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College Football: Social Saturday Live Game DayCoverage – Week 1 – #DYCGameDay


This is a new one for us, so who knows how it will work out, but I think it could be fun.  Over the course of the day we will periodically update what we’re watching, what we’re seeing and what we’re doing.  More importantly, however, we want your thoughts.  Tweet using the hashtag #DYCGameDay and tell us what you’re watching, what you liking, etc. and we’ll throw it up on this live feed.  It’s that easy.


5:08 p.m. – Andrew

This West Virginia performance is stunning.  Ain’t no Mountaineer ever been ‘fraid of no Tide.

Unrelated: go here to get to my live Georgia/Clemson blog.


3:52 p.m. – Andrew

Alas, my upset darlings Navy and Georgia Southern came up short.  Nonetheless, the early games offered plenty of entertainment.  A few final scores of interest:

  • Penn State 26, UCF 24
  • UCLA 28, Virginia 20
  • North Dakota State 34, Iowa State 14
  • Michigan 52, App State 14
  • Ohio State 34, Navy 17
  • Kentucky 59, Tennessee-Martin 14
  • NC State 24, Georgia Southern 23
  • Georgia Tech 38, Wofford 19


Viewing Priorities:

  1. Alabama vs. West Virginia: Tied 3-3 after one possession for each team.  Mountaineers are driving.
  2. Auburn vs. Arkansas – a few minutes away on SEC Network
  3. Missouri vs. South Dakota State – this was my upset alert half-way pick.


I’ll be starting a live blog at Bleacher Report for the Georgia/Auburn game in about 40 minutes. Link forthcoming but I’ll be absent for the most part during that game.


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3:22 p.m. – Andrew

UCLA’s struggles against Virginia should not be overlooked.  I will dwell on that for the remainder of the season.  Trust me.

But on to what matters, can Georgia Southern hold on???


From the Tweets



2:57 p.m. – Andrew

Huge fourth down conversion for Ohio State.  I love the fact that I can say that and mean it and the game is still up for grabs.


From the Tweets



2:45 p.m. – Andrew

Georgia Southern continues to lead by 10 points.  If Southern and Navy pull off these wins Paul Johnson will get a contract extension at Georgia Tech by association to the triple-option offense.  Somehow, Tech fans will claim that the Yellow Jackets are 2-0 with wins over NC State and Ohio State.

Navy gets an FG and trails 20-17.


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2:35 p.m. – Andrew

In theory, Ohio State could be what people think Ohio State is at any time and bust them open.  In practice, Navy has looked ….Damn.  as I typed that a bomb went off.


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2:15 p.m. – Andrew



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1:50 p.m. – Andrew

Them Georgia Southern Eagles, though.  Not that NC State should have been expected to not disappoint, but still.  A 17-3 edge for Georgia Southern really might be insurmountable given the Eagles’ affinity for holding the football.


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1:37 p.m.  - Andrew

I’m not sure that the literal three points left off the board there will cost Navy this game, but the momentum lost certainly hurts.  Some clock management issues and a missed field goal sucked some wind out of what was a stellar first half for the Midshipmen.

Elsewhere, UCLA has really opened things up thanks to a host of huge defensive plays.

New fun game to watch: Georgia Southern leading NC State 10-3.


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1:18 p.m. – Andrew

Jason Smith has breaking Georgia/Clemson news…



1:10 p.m. – Andrew

Just when Ohio State was starting to “look like” Ohio State, Navy came up with a huge interception inside the five-yard line.  Reading that flat route was incredibly impressive.  Instinctive, athletic, well-executed.  That’s Navy football right now.

Virginia continues to keep things interesting.  UCLA holds a 7-3 advantage, but the Bruins certainly aren’t looking like a Top 5 team against a foe that’s won just a handful of games over the past two seasons.


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12:48 p.m. – Andrew

“Navy’s got athletes, too,” as Gary Danielson just pointed out a few moments ago.  And those athletes are doing work.  The Midshipmen currently lead 7-3 early in the second quarter.

Meanwhile, Michigan is comfortably up 14-0 and thus getting bumped out of my viewing rotation.

Quite pleasantly, Virginia is looking tough against UCLA.  The Bruins just went ahead 7-0.


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12:10 p.m. – Andrew

My early game priorities are as follow:

  1. Ohio State vs. Navy – Because why not?  Navy’s definitely covering and nothing would be more magical than the Buckeyes following, except maybe…
  2. Michigan vs. App State – It can’t happen again, can it?  Admittedly this won’t be on the radar for long (unless the Mountaineers do work), but it’s still fun.
  3. UCLA vs. Virginia – UCLA is a trendy playoff pick and Virginia is Virginia.  Could get ugly, but I want to see the Bruins play.
  4. Tennessee-Martin vs. Kentucky – Wildcats pickup a rare win here, I expect.


