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Georgia Football: Bulldogs’ Ranked Too Low in Preseason Coaches Poll

Admittedly, this is all conjecture—especially now that the poll doesn’t count into a BCS formula.  That being said, I think the Bulldogs are undervalued at no. 12 in the Amway Coaches Poll.

As I look at the returning talent and the slate ahead, I only anticipate the Bulldogs being underdogs in two games: South Carolina and Auburn.  I think at least one of those could be won.  Neither seems un-winnable.

But let’s say Georgia drops two—either to the Cocks and Tigers or to someone else.  Since when is a 10-2 team from the SEC with two ACC non-conference opponents on its slate not worth of a top 10 ranking?  I think that’s very likely to be a reality.

So, where should the Dawgs be ranked?  I’m not sure.

Admittedly, I struggle to wrap my head around South Carolina—a team missing its all-time winningest QB (Connor Shaw), its best-ever player (Jadeveon Clowney) and its best offensive weapon (Bruce Ellington).  The trend for S. Car is certainly upward and Spurrier has done a hell of a job there.  But I’m not seeing them as a sure-fire top 10 team at this point, and they’re ranked ninth.  And for what it’s worth, I think they could beat the tar out of Georgia (in theory) on Sept. 13 and still not be a firm top 10 team.  That’s just how South Carolina is.  That happened in 2012.

Read more on why Georgia’s talent and schedule merit top 10 consideration here.


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Georgia Recruiting: This Former Bulldog Target Has to End Up at Auburn, Right?

From Seth Emerson at Macon’s Telegraph:

Darnell Salomon, a 17-year-old high school junior from Hialeah, Fla., was one of the more than 100 recruits attending the annual Dawg Night last weekend. He is rated a five-star recruit by the 247Sports Composite, which averages out the rankings of the major recruiting services.

On Saturday morning, two female UGA students reported that an unknown person had entered their dorm room, according to UGA police chief Jimmy Williamson.

“After they were startled and he left, it was determined that a wallet and an iPhone were missing,” Williamson said. “As we investigated, we have every reason to believe that the person responsible for these thefts was a visitor to our campus.”

UGA police chief soon determined that it was someone who was visiting for the football camp, and “were able to determine what room he was staying in,” according to Williamson. They spoke to the two current UGA athletes living in that room, who confirmed a recruit had been staying with them. The police investigators then contacted the football office, which told them the name of the player who had been staying with them.

A warrant was issued for Salomon’s arrest Wednesday. Police waited to charge him until they determined Salomon was 17.

Because Salomon is from Florida, it is not certain that he will report to Georgia to be charged.

Salomon is listed as having 18 scholarship offers in the 247Sports database, including a who’s-who of major football programs: Alabama, Florida State, Clemson, Florida, LSU, Notre Dame, Auburn, Georgia Tech, South Carolina and more.

I’m mostly kidding about the Auburn thing, but it’s a safe bet he’s no longer on Richt’s radar.  And if he did end up at Auburn, Georgia fans would have a field day (or field year as it may be).  It will be interesting to see if any other schools lose interest.  The crime itself is relatively petty (keyword: relatively), but the circumstance surrounding it—again, he was at a recruiting event—likely exacerbate how it’s viewed.
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The Official Auburn University Secondary Violation Mad Lib Word Game!


I’ve heard of people taking 21 shots on their 21st birthday and cheating death.  This must be one of those things, right?

But does 21 violations = 10.5 primary violations or 42 primary violations?  I’m not sure how this stuff works.

In any event, you do you, Auburn.  Keep on with your bad-ass secondary violation gettin’ ways.

So, here’s the first of the violations and I’ve replaced redacted segments with blanks.  You fill it in as you see fit.


What Occurred:

On August 13, 2013, two    Adjective   assistant___Noun____coaches made telephone calls to perspective student-athlete   Proper Noun  .  The first call was made by   Noun , the second call, which began six minutes after the first call began was made by   Noun   .  Coach   Possessive Proper Noun    call was only two minutes long as    Pronoun    ended the call as soon as    Pronoun    learned Coach    Proper Noun   had already called.  The second call violated NCAA Bylaw


Have fun with that one and read more redacted violations here.


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2014 SEC Previews

Every year, the SEC Preview portion of gets more substantial.  This year is no exception.

Beginning tomorrow (July 14th) we will spend three days on each and every Southeastern Conference team.  We’re going to start at the bottom of the conference and work our way to the top with the following elements for each team:

  • Day 1: Big, bad, occasionally-comprehensive preview by the Dude.
  • Day 2: Podcast featuring (at the very least) Chad Floyd and Andrew Hall and a few special guests a long the way.
  • Day 3: Staff preview and predictions.


Accordingly, here is the schedule for the weeks to come:







  • August 1: Andrew’s Tennessee Preview
  • August 2: Tennessee Podcast
  • August 3: Staff Tennessee Preview


  • August 4: Andrew’s Florida Preview
  • August 5: Florida Podcast
  • August 6: Staff Florida Preview


  • August 7: Andrew’s Ole Miss Preview
  • August 8: Ole Miss Podcast
  • August 9: Staff Ole Miss Preview


  • August 10: Andrew’s LSU Preview
  • August 11: LSU Podcast
  • August 12: Staff LSU Preview


  • August 13: Andrew’s “Formal” Georgia Preview (Lots more where this is coming from)
  • August 14: Georgia Podcast (one of many)
  • August 15: Staff Georgia Preview (ditto)


  • August 16: Andrew’s South Carolina Preview
  • August 17: South Carolina Podcast
  • August 18: Staff South Carolina Preview


  • August 19: Andrew’s Auburn Preview
  • August 20: Auburn Podcast
  • August 21: Staff Auburn Preview


  • August 22: Andrew’s Alabama Preview
  • August 23: Alabama Podcast
  • August 24: Staff Alabama Preview


Various pieces will appear related to the teams discussed above, but those will be surprises.  Additionally, we will spend the final few days leading up to the season thusly:

  • August 25: National Top 10 Staff Projections
  • August 26: National Awards Staff Projections
  • August 27: The beginning of weekly previews
  • August 28: Chad and Andrew live from the Georgia Dome for Ole Miss/Boise State
  • August 29: Full-blown Georgia panic
  • August 30: Live gameday coverage from around the country.


Please come back as often as possible.


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Preseason SEC Power Rankings – DudeYouCrazy Style

  1. Alabama
  2. Auburn
  3. South Carolina
  4. Georgia
  5. LSU
  6. Ole Miss
  7. Florida
  8. Tennessee
  9. Texas A&M
  10. Mississippi State
  11. Missouri
  12. Vanderbilt
  13. Arkansas
  14. Kentucky


Some of this was reader voting and some of this was just me and Chad drinking and eating ribs. It happens.


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