Georgia Football: If The Dawgs Win The SEC Title, Should They Have A Spot In The Playoff?

Do They Have A Case? 

Georgia could make a very interesting case for the fourth playoff spot if they were to win the SEC Title. The real question is, would the Playoff committee put the Dawgs in there? I will be the first to tell you that Georgia has two of the worst losses in the SEC this year, but that does not excuse the fact that they will have to beat either Alabama or Miss State to have a shot at a playoff spot.


Bring Back The BCS

My biggest issue with the playoff committee is how they use the “eye test”. Just because Baylor didn’t play particularly well one week, they put TCU (who lost to Baylor) ahead of them in the polls. With all else equal I believe that head to head should matter the most. If South Carolina had one loss and Georgia had one loss, then South Carolina should have the nod over Georgia because they own the head to head win. If you are really trying to prove who is best, isn’t the most simple way to judge by seeing who wins on the field?


Georgia is sitting pretty at number 10 right now, and for the Dawgs to have a shot in Atlanta they will need Mizzou to lose one of their next two games. It is very possible that Georgia will head to Atlanta, but even if they win the Title I do not see the committee putting a two loss Georgia over any one-loss power five team. It would be one thing if Georgia lost to a couple of teams who were not so bad this season, but instead they decided to play their worst two games against teams they should have beaten with ease.

Should They Have A Shot?

Do I think Georgia should be in the playoff if they win the SEC Title? Yes. There is not a tougher conference than the SEC, and you can tell that to a one loss Ohio State who lost to a middle of the road ACC team. Georgia will still need some help, but a victory over a ranked Tech should help their case for the committee. Just think: We would not have to ask this question if it weren’t for a bad holding call, and the team not showing up in Jacksonville.



The DudeYouCrazy Week 13 Viewing Guide: Telling You Up Front That I’m Mailing This One In

Weeks like this cheapen the sport of college football. I hope you got your DVR recordin’ like I told you to last week, because this is brutal.

Thursday is the Best Timeslot All Week

Two games of light intrigue takes the cake for…whatever award we can possibly give this week.

1) #12 K-State at West Virginia (7, FS1): Bill Snyder, Dana Holgerson, and the likelihood of couches being set on fire? Sign me up.
2) North Carolina at Duke (7:30, ESPN): Ok, bear with me here. Duke is playing for an ACC Coastal championship, UNC QB Marquise Williams is quickly reaching ‘best player you’ve never heard of’ status, and UNC has both scored AND allowed 40 points five times this season! That’s preposterous.

Noon: Go Dawgs.

1) Charleston Southern at #10 Georgia (noon, SECN): Familiarize yourself with the young players, or something.
2) Indiana at #6 Ohio State (noon, B1G): Yeah, none of us in the Atlanta area get B1G network, but now that Notre Dame is done we need to get rid of the other stupid Midwest teams.
3) Welp, you techincally have a ranked-vs-ranked in #25 Minnesota at #23 Nebraska, but that’s an exercise in masochism or snowporn.

3:30 Slate (Not even coming up with names for this)

1) #8 Ole Miss at Arkansas (3:30, CBS): An SEC/national contender who could actually lose a game (which I say with more confidence after Arkansas’ win last week). Also, what an SEC home slate for Arky this year: Alabama, Georgia, LSU, Ole Miss. Not bad.
2) Boston College at #3 Florida State (3:30, ABC): Getting frustrating watching FSU squeak by every week. My dream scenario involves them losing to Florida, who rehires Will Muschamp.
3) #16 Wisconsin at Iowa (3:30, ESPN2): Melvin Gordon is now must-watch football. 408 against children of the corn team A, now another shot!
4) #15 Arizona at #17 Utah (3:30, ESPN): It’s #PACtion so this should probably be #1. Catch the highlights of last week’s Zona/Washington game if you don’t believe me.

Night Games, Where You’re Already Asleep on the Couch

1) #19 USC at #9 UCLA (8, ABC): The Battle of Los Angeles is always compelling to me. Odds of a fight exceed even South Carolina/Clemson. That, my friends, is beautiful.
2) #20 Mizzou at Tennessee (8, ESPN): Go Vols.
3) Vanderbilt at #4 Mississippi State (7:30, SECN): ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Enjoy the games, if possible folks!

SEC Football: Florida Coaching Search

Will Muschamp is going to be enjoying that sweet buyout life in a mere two weeks, but the question on everyone’s mind is who will be replacing him in the Swamp. Names have been floated, but nothing concrete has leaked yet.

