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College Football: Social Saturday Live Game DayCoverage – Week 1 – #DYCGameDay


This is a new one for us, so who knows how it will work out, but I think it could be fun.  Over the course of the day we will periodically update what we’re watching, what we’re seeing and what we’re doing.  More importantly, however, we want your thoughts.  Tweet using the hashtag #DYCGameDay and tell us what you’re watching, what you liking, etc. and we’ll throw it up on this live feed.  It’s that easy.


5:08 p.m. – Andrew

This West Virginia performance is stunning.  Ain’t no Mountaineer ever been ‘fraid of no Tide.

Unrelated: go here to get to my live Georgia/Clemson blog.


3:52 p.m. – Andrew

Alas, my upset darlings Navy and Georgia Southern came up short.  Nonetheless, the early games offered plenty of entertainment.  A few final scores of interest:

  • Penn State 26, UCF 24
  • UCLA 28, Virginia 20
  • North Dakota State 34, Iowa State 14
  • Michigan 52, App State 14
  • Ohio State 34, Navy 17
  • Kentucky 59, Tennessee-Martin 14
  • NC State 24, Georgia Southern 23
  • Georgia Tech 38, Wofford 19


Viewing Priorities:

  1. Alabama vs. West Virginia: Tied 3-3 after one possession for each team.  Mountaineers are driving.
  2. Auburn vs. Arkansas – a few minutes away on SEC Network
  3. Missouri vs. South Dakota State – this was my upset alert half-way pick.


I’ll be starting a live blog at Bleacher Report for the Georgia/Auburn game in about 40 minutes. Link forthcoming but I’ll be absent for the most part during that game.


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3:22 p.m. – Andrew

UCLA’s struggles against Virginia should not be overlooked.  I will dwell on that for the remainder of the season.  Trust me.

But on to what matters, can Georgia Southern hold on???


From the Tweets



2:57 p.m. – Andrew

Huge fourth down conversion for Ohio State.  I love the fact that I can say that and mean it and the game is still up for grabs.


From the Tweets



2:45 p.m. – Andrew

Georgia Southern continues to lead by 10 points.  If Southern and Navy pull off these wins Paul Johnson will get a contract extension at Georgia Tech by association to the triple-option offense.  Somehow, Tech fans will claim that the Yellow Jackets are 2-0 with wins over NC State and Ohio State.

Navy gets an FG and trails 20-17.


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2:35 p.m. – Andrew

In theory, Ohio State could be what people think Ohio State is at any time and bust them open.  In practice, Navy has looked ….Damn.  as I typed that a bomb went off.


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2:15 p.m. – Andrew



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1:50 p.m. – Andrew

Them Georgia Southern Eagles, though.  Not that NC State should have been expected to not disappoint, but still.  A 17-3 edge for Georgia Southern really might be insurmountable given the Eagles’ affinity for holding the football.


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1:37 p.m.  – Andrew

I’m not sure that the literal three points left off the board there will cost Navy this game, but the momentum lost certainly hurts.  Some clock management issues and a missed field goal sucked some wind out of what was a stellar first half for the Midshipmen.

Elsewhere, UCLA has really opened things up thanks to a host of huge defensive plays.

New fun game to watch: Georgia Southern leading NC State 10-3.


From the Tweets



1:18 p.m. – Andrew

Jason Smith has breaking Georgia/Clemson news…



1:10 p.m. – Andrew

Just when Ohio State was starting to “look like” Ohio State, Navy came up with a huge interception inside the five-yard line.  Reading that flat route was incredibly impressive.  Instinctive, athletic, well-executed.  That’s Navy football right now.

Virginia continues to keep things interesting.  UCLA holds a 7-3 advantage, but the Bruins certainly aren’t looking like a Top 5 team against a foe that’s won just a handful of games over the past two seasons.


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12:48 p.m. – Andrew

“Navy’s got athletes, too,” as Gary Danielson just pointed out a few moments ago.  And those athletes are doing work.  The Midshipmen currently lead 7-3 early in the second quarter.

Meanwhile, Michigan is comfortably up 14-0 and thus getting bumped out of my viewing rotation.

Quite pleasantly, Virginia is looking tough against UCLA.  The Bruins just went ahead 7-0.


From the Tweets


12:10 p.m. – Andrew

My early game priorities are as follow:

  1. Ohio State vs. Navy – Because why not?  Navy’s definitely covering and nothing would be more magical than the Buckeyes following, except maybe…
  2. Michigan vs. App State – It can’t happen again, can it?  Admittedly this won’t be on the radar for long (unless the Mountaineers do work), but it’s still fun.
  3. UCLA vs. Virginia – UCLA is a trendy playoff pick and Virginia is Virginia.  Could get ugly, but I want to see the Bruins play.
  4. Tennessee-Martin vs. Kentucky – Wildcats pickup a rare win here, I expect.


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SEC Football: How Will Your Team Do in 2014? Here’s All You Need to Know

DudeYouPodcast 5-Star Contest:  Want free tickets to an upcoming Georgia home game?  Leave a 5-star Review of the DudeYouPodcast right here on iTunes.  Then shoot us an email at telling us who you are and what your review said.  We’ll select one winner every day for five days starting next week.  But your review must be 5-stars!


We’ve already got several previews up for Week 1:


But if you’re still not sure what to expect, you should know that we spent 42 days (three days on each team) previewing each of the SEC’s fourteen teams.  Here’s what you may have missed.