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College Football Is Back

If anyone needs me, I’ll be watching this on a loop until next Saturday.

PS. I had legitimately forgotten they play football outside of the SEC. Pretty good reminder. Enjoy your last weekend with your loved ones and not being alternately heartbroken and overjoyed in the span of a football game. I’m sure these emotional swings are good for the soul.

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Looking for Georgia Bulldogs football highlights on your phone? Download the UGA Vault for free from the iTunes App Store. Just click here. It’s that easy.

College Football Fans, We’re Taking You Where No Other Fans Have Ever Been – Seriously

first 100

On the evening of August 13, 2014, readers will get to follow along (on Twitter, and maybe on here if we can figure it all out) as I enter the brand new, not-opening-until-ten-days-later College Football Hall of Fame. Oh, and I’ll be shacking up there.  Seriously, I’m sleeping at the CFB HOF.

How did this happen?  Well, this wasn’t given.  Much like LeBron James’ Northeast Ohio, when Chick-fil-A and the College Football Hall of Fame are involved, nothing is given…everything is earned.

I won an essay contest.  I saw a promotion online, I typed the 133 words found below.  I won.  That’s what I do.

A few reasons why this is so great:

  1. The thesis of the essay is simple: College Football = America.  If you know me, you probably expect this type of thing.
  2. In the essay I proudly extol some of college football’s many virtues, like education.
  3. In the essay I use the term “multifaceted love.”
  4. Now I can will call myself an award-winning college football writer.


So when I enter the new Hall of Fame as one of the first 100 entrants, know that I, Andrew Hall, am the Hall of fame.  And follow on Twitter as I give you a behind the scenes look of what sleeping in an un0pened museum is like.

It's going to be just like this, but a lot more fun and with fewer lions.

It’s going to be just like this, but a lot more fun and with fewer lions.


And now, here’s what an award-winning essay looks like:

I love college football because it represents everything good and pure in the United States.  Unbridled competition is crossed with transcendent strategy and multiplied by an environment that encourages sportsmanship, education, passion and excellence.
The ties between fans and their rooting alliances run so deep that lines are blurred.  “They” becomes “We.”  “Team” becomes “Fans.”  There is no out of bounds, only a vast sea of loyalists extending upon the playing field both in the stadium and on couches around the land.
College football is the great American game thanks to its rich history, its colorful tradition and its adaptive future.
Nothing in this life can compare with 100,000 fans uniting in one unified but multifaceted love.  Love of sport.  Love of higher education. Love of victory. And love of loyalty…even in defeat.


That’s all I got/



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NCAA: Death By A Thousand Cuts

One of our passion projects here at Dude You Crazy has been chronicling the slow but needed death of the NCAA cartel that runs college sports. I searched our site for ‘NCAA’ and negative qualifiers, and won’t link every one here for brevity’s sake but the total number is staggering.

Today, it was leaked that the University of Oklahoma is looking to increase Bob Stoops’ salary to over $5 million a year. That’s right, the same coach who last year said to The Sporting News, and I quote:

“[Y]ou’re not the first one to spend a hungry Sunday without any money.”

No one called him a liar for saying that, but when Shabazz Napier suggested the same thing this spring, he was said to be exaggerating, and people openly questioned his plight. As mentioned on the soon-to-be award-winning Dude You Podcast, O’Bannon v. NCAA has been raging for almost two weeks now, and while there are places to keep track of the progress of testimony, Charles Pierce of Esquire has been doing a GREAT job recapping the fall of the NCAA in back to back columns.

Here’s part one, “How It Ends” which features the following quote:

“[T]he plaintiffs are asking to be paid some of the ancillary money the NCAA made off of all the work they did playing their sports, a relatively simple idea for any human being who has ever actually earned a living, but, apparently, a concept so alien to the NCAA that just talking about it seems to get that organization concerned that it has contracted a virus from a distant world.”

Here’s part two, “Dispatches From the NCAA’s Deathbed” which features this gem:

“This is very bad news for the NCAA because, with her outsider’s eye, [Judge] Wilken is immune to the threadbare piety in which it wraps its heedless commercialism. All the usual buck-and-wing that works on elements of the kept college press is completely lost on her. In fact, she seems to be quite aware of — and, occasionally, quite amused by — the fundamental absurdity of much of the defense’s case.”

Both are absolute must reads, and if you are still on the side of Emmert and his cronies after this, then you might be a lost cause.

