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SEC Football: Florida Coaching Search

Will Muschamp is going to be enjoying that sweet buyout life in a mere two weeks, but the question on everyone’s mind is who will be replacing him in the Swamp. Names have been floated, but nothing concrete has leaked yet.

(If they hire Shanahan, I don’t need any Christmas gifts from anyone ever again)

After the Muschamp patented “Rock Fight” offense, it’s safe to assume that the next hire will possess a prodigious offensive mind, but Foley’s search has to be more considered than that. They need a name that will energize a dilapidated fan base, loosen the purse strings of boosters, and make a splash in recruiting to return the program to prominence. But, the problem is who fits the profile?

Who could?

Who would?

Who else?



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Heisman Front-Runner Stopped By The Police, SEC’s Top NFL Prospects, And More

How Make It To Atlanta

If your team is in the lead right now, just win out and you are booking a trip to Atlanta. Georgia needs Mizzou to lose to Rocky Top or Arkansas for the Dawgs to go, and honestly I refuse to root for Tennessee in any matchup. I will root for Arkansas, but I cannot pull myself to root for such an obnoxious/rude fan base. I would not put that on my worst enemy. Here are the SEC Championship scenarios for each team within contention.


Future Stars

After this season we should see some of the most talented players leave our beloved conference, and go on to dominate in the pros. Aside from Todd Gurley, you have guys like Amari Cooper, Shane Ray, Leonard Floyd, who should make an NFL team very happy one day. These guys will be missed on their respective teams, but the SEC will continue to produce top tier talent. Here are the top 10 guys leaving this year.

Heisman Gets A Ticket 

Marcus Mariota is clearly the front runner for the Heisman after DAKota Prescott could not get the job done in Tuscaloosa last week, but even the front runner gets a speeding ticket. Imagine if this was in Athens? Mark Richt would be asked if he has lost full control of his team! Mariotta is all about going fast, but I cannot wait to see him be a 3rd string QB next year in the NFL. Here is the full report on his speeding ticket.



Can Dak Prescott Keep The Dream Season Rolling In Tuscaloosa?

Showdown In TTown

The Number One team in the land is playing in Tuscaloosa this weekend, and for the first time in my four years, it will not be the home team. Mississippi State puts their season on the line against a Crimson Tide team that is coming off an emotional win at LSU last Saturday. Dak Prescott and the Bulldogs have struggled the past few weeks with less than impressive opponents, but none-the-less they have the Heisman front runner at QB, and it should prove to be the biggest test of the year for both teams.



My hat is off to Dan Mullen and the Bulldogs for a great season up to this point, but they have yet to play in a road environment like Tuscaloosa, with the number one target on their back. Dak Prescott has gotten a lot of headlines, and rightfully so, but people seem to forget he threw two 2nd half interceptions to keep an Auburn team in the game when they should have put the game away a lot earlier. This is the same Auburn secondary that got embarrassed by A&M and South Carolina. Prescott also threw two interceptions against Arkansas, and if Arkansas had a capable QB, then State would have lost easily. Prescott will need to avoid the turnovers against a good Tide defense for the dream season to continue.



Alabama always struggles the week after the LSU game. Call it a hangover if you want, but something seems off each year and that is my deepest fear going into Saturday. Alabama is the best defense Prescott has faced all season, and the most balanced offense State will face for the rest of the season. Blake Sims has continued to improve week to week, and will need to continue his home hot streak against one of the most aggressive front sevens in the the SEC. Alabama has won 13 straight home games, and this will be the 64th consecutive game the Tide has been favored in.


Prediction: Tide 37 State 31 

Alabama at home is averaging over 45 points a game, and for some reason teams decide to not guard Amari Cooper in Tuscaloosa. I believe it will be a long day for the Bulldog corner backs, and Blake Sims should have no trouble getting it to his boy Coop all day. The one problem Alabama will have is stopping the QB scrambles on 3rd down. If Dak keeps the chains moving, this will be a knock down, drag out fight till the end. This game can go either way, but in the friendly confines of Bryant-Denny I give the Tide the advantage.



The DYC Viewing Guide: Set Your DVR This Week Because Next Week is Terrible.

If, like me, you like to get a decent feel for top teams across the nation as we try to project the first College Football Playoff, then I have some friendly advice for you: clear out your DVR, and set about eight games to record this week.

