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SECual Healing: A Weekly Dose of SEC Football

There’s a major reason I’m glad I don’t write about sports professionally, even though I got an undergraduate degree in doing exactly that: I loathe fabricating news. The offseason in college football is all about that.

(So and so) was taking snaps with the first team offense today! Did he really unseat (established all-SEC veteran)?

Is (insert 5-star recruit) a secret commit?

Fortunately, if you sporadically send news as it comes along, you sacrifice page views but actually put out a decent snapshot of your subject matter! As such, here is the first SECual Healing.


Big and Georgia-relevant news out of T-Town, as former UGA DT Jonathan Taylor was arrested on his second felony sexual assault charge. The story has become Nick Saban’s nonchalance in stating he was ‘giving Taylor a second chance’. I’m not touching this one, as there are no circumstances in which a man should lay a hand on a woman.

Rising sophomore RB Tyren Jones was booted for marijuana possession, which will hurt the Tide a lot more than Taylor’s absence. The sophomore was the logical ‘next in line’ after the T.J. Yeldon/Kenyan Drake/Derrick Henry triumvirate departs.

Hey, at least Alabama has a more stringent weed policy than Auburn.

LSU/Texas A&M

Staying in the SEC West, a must-read on new Texas A&M DC John Chavis, who bolted from LSU. Three major themes of note here:

1) The acrimony in the fallout of his departure from Baton Rouge, typical of any SEC-to-SEC coaching move;

2) A paradigm shift in the minds of defensive coordinators. Chavis felt that his defense had to be world-class to compete for the CFP, and left to coach opposite a hurry-up no-huddle offense at A&M. Historically, the overwhelming thought has been that that ruins a DC’s rep. In addition to Chavis’ move, Auburn hired Will Muschamp and (shameless UNC plug here because duh), Gene Chizik is the new DC in Chapel Hill. Three good opportunities to test this new theory.

3) Piggybacking on number 2, Chavis knew he could become the scapegoat with another underachieving D. But the talent he loses to early entry every year is insane. He lost 6 starters TO EARLY ENTRY ALONE prior to the 2014 season, and DT Ego Ferguson made 7 in last year’s draft.

Ole Miss

The Rebels shored up their linebacking corps by moving DE C.J. Johnson to a new position. The nation’s #1 scoring defense (speaking of HUNH offenses and their counterparts) looks to keep leveraging the depth from that one recruiting class that still makes no sense.

SEC East

Simply not as much excitement here, so I’ll link my rambling spring thoughts on South Carolina and Tennessee. Hoping to get to Florida and Mizzou this week, and the Alabama schools after that.

And finally…

A big shoutout to our editor-in-chief, who is now father to a beautiful baby girl.

Hats Off to You, Mike Slive, Or #12YearsOfSECDominance

Apparently Mike Slive is out as the SEC Commissioner, as he will be replaced by Greg Sankey. Here at DudeYouCrazy, we have in the past counted down to the start of football season with ‘100 days of SEC dominance’.

Slive was the driving force behind that well-earned arrogance.

Since taking the post as Commish in 2002, Slive has overseen the signing of the most lucrative TV deal in college athletics history– twice. He got the SEC on ESPN for $2.25 billion over 15 years in 2008, and with the launch of the SEC Network each team stands to make more than Notre Dame on Texas on their INDIVIDUAL TV deals.

Meanwhile, Jim Delany’s B1G network, six years the SECN’s senior, just broke $19 million per school last year. (Late add: speaking of Delany, this is hilarious.) ACC Commish John Swofford is still ‘monitoring’ the progress of conference networks. And the Big XII has the Longhorn Network, which…well, serves one team.

While he was on post, S-E-C-! chants became prevalent at bowl games. We all know that the league just finished an unprecedented seven year run of national championships. The league won more national titles than the rest of the country world UNIVERSE (!) in that time.

And finally, on expansion: the only league that was NEVER rumored to be losing a team in all of this realignment mess was the SEC. Its solidarity and revenue make it untouchable. Swofford went all ninja to incorporate the whole Big East into the new, messy ACC. Slive moved even MORE quietly and poached the Big XII to get into two new markets with Texas A&M and Missouri, and the league is still poised to pick apart the ACC in the future.

Let’s sum this up: Mike Slive, you’re a G.


***EXCLUSIVE*** Interview with Elite 4-Star ATH Marquez Callaway: Where do the Dawgs stand?

Marquez Callaway - Photo courtesy of

Marquez Callaway – Photo courtesy of

Marquez Callaway – ☆☆☆☆
#55 Overall; #3 ATH; #7 in GA
Warner Robins (Warner Robins, GA) ATH

Check out his highlights HERE.