2014 SEC Football Team Previews


That’s all I got/




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DudeYouGamblin': Five Favorable Betting Lines for Week 1

As Daniel Palmer has said many times on this site, we don’t encourage gambling, but recognize that we can’t curtail all degenerate behavior. As a value added to the already awesome service of being your source for Georgia football, I’m going to try to pick out five betting lines each week that could theoretically (were gambling legal, or if you could find an outlet) win you some dolla dolla bills.

Week 1 is always a tough nut to crack. Its impossible to predict which new starting QB will go gangbusters and which will throw four picks, which team will have 17 penalties and derail an otherwise promising line, and the nature of week 1: I know Idaho is going to get slaughtered, but will it be by 30 or 40 points? 

Having said all that, I’m going to ramp down expectations for the week and pray for the folks that take my word as gospel for two reasons:
– I want you to make money.
– I really think you should get on board with a more credible source of words.

1) Ole Miss (-10.5) over Boise State

This one has all the elements. Boise’s only three games against even remotely comparable talent to Mississippi’s last year were all losses by more than 10.5: 38-6 against Washington, 37-20 against BYU (like I said, remotely), and 38-23 against Oregon State in the Hawaii Bowl. They lose coach Chris Pederson and replace him with a guy who is a lot more spread-oriented in his philosophy, which could lead to some mistakes. Meanwhile, many (myself included) expect a major step forward for the Black Bears.

2) Houston (-10.5) over UT-San Antonio

Last year, Houston won this matchup by 31 in San Antonio. This year, the game is being played in Houston. More importantly, just last night I called Andrew the “Larry Coker of sports podcasts”, and this gives you reason to watch football on Friday night, if you’re so compelled. I’m not compelled, but hey it’s out there.

3) Auburn over Arkansas (+19.5)

To be clear, I still have Auburn moneyline. But Arkansas should be one of those ‘not quite winning but much improved’ teams this year, and Nick Marshall is likely to miss A WHOLE PLAY of action following his marijuana ‘citation’. I feel really good about this one, which means I’m probably wrong.

4) Florida over Idaho (+36.5)

Yeah, I know Florida has a new OC in Kurt Roper that should allegedly boost their scoring. But Will Muschamp is still the coach, the ball is going to stay on the ground, and the clock is going to run. Florida topped out at 31 points last year in a win over Tennessee. A 34-0 or 38-3 score here seems likely, so give me Idaho.

5) Southern Cal over Fresno State (+22)

Fresno may be the best non-Power 5 team out there this year, and possesses two solid transfer quarterbacks who should ably replace departed Derek Carr. S.C. is ridiculously talented, but still remains somewhat enigmatic in the Lane Kiffin fallout.

SEASON RECORD: 0-0 LAST WEEK: 0-0 (because…obviously.)

Weekly Staff Preview: Every Writer Predicts Every SEC Game

This is the first week of throwing these up, so the contest is obviously wide open with every DYC contributor tied at 0.  In any event, the predicted winner of every game played by an SEC team in Week 1 can be found in the table.  Teams listed in bold are the “consensus” winner.


Click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge.



DudeYouPodcast 5-Star Contest:  Want free tickets to an upcoming Georgia home game?  Leave a 5-star Review of the DudeYouPodcast right here on iTunes.  Then shoot us an email at telling us who you are and what your review said.  We’ll select one winner every day for five days starting next week.  But your review must be 5-stars!

Georgia Football: From worst to first?, Getting to Know the Star Position, Marshall Morgan: The X-Factor – Daily Dose of Dawg

Photo courtesy of Jason Getz / AJC

Photo courtesy of Jason Getz / AJC

Dawgs Defense WILL Have a Positive Turnover Margin This Year

Last year the Georgia defense finished 102nd nationally in the turnover margin. That’s pretty sad when you consider there were only 120 teams. As a team, the Bulldogs only forced fifteen turnovers the whole year, and besides the now Louisville Cardinal, Shaq Wiggins, no Georgia player had more than one interception. This year Jeremy Pruitt is emphasizing the importance of turnovers, and I think his scheme will help greatly. His Florida State defense last year finished 3rd in the nation with a turnover margin of +17. Compare that to Todd Grantham’s -7, and you can see why Richt was so eager to hire Pruitt. Georgia may not end up number one when it comes to winning the turnover battle, but I expect to see a HUGE improvement this year.

Gentry Estes has the story here.


What Exactly Is the Star Position?

Bob Miller of Bulldawg Illustrated wrote a terrific piece explaining to Georgia fans what the “star” position is. Unlike Todd Grantham, Pruitt is going to use an athletic DB for the position rather than a LB or S who will bat the ball up in the air allowing Auburn to get a lucky prayer and win the game with twenty-five seconds left (think Josh Harvey-Clemons).

If that interests you, Miller also wrote another interesting article explaining Pruitt’s new “money” position.


Have No Fear, Morgan Is Here!

Speaking of Auburn’s luck, on Wednesday, Mark Richt made the team practice the missed field goal play from last year.  He had Marshall Morgan line up to take a 60 yard kick and encouraged him to try to make it.  To no one’s suprise, Marshall nailed it.

Marshall Morgan was perhaps the most underrated player on this entire Georgia team last year. He connected on 22 of 24 kicks and only missed one the entire season from under 50 yards. He is going to be a major part of this Georgia team, and could be wind up being a huge factor in the upcoming Clemson game. I would also love to see him come up big in the Auburn game. Now I want to beat Auburn by 100 this year, no doubt about it, but it would make my heart do backflips if Marshall connected on a 60-yard field goal to win the game, just when the War Damn Eagle Tigers were expecting to return another one.

Chip Towers of the AJC has the practice play story here.


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