Georgia Bulldogs: Extensive Personnel Preview – Will Departures, Returning Stars or New Coaches define the Dawgs’ 2014 season? A Look at Just About Everone.

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Andrew Hall (@DudeYouCrazy on Twitter), Daniel Palmer (@dpalm66), Chad Floyd (@Chad_Floyd) and Jason Smith (@JasonIsASmith) get together for a full-fledged FOURGASM of a Georgia Football preview.  The fantastic four discuss their own Georgia fanmanship, Georgia’s overhaul of the defensive coaching staff led by Jeremy Pruitt, the challenges of replacing Aaron Murray, the dismissals and departures that plagued the Dawgs’ offseason, returning stars like Todd Gurley and stud newcomers.  Things get deep.


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Georgia Football: Exclusive Inside Look at the Conversation that Started the Todd Grantham vs. Bobby Petrino Feud

Here are some things we know about Bobby Petrino:

  • He’s not afraid to quit: He left the Atlanta Falcons mid-season in 2007 with nothing more than a laminated note.
  • He’s not afraid to cheat: His ex-wife can vouch for that.
  • He’s got a thing for volleyball players: Especially volleyball players on motorcycles.
  • He will do work for a lie: See below.




Here are some things we know about Todd Grantham:

  • He’s not the best teacher or developer: Just ask any Georgia fan.
  • He’s got a tendency to choose favorites: Just any Georgia player.
  • He will choke a fool: Just ask Florida.
  • He’s not afraid of a head coach: Just ask James Franklin.


Knowing what we know about these two esteemed gentlemen, I can say with 100% confidence that this series of conversations is the root cause of the Petrino/Grantham Feud.


Bobby Petrino: Todd, come on in have a seat.

Todd Grantham: [Lumbering in with a chip on his belly, not his shoulder.] Bobby P you know I don’t sit.  Sittin’s for sissies.

BP:  Have it your way, Todd.  Todd, you’re more than just a defensive coordinator here.  You know that right?

TG:  Wait, I moved here for the same job?  I thought I was associate head coach or something too. [Cracks sheepish smile.]  I’m Joshin’ with you like Harvey-Clemons, man.  You know I came here for the money.  Not everyday somebody rewards poor performance so generously.

BP: Well. I’m glad you’re here, Todd.  I think you’re the perfect man for everything that comes with this job.

TG:  You mean like chillin’ on the sideline and threatening opposing teams’ kickers?  Couldn’t agree more Bobby P!  I’m “that guy” as the kids say.

BP:  There’s more to the job here at Louisville, though.  At Louisville defensive coordinators are also in charge of coordinating…let’s call them…”special projects.”

TG:  No, no, no.  You got me all wrong there.  I don’t do no special teams.  Hell, I’m coming from a school where nobody does special teams.

BP:  Todd, “special projects” is very different than special teams.

TG:  [Looking skeptical.]  Go on you sly son of a gun.

BP:  Coordinating special projects means going above and beyond.  Making my life more sexy…I mean more successful.

TG:  I’ve never said this before, but I’m all ears.

BP:  There’s a volleyball practice tomorrow at 3:30 PM.  You need to be there.  You need to bring back a volleyball player to this office – preferably one whose name could end in a “y” but instead ends in an “ie.”  Those types always work out the best.

TG:  I think I can handle that.

BP:  And when you bring her here, you need to show here straight to my motorcycle.  Do you know where that is parked?

TG:  I sure do, Bobby P.  This won’t be a problem.  Beats the hell out of a day at the practice field.


The next day.  After Volleyball practice.

TG:  [Approaching young blonde student-athlete.] Excuse me, you wouldn’t happen to be Lucie, would you?

Lucie:  That’s me.

TG:  I need you to come with me.  Coach Petrino would like to meet you.

Lucie: OK…[She grows uncomfortable as Grantham refuses to break eye contact.]

TG:  [Approaching the parking lot where Petrino's bike is parked.]  Life is all about choices, Lucie.  And right now you’ve got one.

Lucie:  What’s that?

TG:  I need you to go somewhere very specific in this parking lot and do something very specific.

Lucie: Go on.

TG:  Down! Set! Hut!

Lucie: [Stands motionless and bewildered.]

TG:  That means “go,” kid.  Get it done.

Lucie: Get what done?

TG:  You know what forget it.  You’re uncoachable. [Storms back to volleyball practice.]

TG:  Everybody, I’m looking for “Lacy” with an “ie.”

Lacie: [Eagerly raising hand.] Guilty as charged!

TG:  Wait, you’ve been arrested?!?!  Even better!  I need you to follow me.