Marquez Callaway is an elite athlete in the class of 2016. I said back in the fall that Callaway would without a doubt be ranked in the top-100 once 2015 rolled around, and sure enough, that’s where he sits on Rivals, 247 Sports, and ESPN. He has the skills to play wide receiver or defensive back for pretty much any school, but I really see him playing receiver at the next level. Marquez can go up and get the ball as well as any receiver I’ve seen in this 2016 class. He also possesses tremendous speed (sub 4.5), and great vision when he has the ball in his hands. He is certainly a player to keep an eye on throughout the next year, and one I fully expect the Dawgs to make a main priority.

Monday night, I had a chance to catch up with Marquez and get the inside scoop on where things stand with his recruitment. First off, let me say that I left my conversation with Marquez very impressed. He has a good head on his shoulder, and you can tell immediately that he is a very polite, very humble young man. Whichever school lands him will not only be getting a great talent, but also a tremendous individual.


Johnny Sanders: I know you don’t have a firm leader yet, but could you tell me what teams you have at the top of your list?
Marquez Callaway: Georgia, Tennessee, Florida State, Notre Dame, South Carolina, and Auburn

JS: Where is Georgia telling you that they’d like you to play?
Callaway: They want me to play safety for them, but they told me that if I wanted to play receiver, I can play receiver.

JS: Do you have a feeling of what position you would like to play?
Callaway: Yeah, I want to play receiver.

JS: You mentioned Auburn as one of your top schools. What would you say stands out about the Tigers?
Callaway: I have a good friend, Jeff Whitaker, that went to Auburn and played, and he told me lots of things about the school, and now that I’ve looked at the school, I see that everything he told me was right. So, I know if he says it’s a great school, it’s a great school.

JS: What would you say stands out about Georgia?
Callaway: The location. It’s not too far from home, and all the coaches seem like they have great personalities. I really like the people there.

JS: What are going to be the biggest factors for you when you make your decision?
Callaway: I think that it’s going to come down to if we’re all on the same page. Like, if they respect what I want, and I’m going to respect wherever I go. So, it’s going to come down to whether or not they’re going to respect me for me.

JS: What coaches are recruiting you right now for Georgia?
Callaway: Coach Lilly and Coach Richt both talk to me.

JS: I guess you’ve seen the news now about Coach McClendon becoming the receivers coach and Coach Brown coming in to coach the running backs. Have you gotten a chance to meet Coach McClendon or talk to him?
Callaway: No, I haven’t met him yet. But I plan on it.

JS: What about Georgia do you like outside of football?
Callaway: This past year, I had a couple of good friends that graduated from my high school, and they’re attending UGA now. They tell me how fun it is outside of football and how they all have a good time.

JS: Do you have any friends on the football team at Georgia or anyone that’s coming in?
Callaway: I don’t know anyone on the team, but I have a good friend, Rashad [Roundtree] who’s going there next year.

JS: What school do your parents like best so far?
Callaway: To be honest, I think my mom likes Auburn and Georgia, but I don’t know about my dad. He just goes along with her.

JS: With the major need that UGA has for wide receivers and defensive backs, will that affect you at all knowing that there’s a good chance you can come in and play early?
Callaway: That’s going to be my main question I’m going to ask them, so I can find out if they’re really going to play me.

JS: You mentioned that you want to play receiver, and obviously the big talent that is going to attract guys to Georgia for the next couple of years is quarterback, Jacob Eason. Is he factoring into your decision at all, and do you ever talk to him?
Callaway: I met him one time at a camp we were at together, the Under Armour All-American camp, and I didn’t really talk to him. I just saw him, and he saw me, but he probably didn’t really notice anything about me, and I didn’t notice anything about him, so we just kept the distance.

JS: Have you been in contact with him at all?
Callaway: Oh, no. I don’t think he knows me.

JS: What did you think after watching his film?
Callaway: I wish he could throw to me.

JS: Some quick hits: Who has the nicest facilities?
Callaway: Tennessee.

JS: The best game environment?
Callaway: Probably Florida when they played LSU.

JS: The best college town?
Callaway: Probably Auburn.

JS: When are you planning on getting down to Athens next?
Callaway: I’m not quite sure. I’m going to try to make it to some junior days, but we’re still in basketball season. We made it to the state playoffs. So we have some basketball games on some of the junior days. I do plan on being at Georgia in the summer for Dawg Night.

JS: Do you have a date set that you want to commit? Or do you know when you at least want to narrow down your list?
Callaway: I’m probably going to drag it out to signing day. I haven’t visited all the colleges I want to, but after I visit all the ones I want to, I’ll probably narrow my list down.

