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Georgia Will Lose To Florida This Year: The Year of Desperation


Georgia Is The Better Team

Florida is not a better team than UGA. South Carolina was not a better team than UGA, but they won because their season was on the line and had desperation to do so. Georgia has an extremely talented team, coaching staff, and a favorable schedule, but I just do not see them having to play with the fire that comes with desperation. 2007 after the Dawgs go embarrassed in Knoxville, they went on and won every single game after that because they were desperate.

Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner 

Will Muschamp would lose his job if he loses to UGA for a 4th time in a row. I see Florida playing their best game of the entire season against the Dawgs. I see Jeff Driskel running for 85 yards and throwing for 185 and a couple touchdowns. I hate that I am seeing Florida win this year, but I just do not like the Gators being backed into a corner. The game is always close no matter who has the better team, it typically comes down to who can commit the least amount of unsportsmanlike penalties. Advantage: Whoever does not retaliate



Doors Will Open

The only way I see UGA winning this game is if South Carolina loses to someone before the Florida game. I think that would give UGA an edge and have something to play for other than just hopes and dreams. With a South Carolina loss UGA would have to win out to win the East, and I can see South Carolina losing at least two more games this year, putting the ball back in Georgia’s court.

We Didn’t Start The Fire 

Each and every season I feel like we talk about “who needs to lose so UGA can go to Atlanta”, and that is not what you want to be talking about in September. Georgia has elite talent at every position. A Heisman candidate in the backfield, and a more than favorable schedule the rest of the way. Georgia needs to find a way to light a fire the rest of the season, or the Gators will sneak up and ruin the cocktail party, and SEC title hopes.



Georgia Football: Player Poops Pants While Playing Georgia, Question in UGA Backfield, Where’s The Pass Rush?, and More- Daily Dose of Dawg

3-Headed Monster? - Photo courtesy of Logan Booker

3-Headed Monster? – Photo courtesy of Logan Booker

Player Poops Himself Against Georgia

Pooping in sports is something I’ve always wondered about. You never see anybody run off the field/court when they’re on the sideline to go pinch a loaf, but you know that at some point, an athlete has just got to go. Well, that happened to Brian Dawkins when his Clemson team played Georgia at Sanford Stadium, except he didn’t have time to make it off the field.


Who the Heck Is Second String?

Going into this 2014 football season, we all expected Keith Marshall to be the solid #2 running back. We had heard how he was completely healthy after suffering a knee injury, and many said he actually looked better than before. Well, in the few carries he’s had so far this season, he hasn’t looked at all like himself, or even a division one running back for that matter. Against Clemson, Marshall rushed for only 8 yards on 6 carries, and against South Carolina, he had only 2 yards on 1 carry. Now, I don’t think it’s that Marshall is awful all of a sudden, but I do believe that the coaches weren’t necessarily truthful with how ready Marshall was coming off the torn ACL. For now, though, freshmen running backs, Sony Michel and Nick Chubb, are doing an amazing job backing up Gurley, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they hold on to their spots ahead of Marshall for the remainder of the year.

Story on running back depth chart here.


Can Anybody Pass Rush? Anybody?

Perhaps just as bad as the secondary in the week three loss to the Game Chickens was the defensive line and linebackers. Thompson’s jersey didn’t get so much as a droplet of mud on it the entire night, and it was really quite frustrating to watch. Every time he would drop back, we would wait, and wait, and wait for just one defender to get close to him, and maybe have a chance of at least sniffing his jersey. Well that happened all of one time, and as a result, the Bulldog defense was picked apart the entire night.

Hopefully, they’ll fix whatever was wrong. Otherwise, we’ll all be tuning in to watch the Dawgs take on Tulane in the Little Caesars Toilet Bowel come December. Story on the UGA pass rush here.


Inside Georgia Football Episode Four has released the fourth episode of “Inside Georgia Football.” Not as much fun to watch following a loss, but still, it’s worth a taking a look at. Video here.

The DYC Viewing Guide, Week 4

For obvious reasons, this week’s viewing guide is a melancholy one. As I write this introduction, I honestly have no clue what time Georgia plays Troy. I’ll just assume they kick off at noon a la every non-power 5 game in Sanford Stadium, and hope for the best, but there is finally some compelling conference play spreading around college football this week.

Thursday- The JUCO Bowl

1. #5 Auburn at #20 Kansas State, 7:30, ESPN: Bill Snyder, for years, has been the guy who turns JUCO players’ lives around, creates a winning culture and positive juju everywhere, and is all-around awesome. Auburn, no matter who the coach, wins with people that are difficult to like. ADVANTAGE K-STATE GO MANHATTAN GO WILDCATS.

Friday- SKIP

Seriously. How many times is Connecticut or some other irrelevant northeasternly team going to play on Friday night? Is it because the high schools up there produce zero talent? (Yes.) South Florida is their opponent.

Noon- Best of the year, still like a 3.5/10

1. Only for purposes of this blog and getting to see some depth, Troy at #13 Georgia. SEC Network. Get Todd his 100 and 2 TD’s and get him out.
2. Georgia Tech at Virginia Tech, ESPN: This is, almost without fail, a close game between two excruciating offenses and stubborn defenses, with two ugly coaches and ugly fanbases to boot. Having said that, this game almost always decides the ACC Coastal, to which I say:

3. … Iowa at Pitt (ESPNU)? Bowling Green at #18 Wisconsin (ESPN2)…? Luckily, they’re both on your cable package between the two watchable games. Unfortunately? Well, <see .GIF above>

Mid-Afternoon Madness

1. Florida at #2 Alabama, CBS: Jinxin’ Uncle Verne (I’m sorry, Marshall Morgan) and Gary go to Tuscaloosa and talk about an ‘are they back?’ Florida team who needed 3 OT’s to beat Kentucky at home. An early Blake Sims turnover causes Verne gastrointestinal issues. Hilarity ensues. Must-watch.
2. Virginia at #21 BYU, ESPN: BYU beat Texas, who lost to UCLA, who beat Virginia. Virginia competed against said UCLA team whom Texas kept close and BYU blew out. Virginia also beat a game Louisville team, and….whew. Too much transitive similarity for week 4.
3. #25 North Carolina at East Carolina, ESPNU: Gulp.

