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Gator Fans Sink Lower Than Team, Johnny Football Sums Up Alabama Game With Tweet, And More

Gator Fans 

I am not a fan of booing your own team. I guess that is why I am not a Florida fan because they rained boos down on the Gators and even started a “Fire Muschamp” chant after another Mizzou score. I understand that Florida is playing terribly and you are unhappy with how the team is playing, but under no circumstance should you ever boo your own team. Leave the game instead! I mean booing 18-21 year olds is just counter-productive. What makes you think that they will actually want to play better for a group of fans that seemingly wants nothing to do with them? They will be so tight that they are going to be afraid to make a mistake. That is something that should happen to the opposing teams when they visit, not the home team itself. Here is the full video.


Never Change Johnny

Johnny Football was not on the field for the Aggies on saturday, and honestly I do not think it would have mattered considering how lights out the Crimson Tide played. Johnny Football did take to Twitter to show his thoughts on the game, and I imagine a lot of Aggie fans felt the same way around halftime. Honestly, I did not expect the complete dominance that Alabama showed on saturday, but my goodness did I love it. Here is Johnny Football’s tweet.


Polls: Mean Nothing 

The new AP poll has come out and 5 SEC teams are in the top 10, while LSU has snuck itself back into the top 25 at number 23. Alabama found its way back into the top 5 at number 4 after dominating Texas A&M, and Georgia is sitting pretty at number 9. This weekend we have a few key match-ups that can shake up the polls yet again with LSU hosting Ole Miss and even South Carolina at Auburn. If there is a game the Ol’ Ball Coach needs to win, it is this game. Here is the full rankings after a great weekend of college football.


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Georgia Fans Feel Good, The Bulldogs Got This Thing

Looking for Georgia football highlights?  Download The UGA Vault for FREE today and gain access to exclusive interviews and the greatest plays in Bulldog history.

Daniel Palmer (@dpalm66 on Twitterness) and Chad Floyd (@Chad_Floyd) get together to preview the Georgia/Arkansas fan and build Bulldog fans’ confidence with their optimism.  As the episode winds down they discuss mid-season SEC awards and the state of college football’s best conference.


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The Most Stereotypical Alabama Wedding Ever, Batman Visits Michigan State, And More

Number One Or Bust 

Alabama has been ranked number one some point in every season since 2009. Bleacher Report made a list of the last time each team has been ranked number one in the history of the AP poll, and I find it interesting 5 SEC teams have been ranked number one since the last time UGA has held that spot. I know we say it all the time, but UGA has the talent to win a National Championship almost every season. Here is the full list of when every team has been ranked number one.


Roll Damn Tide

As a student at The University of Alabama, I take pride in my school, and my football team. Some Alabama fans take fan-hood to the extreme (Harvey Updyke), but they are not an accurate representation of the Crimson Tide fan base. I love the quirky people who live and die by Alabama football, but an all Alabama wedding takes the cake. Every fan base has their fans they are not too proud of, so you can go ahead and add this lovely couple to my list. Roll Damn Tide Paul.


Why Do We Fall Down, Bruce? 

Christian Bale is Batman. Ben Affleck would be Robin if Christian Bale decided to return for the Batman Vs Superman movie. While shooting a scene on the Michigan State campus, Affleck gave the Spartans a nice little pump-up speech. He even introduced himself as Batman. Now Affleck is probably one of the least inspiring people I would want to come and talk to my football team, but it is still pretty cool to have the Batman come and talk to you. Here is full right up.


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Georgia Football Recruiting: 3 UGA Targets Set to Commit SOON!

Rashad Roundtree - Photo courtesy of @Rashad_Tr33

Rashad Roundtree – Photo courtesy of @Rashad_Tr33

Tarvarus McFadden – ☆☆☆☆☆
American Heritage (Fort Lauderdale, FL) CB

**Announcement Date: October 31

McFadden set this date right after his visit to Athens a few weeks ago. The other day he named that his two leaders are UGA and Florida State, but barring something crazy happening at his upcoming FSU visit, I expect him to put on the Red & Black come Halloween.


Rashad Roundtree – ☆☆☆☆☆
Lakeside (Evans, GA) S

**Announcement Date: November 7

Although Rashad hasn’t named a leader, many believe that he is a HEAVY Georgia lean. The other schools he is interested in are Ohio State and Duke. This would be a huge get for the Dawgs in perhaps their biggest area of need.


Darius Slayton – ☆☆☆
Greater Atlanta Christian School (Norcross, GA) WR/DB

**Announcement Date: This Month

It’s seemed as if Darius has been close to a decision for a while now, and yesterday he said that he still plans on announcing sometime this month. This one is between Georgia and Auburn, but most believe he is a Georgia lean.


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Let’s Play Contender vs. Spoiler! SEC Power Rankings, Week 8

So I was wrong about the other Bulldogs in the SEC, as it pertained to last Saturday’s showdown in Starkville. They took care of business against Auburn and one would be remiss not to consider them the most balanced team in the SEC. For the first time in the Gus Malzahn era, I saw a flustered Nick Marshall at the helm of the Auburn offense. This is acceptance of my wrongness. (Whoa, wrongness is a word.)

4) Mississippi State: Third in the country, fourth in the SEC. It reminds me of when a young Kobe Bryant was an All-Star starter yet still the Lakers’ sixth man. Except Mississippi State ain’t Kobe, I don’t think. If you’re still reading, yes I’m expecting a letdown in Starkvegas with Gameday and Auburn coming to town on Saturday.