Next week’s schedule does absolutely nothing, as the contenders based on this weeks rankings play, respectively: Vanderbilt, Colorado, Boston College, bye, Western Carolina and Washington State. Ole Miss at Arkansas is the only game that provides even a modicum of intrigue for top-1o teams, and if there was ever justification for going to 9-game conference schedules…yeah, look ahead to next week.

(And there’s my Viewing Guide for the week of Nov. 22.)

Thursday Throwdown (Singular, and It’s a Stretch)

Technically, there are three games on the national networks on Thursday, but only Cal at USC (9, ESPN) is worth taking time out of your busy schedule to watch. And that’s really only worthwhile if you’re into four and a half hour games where something crazy is bound to happen. #PACtion! Sign me up!



Bloodies on North Campus- Noon Games

There are actually ranked vs. ranked games hitting your TV sets early in the day! One involving a Minnesota program, where the only context I have is the following GIF.

Jerry Kill-in’ it on the dance floor.


2) #19 Clemson at #22 Georgia Tech (noon, ESPN/ABC): Deshaun Watson is back, and Clemson can prove they’re criminally underranked, and that Georgia Tech is criminally overranked, all in one tidy little football game.

3) South Carolina at Florida (noon, SECN): CFI.

4) Virginia Tech at #21 Duke (noon, ESPNU): Playoff implications, kinda. 2014 is a strange world.

Mid-Afternoon Tilts: Chugging Your Favorite Domestic and Saying “F*** Auburn” Every Third Sentence

There’s one big one you can watch on mute due to the announcers, and a bunch if you have a second TV and no radio.

1) #1 CLANGA at #5 Alabama (3:30, CBS): I said it yesterday: Clangabama sounds like an EDM band comprised of handbells.

2-5) Not bothering to post context for any of these games, although all have varying levels of playoff/SEC/hilarity interest: Washington at #14 Arizona (3:30, FOX), #16 Nebraska at #20 Wisconsin (3:30, ABC) — okay, one sidenote: Nebraska had a bye and dropped three spots in the CFP rankings. LOL B1G! – Kentucky at Tennessee (4, SECN), where someone gets to or close to bowl-eligible.

A #5? There was supposed to be a fifth game? Oklahoma at Texas Tech (4, ESPN) may be fun. Northwestern at Notre Dame (3:30, NBC), as always, if you’re into that kind of crap.

Lights On, Sun Down, Bourbon in Flasks- Go Dawgs

1) #9 Auburn at #15 Georgia (7:15, ESPN): If you’re not among the 92,746 at Sanford Stadium, you may miss kickoff for OU/TT…so, yeah. I guess that’s game #2.

2) #3 Florida State at da U (8, ABC): Wherein Miami exceeds its combined attendance for the whole season in one game. People smarter than I think Miami can/should/will win this game.

3) Mizzou at #24 Texas A&M (7:30, SECN): Go Aggies.

4) #17 LSU at Arkansas (8, ESPN2): Overdue Arkansas. Two plodding offenses. Arkansas should’ve won last year. LSU is confusing. Les Miles. Fun.

Enjoy the games, folks!

Auburn Tigers Can’t Sell Tickets, Most Overrated Players In The SEC, And More

Most Overrated

Each year we have players who either live up to the hype, or don’t. Whether that is by injury, or the player is just not as good as advertised, it happens every single year. This season is no different, and my number one most overrated player is Kenny Hill. Hill had a “breakout” game against the most overrated team South Carolina, and the media immediately touted him as a Heisman contender. After a poor showing against Miss State, and Alabama, Kenny Hill has since lost his job to Freshman Kyle Allen. Here is the list of most overrated players from Saturday Down South.


Auburn Can’t Sell Tickets

Auburn is a family. A family that the Wall Street Journal says has struggled to sell tickets for the past two seasons. You would think that the “team of destiny” would be able to sell enough tickets to fill up that cracker jack box of stadium on the plains, right? Maybe, the “family” should consider allotting more tickets to opposing fan bases so enough people will show up? Here is the full article on Auburn’s inability to sell tickets.


Petey Jones, Running Back, THE Running Back Ya’ll 

Nick Chubb and Sony Michel are the two best Freshman running backs in my opinion, and this is coming from an Alabama fan. I saw the “next Adrian Peterson” in Leonard Fournette, and I was not impressed one bit (22 carries, 79 yards v Bama) . Chubb has been a beast in the absence of Gurley, and Michel is a running back that I believe could be better than Chubb. Georgia will have a stable of backs the next few seasons, and if Nick Chubb does not win Freshman of the year, then something is seriously wrong. Here is the list of the top Freshman running backs.





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