(If they hire Shanahan, I don’t need any Christmas gifts from anyone ever again)

After the Muschamp patented “Rock Fight” offense, it’s safe to assume that the next hire will possess a prodigious offensive mind, but Foley’s search has to be more considered than that. They need a name that will energize a dilapidated fan base, loosen the purse strings of boosters, and make a splash in recruiting to return the program to prominence. But, the problem is who fits the profile?

Who could?

Who would?

Who else?



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Heisman Front-Runner Stopped By The Police, SEC’s Top NFL Prospects, And More

How Make It To Atlanta

If your team is in the lead right now, just win out and you are booking a trip to Atlanta. Georgia needs Mizzou to lose to Rocky Top or Arkansas for the Dawgs to go, and honestly I refuse to root for Tennessee in any matchup. I will root for Arkansas, but I cannot pull myself to root for such an obnoxious/rude fan base. I would not put that on my worst enemy. Here are the SEC Championship scenarios for each team within contention.


Future Stars

After this season we should see some of the most talented players leave our beloved conference, and go on to dominate in the pros. Aside from Todd Gurley, you have guys like Amari Cooper, Shane Ray, Leonard Floyd, who should make an NFL team very happy one day. These guys will be missed on their respective teams, but the SEC will continue to produce top tier talent. Here are the top 10 guys leaving this year.

Heisman Gets A Ticket 

Marcus Mariota is clearly the front runner for the Heisman after DAKota Prescott could not get the job done in Tuscaloosa last week, but even the front runner gets a speeding ticket. Imagine if this was in Athens? Mark Richt would be asked if he has lost full control of his team! Mariotta is all about going fast, but I cannot wait to see him be a 3rd string QB next year in the NFL. Here is the full report on his speeding ticket.



Georgia Football Recruiting: #1 Player in the Nation Was Impressed, UGA to Flip Bama Commit?, and More!

Josh Sweat - Photo courtesy of USA Today

Josh Sweat – Photo courtesy of USA Today

#1 Player Very Impressed With the Bulldogs

Josh Sweat – ☆☆☆☆☆
#1 Overall; #1 WDE; #1 in VA
Oscar Smith (Chesapeake, VA) WDE

The nation’s number one overall player, Josh Sweat, took his official visit to UGA last weekend, and it seems like he was really impressed. When asked what his favorite part of the trip was, he said “everything” because it was all so good. The game atmosphere really impressed him and he was surprised at how nice everything was. He likes the coaches and people at Georgia a lot, and says he could see himself playing there and being with them. Sweat told reporters that this visit helped UGA a lot.

Sweat still has official visits to Virginia Tech and Florida State before he announces his decision sometime during the first week of December.

Story on Sweat’s trip to Athens here and here.


Bama Commit is High on the Dawgs

Ronnie Harrison - Photo courtesy of @Rharr_15

Ronnie Harrison – Photo courtesy of @Rharr_15

Ronnie Harrison – ☆☆☆☆
#183 Overall; #11 S; #27 in FL
Florida State University School (Tallahassee, FL) S

Ronnie Harrison, who has been committed to the Crimson Tide since July, is now strongly considering the Dawgs. Jeremy Pruitt has been going after him hard the last couple of months, and it seems to be paying off. Harrison visited Athens for the Auburn game and was absolutely blown away. He loved everything about his official visit: the game, the atmosphere, eating at Mark Richt’s house, and getting to know the coaches on a more personal level.

He is still committed to Alabama, but says that the Dawgs are right up there with them. Harrison is even considering signing a financial aid agreement with Georgia which would bind them to him, but not the other way around.

Story on Harrison’s visit here and here.


4-Star Defensive Tackle Enjoys First Trip to Athens

Albert Huggins - Photo courtesy of @Johnny_Abram3

Albert Huggins – Photo courtesy of @Johnny_Abram3

Albert Huggins – ☆☆☆☆
#77 Overall; #11 DT; #1 in SC
Orangeburg-Wilkinson (Orangeburg, SC) DT

One of the Bulldog’s top remaining targets, Albert Huggins, took his first visit to UGA last weekend, and he really enjoyed it. His favorite thing by far about Georgia is the coaching staff. He thinks they are all really good guys, and he also feels assured that they’ll be there for the next few years. It doesn’t sound like things could have gone much better for Huggins, and if I had to guess, I’d say Georgia has a slight lead over Clemson right now.

This will be an interesting player to watch, and it could very well come down to signing day.

Story on Huggins’ visit here.


***Rankings from 247 Sports Composite

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