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2014 NFL Draft Live Blog

Welcome to my favorite time of year, the NFL Draft. Now, when I say time of year, I mean the actual draft; not the needlessly extended by two weeks run up TO the Draft. That’s unbearable. On my old site, I ran these live blogs for the 2007 and 2008 drafts, and they were always well received, so we’re running it back for the Dude You Crazy audience. By the way, HOLY CRAP, was I wrong a lot about these players. But not as wrong as Mel Kiper, so I’ve got that going for me. Which is nice.

The biggest wrinkle this year is the NFL allowing players who decide to come to the Draft in person get to pick personalized walk up music. Ignoring the fact that going to the Draft is almost never a good idea (you’re just as drafted at home with family as you are in NYC getting screamed at by Jets fans), I’m excited to see who picks what. Guarantee Manziel comes out to some awful Drake song, but everyone else will be interesting to see.

Oh, and if anyone wants to pick a certain blogging ex-football player this year, the NFL better get ready to pay some royalties to one Vincent K. McMahon Jr., and pipe in some Jim Ross to announce the pick.

See you all back here at 8 tonight.

8:00 - And here we go. For reference, I’ll be flipping between the ESPN and NFL Network feeds, depending on which talking heads are making me less nauseous at any given time.

8:02 - OH GOOD, ALOE BLACC! ESPN ran me off in RECORD time.

8:04 - Did you know that the Draft was pushed back two weeks because they FORGOT to book Radio City? Some stupid James Dolan musical dislodged the most profitable sports league in America.  And now they’re gonna swing this into a week long Draft eventually. They can’t even screw up right.

8:06 - REALLY impressed with the (well-deserved) sustained booing of Roger. I’m gonna bestow him the David Stern most lustily hated commissioner award. Big night for him.

8:10 - Holy crap ESPN. Gruden, Berman, Kiper AND Ray Lewis? You getting paid to throw this fight against NFL Network? Though, Marshall Faulk’s bow tie is ridiculously big. It’s the Merril Hoge tie knot of bow ties.

8:15 - The Super Bowl was February 4th. According to my laptop, it’s May 8th. The Texans are taking the WHOLE 10 minutes because the NFL has ads to sell. I hate everything.

8:18 - Clowney to the Texans. Of course they did. We’ll see how he fits in a 3-4, but this is a bit of an upset for me. I was really hoping that he would come out to Skynyrd. REALLY excited to see all those clips against UGA. Kind of proud that Mike Mayock is determined to continue to hate for no good reason. Good on ya.

8:27 - Robinson to the Rams! He and Marshall Faulk are wearing the same size bow tie. One of them is a 6’5″ tackle, and it looks normal on him. Wait, Mayock was willing to dump on Clowney, but just invoked Orlando Pace when talking about Robinson? I’d love to know the agent that represents either (both) of them.

8:30 - Something lost with the popularity of the Draft? The lack of country as hell suits. Go google Karl Malone Draft Suit. Google will auto-fill it for you.

8:32 - And right about HERE is when that Green Room starts to get smaller and smaller, and those lights get hotter and hotter. Bortles is good, but UCF just churned out a top-3 pick. I don’t know if I like this new world.

8:35 - Deion Sanders post draft interviews > Suzy Kolber’s post draft interviews.

8:37 - The Toronto (not yet) Bills just picked up Sammy Watkins, and that Damian Swann missed tackle on that slant route STILL hurts.

8:40 - Constant replaying of the Swann blown tackle reminds me: this live blog is brought to you by Stoli and lemonade.

8:44 - “Mack’s suit is too shiny and is a little tight in the shoulders.” – My girlfriend. She works in fashion.

8:48 - One day, someone will have to explain to me the upside of going to the Draft as a player. Either you go first, or it gets more awkward with every 10 minutes passing, and as the room empties, more and more cameras settle on you. HUGE no win situation.

8:52 - Jake Matthews?

8:56 - You’re here for jokes, not analysis, but MAN. I always thought he was better than Robinson, especially in pass protection, and if you think me bailing on Chad’s Draft prediction blog wasn’t me wanting to not jinx this, you are outside your mind.

9:00 - Potentially unpopular opinion alert: I miss the Draft being on the weekend. I know the NFL loves their sweet, sweet prime time money, but waking up on Saturday, ordering an unhealthy number of wings, punishing yourself with booze, and doing it again the next day? Man. Guess I’m just getting old.

9:02 - Man, I forgot how ugly these new Bucs jerseys are. Wait, is Lovie Smith going to stick with (insert first name) McCown all year? I know he said Glennon is not his quarterback of the future.

9:05 - HUUUUUUGE swerve by the Browns, taking Justin Gilbert. On the one hand, I’m glad Cleveland isn’t going to ruin J. Football, but watching him fake-clap as he watches these other cats get drafted isn’t fun either.