Lacie: Ok, whatever. [Follows Grantham.]

TG:  I’m working on that special project for Bobby P.  I know you’re new here, but I’m gonna go ahead and just set you loose and trust you to execute.  You need to get to your position and make a play.

Lacie:  [Falls down in confusion.  Flails arms in feigned effort.]

TG:  Damn it!  I have to do everything myself.  [Pulls out cell phone.  Sends detailed text message to unknown recipient.  Smiles.]


Later in Bobby Petrino’s office.

TG:  How was practice today, coach?

BP:  Ah, you know.  Not bad for an ACC school.  But more importantly, how’d it go with my “special motor cycle project.” [Makes air-quote gestures with hands as if it is 1995.]

TG:  Oh it went well, sir.  Like gettin’ one of my well-coached defenses off the field on third-and-impossibly-long.  Nothing to it.

BP:  So, there won’t be a problem when I go to leave?

TG:  There will only be a problem if by “problem” you mean “highly athletic student athlete with a great sense of humor waiting for you on your motorcycle.”  [Walks around Petrino's desk just to elbow him jokingly in the ribs.]

BP:  Thank you, Todd.  This means a lot.

TG:  Just doin’ my job, coach.  Makin’ a difference in young people’s lives.  Keepin’ the boss-man happy.  Makin them dollars.


Petrino exits the building 30 minutes later.  He makes his way to motorcycle where a slender, 5’10” athlete is sitting, back turned, hooded sweatshirt on.

BP: [To himself.]  Stilllllllll got it.  Bobby P, stilllllll got it.

BP:  I’m so happy Todd Grantham found you.  I’ve been needing someone like you.

Shaq Wiggins:  I’m so happy to hear that. [Turns around.]  I’ve always been one of coach Grantham’s favorites, but I didn’t know if you’d feel the same way.

BP:  [Utter disbelief sets in.]  Uh. Shaq.  What. Are. You. Doing. Here?

SW:  Coach, you tell me.  My man Grantham texted me and told me to come sit on this bike.  Said I was one of his favorites and he needed me to make a play and that you probably wanted some of my patented comedy to brighten up your day.

BP:  Shaq, you need to go home.  Tell no one – especially not the press – about this.  Todd Grantham is finished!  Finished, I say!


Shaq Wiggins leaves the scene and immediately calls Sports Illustrated.  The sports outlet later reports:

Bobby Petrino says he’s changed. But in reporting a story about the new Louisville coach that is in SI’s college football preview, it appears Petrino is still just as difficult to work and play for. Sources with ties to the Cardinals’ football program and Petrino said there’s significant friction between Petrino and feisty defensive coordinator Todd Grantham. The two have feuded often since Grantham’s hiring in January.

So much that one source insists Petrino would have already gotten rid of Grantham if not for his guaranteed five-year contract that pays him nearly $1 million annually. He came to Louisville after four seasons as Georgia’s defensive coordinator. “He’s stuck with him,” a source said.



That’s all I got/




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DudeYouPodcast Weekly Hangover – Click Clack Edition

Daniel Palmer (@dpalm66) and Jason Smith (@JasonIsASmith) are joined by Brandi Mills of the Big Spur (@bClickClack on the Tweets) to talk about the biggest stories in sports. Fun is had by all.  They definitely don’t make fun of Notre Dame.


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Looking for Georgia Bulldogs football highlights on your phone?  Download the UGA Vault for free from the iTunes App Store.  Just click here. It’s that easy.

UGA 5-star reflects on visit to Alabama

Originally posted on College recruiting blog:

UGA 5-star commit Terry Godwin, an AJC Super 11 selection (AJC/Curtis Compton)

UGA 5-star commit Terry Godwin, an AJC Super 11 selection (AJC/Curtis Compton)

UGA’s top recruit on defense is Trent Thompson, the 5-star defensive tackle who committed to the Bulldogs last week.

UGA’s top recruit on offense is Terry Godwin, the 5-star athlete from Callaway High School.

Godwin made some Bulldog fans nervous by taking an unofficial visit to Alabama on Saturday.

“I went to hang out at practice,” Godwin told the AJC on Monday night.

“My visit went great to Alabama. It was a great experience. They told me that I’m a very important guy to them. They told me that they have their three man guys leaving (at wide receiver), and that they need me.

“They said with their three main guys leaving, there’s room for someone else to come in there and make an impact.”

When asked if he felt like there was a better opportunity to…

View original 426 more words

Brendan Douglas Trucks Florida

I just got in an argument at work about what represents quality depth at the running back position, and Brendan Douglas, who may be the 5th-teamer at this point, came up.

What better excuse to remind you of this play?


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