4. #6 Texas A&M at SMU: June Jones got out JUST in time. GREAT HUSTLE, JUNE! Way to get ahead for the Florida job! A&M may outgain the Mustangs by 800 yards, so if you’re into snuff films…
MORBID CURIOUSITY PICKS: Almost-SEC-birdfeed-killer UMass takes their hijinks on the road to Happy Valley at 4, while Mizzou continues to make me think it’s in the B1G with a home date with Indiana.

Saturday, in the park, it definitely isn’t 4th of July

1. #22 Clemson at #1 Florida State, 8pm, ABC: God, I can see it now: “WE BEAT CLEMSON AND THEY BEAT THE CHAMPS SO SCREW THAT LOSS TO SOUTH CAROLINA!” Twitter Chad is viciously attacking the first tweet of that ilk if this happens.
2. Mississippi State at #8 LSU, 7pm, ESPN: I get a funny feeling about this one. I know Dan Mullen never beats anyone worth writing about, but maybe a September matchup in Death Valley against a young LSU team is the perfect time to get them… Either way, this officially starts ‘SEC West beats itself right out of the playoff and everyone goes bananas’ season.
3. #4 Oklahoma at West Virginia, 7:30, FOX: Boomer Sooner COULD be on upset alert here against a WVU team who seems to be back to coherence like a hungover Dana Holgerson’s fourth cup of coffee.
4. Miami at #24 Nebraska, 8, the de’U’ce: NEBRASKA IS STILL RANKED?!?! Even though it took the miracle below to beat McNeese State? Ugh, B1G.

5. #14 South Carolina at Vanderbilt, 7, SECNetwork: Tonight, we are all Commodores. Insert terrible ‘brick house’ joke here.


Week 4 SEC Predictions

Lots of movement in Week 3.  A perfect week of picks sent Ashley to the top of the leaderboard while a rough showing for Daniel sent him tumbling.  As you’ll see, we continue to anticipate Florida playing Idaho each and every week and we continue to expect Florida to win that matchup.  Here are the current standings as well as the picks for Week 4:


Current Standings:

  • Ashley: 31
  • Johnny: 31
  • Chad: 30
  • Andrew: 29
  • Daniel: 29
  • Jason: 27
  • Alex: 26


Click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge.

More Bad News for Georgia Special Teams, Tennessee Sucks at Football and Other Things Learned From Advanced Punting Statistics

Yesterday, I introduced the Total Punter Rating (hereafter: TPR; pronounced phonetically: Topper) as a way to examine the punting controversy that could have been at Vanderbilt University.  Punting volatility, I determined, was holding Vandy back.

As it turns out, so is generally mediocre punting.  I analyzed every single SEC punt through the first three weeks and ran each effort through the gauntlet as described here.  Vanderbilt—shocking as this may be—is a below average SEC team when it comes to punting.  The Commodores’ 41.4 season-long TPR ranks 12th in the conference and trails the league average by 1.866 points.

Red line is league average. Click to enlarge.

Red line is league average. Click to enlarge.

This data is even more fascinating when analyzed on a weekly basis. So hold on to your seats!

Perhaps the most impressive statistic out of all this is that neither Ole Miss or Alabama punted during Week 2, and both the Crimson Tide and the Rebels competed that week (albeit against inferior opponents).

Further, Alabama has punted just four times in three games.  I don’t think you all appreciate how rare that level of production is.  Someday you’ll tell your grand children about it.  If you don’t, I will.

With weekly performance in mind, it’s unfortunate for Georgia that one of the more wildly inconsistent punting teams in the conference (South Carolina) is already off the schedule.  So much for capitalizing as the Gamecocks’ fought off the hangover of a ridiculous 60+ TPR performance (on just one punt) against ECU!  That may have been the biggest missed opportunity of them all for the Bulldogs.

Click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge.

The performances of Alabama and Ole Miss are eerily similar thanks to strong starts in Week 1, zeros (the positive kind brought by no punts) in Week 2 and below average showings in Week 3.

And Arkansas looks like a team to watch thanks to its respectable start and consistent rise since the season’s opening week.  The Razorbacks’ last five punts have yielded a TPR of 48.0, which would rank third in the conference.

Meanwhile, the Tennessee Volunteers appear to be in a world of hurt on several levels.  First and foremost, their TPR for the season is a meager 39.318 (13th in the conference).  They’ve cracked a TPR of 40 (It’s like the Mendoza Line in baseball, but we’re calling it the Darr Marker) just once in three contests.  And to make things worse, punter Matt Darr has been used exorbitantly.

Red line is league average. Click to enlarge.

Red line is league average. Click to enlarge.

Butch Jones is all about them punts like that one chick is all about that bass.

Butch Jones : Punts :: Meghan Trainor : That Bass


Meghan Trainor: Treble :: Matt Darr : Competent Punting

Seriously, this is a really bad punting conversation to be having.  Not a good look, Tennessee.  You can’t be that bad at punting and punt twice as often as the league average.  Well, I guess you can—if you want a fifth consecutive losing season.

Click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge.

That’s all I got/



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