I’m still not convinced. Four turnovers by black Tim Tebow Dak Prescott’s offense is concerning. The fact that they still have their three toughest games (Kentucky((!!!)), Alabama, and Ole Miss) on the road convinces me that there are still two losses in the pipeline for the nation’s #1 team.

This week, I evaluate remaining schedules and assign either a ‘contender rating’ (to get to Atlanta, where in the immortal words of Kevin Garnett, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLLLLLEEEE) or a ‘spoiler rating’.


1) Ole Miss: Four weeks straight with a new #1 team, I am showing my bias for strong individual units. And Ole Miss’ D is the best individual unit in the country to my eyes, edging out Baylor’s silly O. With Auburn and Mississippi State at home and no ranked opponents on the road still to come, they are in ridiculously good position to win out. This week, they host a Tennessee team that has lost its SEC games by a combined 4 points. Contender rating: 9.5/10. They control their own destiny and would have to lose two to allow incumbent power Alabama back into the title game (without crazy tie scenarios that I’m not ready to play out).

2) Mississippi State: I’m impressed, I just don’t see a viable contender for the Natty. They still have the three aforementioned road hurdles to jump, plus tricky Arkansas at home. Contender rating: 7.5/10. Too many hurdles, and one feels like they’re playing over their heads.

3) Alabama: They were lucky to escape Arkansas with a win, and I think that says more about Arkansas than it does the Tide, who are still a near-impossible out. They play host to both Mississippi State and Auburn, as well as reeling Texas A&M this Saturday. Contender rating: 8.5/10.

4) Auburn: They’re better than they looked on Saturday in Starkville, I think. If we’re considering Kansas State and Mississippi State their good competition to date, however, it may not bode well for them in the long run. They have trips to– get this– Ole Miss, Georgia, and Alabama still on their schedule, and one has to assume that another loss eliminates them from SEC West contention. Contender rating: 4/10.

5) Georgia: Firmly in control of the SEC East after a shockingly awesome performance against Missouri, the Dawgs are the toughest team in the league to gauge due to the 6’1 226-pound elephant in the room. F*****g NCAA. That makes otherwise less-daunting trips to Arkansas, Jacksonville, and Kentucky a little bit trickier. The defense that showed up in Columbia, MO and the weak SEC East though… Contender rating: 9/10.

6) Texas A&M: With two losses to the Mississippi schools in the past two weeks and a sad home schedule, the Aggies have been reduced to spoiler status. They still host Missouri in a game that could help solidify Georgia’s status as THE team in the East, but road trips to Alabama and Auburn still loom. Three chances to play spoiler but a likely 4-4 finish in conference play? Spoiler rating: 7.5/10.

7) Kentucky: Hey, why not? They’re the second-most viable SEC East contender, play host to Georgia and Mississippi State, and (this is so weird to say) road games against LSU, Mizzou, and Tennessee are all winnable. That Florida loss has to be KILLING them. Contender rating: 4.5/10.

8) LSU: Two losses to the nation’s #1 team and the nation’s former #2 team aren’t really all that bad, so is LSU as bad as we think they are? I don’t think so. They still have CFI Les Miles at the helm, and I boldly predicted that they’d round into a top-1o-worthy football team by November. Home dates with Kentucky, Ole Miss AND Alabama, with no SEC Championship to play for? Spoiler rating: 13/10.

9) Arkansas: Man, if you’re an Arkansas fan, how thrilled are you with season tickets this year? Home (or ‘home’) dates with Alabama, Georgia, and Ole Miss is pretty legit. I don’t know if there’s a team in the SEC East I would put money on to beat the Razorbacks. Georgia included. I’ll continue to insist that they WILL break the Bieliema SEC 0-fer at least once this season. Georgia, Mississippi State, and Ole Miss are still on the schedule, as is psuedo-contender Missouri. They can’t help but ruin someone’s season. Spoiler rating: 10/10.

10) Missouri: Getting the ‘still technically a contender’ boost here, this isn’t a great football team. With Florida, Vandy, Kentucky, Tennessee, aTm, and Arkansas left on the schedule, they don’t really have much spoiler potential (only Kentucky, which is more of an elimination game for a trip to Atlanta). Contender rating: 1.5/10.

11) South Carolina: Maybe old biases die hard, but I can’t convince myself that this is a BAD football team. They still travel to Auburn, and will likely ruin Clemson’s shot at a big-six bowl over Thanksgiving yet again, so an 8-4 down year isn’t the worst thing ever. Spoiler rating (strictly based on their trip to Auburn…and I guess since they beat Georgia which has the Dawgs skating on extremely thin ice): 6/10.

12) Florida: Thank God I wasn’t subjected to that atrocious game of football against LSU. They have a pivotal home date with Missouri this week, which if they win, keeps them in ‘contender’ status at least until the Cocktail Party. After Georgia, they get a date at Vanderbilt and a home tilt with South Carolina. Yes, they’re technically still a contender, but two SEC losses has them a slight notch below Mizzou for now. Contender rating: 1.3/10.

13) Tennessee: Another team that we’re waiting on to break through. Perhaps Ole Miss has a two-big-win hangover in Oxford this week? If not, maybe a home date with Alabama? Kentucky and Mizzou are also home dates remaining on Big Checkerboard’s schedule, so they WILL knock off someone who is still a contender. Spoiler rating: 7.5/10.

14) Vanderbilt: I’m more concerned about if they can knock off Old Dominion in two weeks than I am about them playing spoiler against Mizzou, Florida, or Mississippi State. This part of the column, for the sixth week running, is a waste of bandwidth. Spoiler rating: 0/10.



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