9:12 - Anthony Barr gets bonus points for staying at home. The all-time leader for how to get drafted is Joe Thomas, who was fishing with his dad when the phone rang. I feel like you should know these things.

9:16 - That sponsored tweet by Barry Sanders made me sad. Ebron will always remember the day he got drafted…which will always help him remember the date he proposed. I’ve had friends propose on their own birthdays for the same reason.

9:20 - Live look in at the green room at pick 11:

9:25 - Will Muschamp! Comin in hot!

9:30 - I’m just really glad Odell Beckham isn’t going to be playing in the SEC anymore. Guys like this aren’t gone until you watch them get drafted. Good riddance.

9:38 - Rams continuing the NFC West arms race. Their d-line was terrifying, and just got terrifying-er. It’s a word.

9:40 - ESPN, I give you a chance, and you slap me in the face MORE Aloe Blacc? NFL Network, take me the rest of the way.

9:45 - Bears had no choice but to take a DB. Now, they have to hope they have enough picks to replace the rest of the defense. As for the Johnny Football watch, well…

9:50 - Logic would dictate that the Cowboys address their obvious and many defensive shortcomings. Jerry Jones is on the clock, so there’s no telling what happens. That said, Manziel’s girl is vying for the Brady Quinn’s Girlfriend award for wishing she had just stayed at home. UPDATE: Someone says it’s his sister. Should have known Johnny wouldn’t play favorites. Game recognize game.

9:54 - WHICH ONE OF YOU DRUGGED JERRY JONES? I mean, moreso than usual. Still Jerry needed defense, so he got an offensive tackle because of course he did.

10:00 - CJ Mosley, another “Glad he’s out of the SEC” All-Star.

10:05 - I’ve been sucked into the over-coverage of the Draft this year, like everyone else, but man. I never imagined that Johnny Football would be the front runner to get Brady Quinn’d. Another benefit of the weekend Draft is that the NFL doesn’t have to try to convince these cats who don’t get picked to come be on camera the next day.

10:18 – Fun fact: refreshing your Stoli takes longer than refreshing your browser. James out of Tennessee seems like a stretch to me, but this Miami front office knows what it’s…nope, couldn’t do it with a straight face.

10:26 - Brandon Cooks. Bust. Book it. Yeah, I still hate the Saints, what about it?

10:35 - The Packers continue to be a well-run, successful organization who have figured out the whole “Alabama has good football players” thing.

10:38 - Do it Chip. Be a god and draft Manziel. Set the internet on fire.

10:43 - I’m really gonna miss JFF. The Browns. *throws remote*.

10:47 - On the upside, he’s already used to running for his life. We’ll see if it works in Cleveland. (SPOILERS: it won’t work).

10:53 - Kansas City takes Dee Ford out of Auburn, who stayed at home like a G. Great player, but is this just an excuse for me to run the Andy Reid Kool Aid Man gif? Of course it is. You know me so well, internet.

11:00 - The Spurs just hung 70 in the first half. What? I’m a great multi-tasker.

11:03 - Wait, which one of y’all told Teddy to go the Draft? And I’m not one of these new-fangled Teddy haters, I been talking bad about him since I started here. Just ask Chad.

11:10 - Chip with a little bit of a stretch at 26, but they needed a linebacker and they got a linebacker. ANALYSIS.

11:15 - Curious about the draftees walk up songs? Me too! Deadspin found a list. I bet we don’t hear R. Kelly tonight.

11:20 - Kelvin Benjamin, welcome to being the only receiving threat for the Panthers. Another smart player who stayed at home. I bet Teddy wishes he’d stayed at home in a polo. WHAT IS THE UPSIDE TO GOING?

11:26 - Pats take Easley out of Florida, who tore his ACL in practice this year. Now, watch all the talking heads and Marshall Faulk’s bow tie tells us what a great pick it is, since the everyone is afraid to cross Belichick.

11:32 - NIU DB taken in the first round. Go drunk Draft, you’re home.

11:39 - Am I excited to see who the Seahawks take so I can go to bed? Maybe. Though this vodka and football is probably going to keep me up for a while because I’ve been essentially brainwashed by the NFL at this point. I haven’t even checked the Spurs score in like 10 minutes.

11:43 - And by Seahawks, of course I mean the Vikings. Plus, it might even be Teddy Bridgewater, and what a weird ending this would be.

11.46 - Sleep in tomorrow Teddy, no need for that second suit, you’re not coming back! Congrats to all 32 guys whose lives changed tonight, sorry to all 32 dissapointed fanbases who are disappointed because fans are annoying, and never forget:

The List

The List


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