JS: Where would you say Georgia’s chances are compared to other schools?
Callaway: Georgia is on my mind. The Dawgs are on my mind


***Rankings from 247 Sports Composite


Check back for more recruiting updates!


Georgia Football: The DYC Way-Too-Early 2015 Top 10

Thank god we’re clear of Signing Day, the day where players that the football fanatic fawns and stresses over can now disappear into obscurity to re-emerge in 2-3 years. Seriously. 95% of the guys you hemmed and hawed over will not have an impact this upcoming season. Let’s get back to what matters more than February- the games on the field set to happen between August and January.

I’m going to take more than a few passes at this as the year rolls along, as we account for draft departures, suspensions/transfers, and schedules (which I am too lazy to do on this posting). And now…your top 10!

1) Ohio State: Just, duh. They beat Alabama, mollywhopped Oregon, and (I wrote about this already so I’m cheating my own rules) have one regular season game that they could possibly lose. They stand to return a national championship winner AND a Heisman finalist at QB, a Heisman candidate at RB, and an ungodly amount of their two-deep. Ugh.

2) TCU: I think bowl game results are factored way too heavily in preseason rankings (see Oklahoma, 2014, post-Sugar Bowl win over Alabama), but the way TCU did Mr. Hyde Dr. Bo in Atlanta raises some eyebrows. In a Big XII where half the league (Baylor, K-State, Oklahoma, …Texas?) could win any year, the Horned Frogs bringing back Trevone Boykin and Gary Patterson’s 4-2-5 are by far the safest bet.

3) Oregon: Admittedly, the bloom is off the rose a little bit after an inept loss to Ohio State and the departure of Marcus Mariota. But last I checked, you win in the Pac 12 by scoring points, and the Ducks shouldn’t miss too many beats with the return of LT Tyler Johnstone and the sneaky-good commitment of Eastern Washington QB Vernon Adams. Adams was the runner-up for the Walter Payton award each of the past two seasons, and torched Washington for 450 yards and 7 TD this year…while playing for Eastern Washington.

4) Alabama: QB questions? Check. NFL departures? Check. We’ve been doing this song and dance for years, people. They’ll be fine. Carry on.


5) Georgia: HOMER ALERT! I think Brice Ramsey returns the balance and downfield passing ability to the Dawgs offense, the defense shows even more progress in year two of the Pruitt Project, and the UGA Special Teams coach stays the hell out of the way.

6) Baylor: They’ll still score points. And they’ll still have Shawn Oakman to terrify people.


7) Arizona State: They lose QB Taylor Kelly and All-America WR Jaelen Strong, so why ASU? Well, their D took a big step forward after getting destroyed by Brett Hundley and UCLA. They still return a very capable QB, the rest of their skill guys, and I don’t have faith in UCLA/USC/Arizona. Although any of those three could conceivably show up here with no complaints.

8) LSU: They’ve gotten by with bad QB play before, and the combo of Brandon Harris/Anthony Jennings can’t be any worse than it was last year. They also finally have a year where they DON’T have significant early-entry NFL losses– including this guy.

9) Wisconsin: Lost their coach, lost Melvin Gordon…but they play in the B1G’s lesser division, Corey Clement should run for 1,700 yards due strictly to playing behind that Wisky OL. Paul Chryst put together a mean, physical team in two years at Pitt, and that’s perfectly suited to the Badgers’ style.

10) Clemson: A hedge against Florida State taking a rebuilding year (and yes, I’m breaking my bowl game corollary here already). They have to replace 8 starters on D, but DeShaun Watson will be healthy and terrorizing the ACC’s secondarys.

Missing the cut, round 1*: Auburn, Ole Miss, Florida State, Michigan State, USC, UCLA, a sneaky-good Texas A&M team. No, not Georgia Tech.

Georgia Football Recruiting: **NO MORE POOCH KICKS** Dawgs Land Another 2015 Army All-American

Rodrigo Blankenship – Photo courtesy of

Rodrigo Blankenship – ☆☆
#2092 Overall; #9 K; #192 in GA
Sprayberry (Marietta, GA) K

The Bulldogs picked up their 26th commitment this morning when Rodrigo Blankenship, the 9th ranked kicker in the country, announced that he would be a Dawg. Blankenship will not take up a scholarship in this class, however, as he is going to come into Georgia as a preferred walk-on and receive a scholarship his sophomore (redshirt freshman) year after Marshall Morgan graduates.

What stands out about Blankenship? Let’s just say Richt will have no excuse for the pooch kicks anymore.


Story on Blankenship here.


***Rankings from 247 Sports Composite


Check back daily for more recruiting updates!



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