dirty and classless can you be to stomp on not one BUT two LSU players?

Last year, Day was suspended for half a game after stomping on players in the Auburn game.

How he’s still getting away with this baffles me. It’s insulting to the game of football and it brings the definition of playing dirty to a new low.

Here’s what the young man looks like if you’d like to warn your team to look out for him.


Cadet Saves Reveille, SEC Dominates The NFL, And More

The UGA Vault is giving away a VIP Game Day Experience for the Tennessee/Georgia game complete with tickets and tailgating supplies! Entering the contest just takes two minutes.  Go here to learn more!


Must Love Dogs

Texas A&M has a lot of traditions that do not make any sense me. The one that really kills me is the yell leaders instead of cheerleaders at their football games. For the longest time I did not believe they had women at A&M, and honestly I am still not 100% convinced. One tradition I admire most is that the mascot (Reveille) is the highest ranking member of the Corps of Cadets at A&M, and is treated like it too. Reveille is watched over by the “mascot corporal who takes Reveille everywhere with him. This includes class, dates, and I am guessing the bathroom as well. If Reveille falls asleep on his bed, he must sleep on the floor until she moves. This past Saturday an SMU player was headed full steam toward the A&M mascot, only to be blocked by Cadet Ryan Krieder. Krieder has been praised since his heroics on Saturday and rightfully so. Check out the full contact block here.

SEC Dominating The NFL

The SEC dominates the NFL. If you look on any NFL roster you will see that at least one NFL team has a key player that played in the Southeastern Conference. This past week we saw big performances by former Alabama player Julio Jones, and former Arkansas standout Knile Davis. There is so many talented SEC players and it is great seeing them excel at the next level. Here is a full breakdown of top performers from week 3.

MSU Is Still 4th Best

Even though I called the Miss State win over LSU, I still did not believe it would be an “upset”. LSU has struggled all year trying to get the pass going and when they finally faced a team with some what of a pass rush, the allowed their weaknesses to show up in full bloom. Can LSU find a QB that will allow them to open up the defense, or is this going to be Les Miles worst year at LSU? Check out Tony Barnhart’s take here.



Georgia Football: A New Face In Georgia’s Secondary, Michel and McKenzie Interviews, Mason Aware of Potential Upset, Photos of Saturday’s Action – Daily Dose of Dawg

Photo courtesy of Logan Booker of Bulldawg Illustrated

Photo courtesy of Logan Booker of Bulldawg Illustrated

Tramel Terry Looking to Step Up

Tramel Terry, one of Georgia’s best recruits from the 2013 class, finally made his first appearance in the Red & Black after sitting out last year due to a knee injury. Terry came in to play safety late in the game, and didn’t look all that bad. Granted, he was playing against a glorified high school team when the game was already put away, but he showed good effort and had a nice interception in the endzone. Now, I liked seeing Tramel get on the field, but I hated where he was playing. I think Georgia coaches made a HUGE mistake when they moved him to safety. He has the talent to be an average safety, but the skill set to be an elite receiver. I know Georgia’s secondary depth was pretty thin, but there’s such a steep learning curve for Terry that he’ll never actually get on the field in big game situations. We really need receivers right now that can make plays, and Terry would have been able to contribute in a big way had the Georgia coaches left him at his original position.

He are his highlights from high school:

Article on Terry seeing his first action and the drama that took place before the game here.


Post-Game Interviews With Sony Michel and Isaiah McKenzie


Videos taken by Logan Booker of Bulldawg Illustrated.


Mason Knows This Could Be A Dangerous Game and Other Game Notes

“If you don’t take Tennessee seriously, they will beat you and they will ruin your season,” Mason said.

For whatever reason, the Tennessee game is often much closer than it actually should be. Take last year, for example, when Georgia needed a last second touchdown to force overtime against a terrible, over-matched Tennessee team. This time around, however, Georgia knows to take them seriously.

Story and game notes by Marc Weiszer here.


Great Pictures From Saturday

Logan Booker, an exceptional writer/photographer for Bulldawg Illustrated, took some great pictures from the Bulldogs’ 66-0 win over the Trojans of Troy.

Pre-game pictures here.

1st half pictures here.

2nd half pictures here.


Check back daily for more Daily Dose of Dawg!



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You can read more about the contest and all of its prizes here, but I’ve also included my entries below to show how easy this thing is.




The Non-QB SEC Heisman Candidate Nobody Is Talking About (Yet)

As a Georgia fan, I am fully on board with Todd Gurley for Heisman. Hell, the watering hole closest to my humble domicile has sold over 1000 of these stylish things:

Get yours at the Ivy in Buckhead. Tell them I sent you and get me free drinks.

Get yours at the Ivy in Buckhead. Tell them I sent you and get me free drinks.

Having said that, I don’t think Gurley’s Heisman campaign is a realistic one. Although Georgia will lean heavily on TG3 in close games (such as South Carolina), he is simply not going to get the carries to win the bronze statue.

Meanwhile, there is a guy in Tuscaloosa whose campaign has yet to start. I guess I’ll start it.

Amari Cooper has been the best player in the country thus far, and it isn’t even close.


Through four games, Cooper has amassed a ridiculous 43 catches for 655 yards and 5 TD’s. The rest of Alabama’s team has 688 yards on 49 catches (including one for four yards by Georgia blast from the past Ty Flournoy-Smith). Some might say that these numbers are due to taper off with more attention paid to Cooper, but I disagree. With Alabama’s offensive identity in the running game, throwing to number 9 against 7, 8, and 9 man fronts should continue to be easy.

Some might say that Alabama will find more balance in the passing game. Again, I disagree. Stud TE O.J. Howard has two catches through 4 games, much to the chagrin of most of my Alabama friends. DeAndrew White and Christion Jones are weapons, but Lane Kiffin tends to get the ball into the hands of his best playmaker at the expense of others (seems like a Kiffin thing to do).

Let’s play the extrapolation game that Andrew Hall plays so well on this site.

Time Games Receptions Yards TD
Current 4 43 655 5
This pace 13 139 2292 17
SEC Play 1 10 201 3
SEC pace 9 90 1809 24

Since Y2K, only three top-five finishers in Heisman voting have been receivers: Justin Blackmon, Michael Crabtree, and Larry Fitzgerald.All of those numbers will be nearly impossible to continue to put up, but JESUS CHRIST LOOK AT THOSE NUMBERS! Given Kiffin’s history, they’re likely not susceptible to a major downward trend. In 2011, Robert Woods hauled in 111 passes for 1292 yards for Kiffin’s USC Trojans. The next year, he took a backseat to Marquise Lee, who amassed 1721 on 118 catches. Last year provided more balance between Woods and Nelson Agholor (56 and 57 catches, respectively), but recall that Kiffin was fired in the middle of the season.

Player Year Finish Receptions Yards TD
Blackmon 2010 5th 111 1782 20
Crabtree 2008 5th 134 1962 22
Fitzgerald 2003 2nd 92 1672 22

Those numbers are all ridiculous, but Cooper’s current YPC exceeds all of them.

And let’s not act like program visibility won’t be a factor. No offense to Oklahoma State (10-2), Texas Tech (8-4), and Pitt (8-4), but they don’t have the visibility that Alabama does, and will likely continue to, enjoy. As Heisman voters have rebelled against ‘system’ quarterbacks who put up video game numbers, they may give credence to a WR putting up video game numbers in a pro-style system.

With all of that being said, let me be the first to introduce you to the SEC’s most viable Heisman candidate for 2014, Amari Cooper.


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