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The Official Auburn University Secondary Violation Mad Lib Word Game!


I’ve heard of people taking 21 shots on their 21st birthday and cheating death.  This must be one of those things, right?

But does 21 violations = 10.5 primary violations or 42 primary violations?  I’m not sure how this stuff works.

In any event, you do you, Auburn.  Keep on with your bad-ass secondary violation gettin’ ways.

So, here’s the first of the violations and I’ve replaced redacted segments with blanks.  You fill it in as you see fit.


What Occurred:

On August 13, 2013, two    Adjective   assistant___Noun____coaches made telephone calls to perspective student-athlete   Proper Noun  .  The first call was made by   Noun , the second call, which began six minutes after the first call began was made by   Noun   .  Coach   Possessive Proper Noun    call was only two minutes long as    Pronoun    ended the call as soon as    Pronoun    learned Coach    Proper Noun   had already called.  The second call violated NCAA Bylaw


Have fun with that one and read more redacted violations here.


That’s all I got/


2014 SEC Previews

Every year, the SEC Preview portion of gets more substantial.  This year is no exception.

Beginning tomorrow (July 14th) we will spend three days on each and every Southeastern Conference team.  We’re going to start at the bottom of the conference and work our way to the top with the following elements for each team:

  • Day 1: Big, bad, occasionally-comprehensive preview by the Dude.
  • Day 2: Podcast featuring (at the very least) Chad Floyd and Andrew Hall and a few special guests a long the way.
  • Day 3: Staff preview and predictions.


Accordingly, here is the schedule for the weeks to come:




  • July 23: Andrew’s Missouri Preview
  • July 24: Missouri Podcast
  • July 25: Staff Missouri Preview


  • July 26: Andrew’s Mississippi State Preview
  • July 27: Mississippi State Podcast
  • July 28: Staff Mississippi State Preview


  • July 29: Andrew’s Texas A&M Preview
  • July 30: Texas A&M Podcast
  • July 31: Staff Texas A&M Preview


  • August 1: Andrew’s Tennessee Preview
  • August 2: Tennessee Podcast
  • August 3: Staff Tennessee Preview


  • August 4: Andrew’s Florida Preview
  • August 5: Florida Podcast
  • August 6: Staff Florida Preview


  • August 7: Andrew’s Ole Miss Preview
  • August 8: Ole Miss Podcast
  • August 9: Staff Ole Miss Preview


  • August 10: Andrew’s LSU Preview
  • August 11: LSU Podcast
  • August 12: Staff LSU Preview


  • August 13: Andrew’s “Formal” Georgia Preview (Lots more where this is coming from)
  • August 14: Georgia Podcast (one of many)
  • August 15: Staff Georgia Preview (ditto)


  • August 16: Andrew’s South Carolina Preview
  • August 17: South Carolina Podcast
  • August 18: Staff South Carolina Preview


  • August 19: Andrew’s Auburn Preview
  • August 20: Auburn Podcast
  • August 21: Staff Auburn Preview


  • August 22: Andrew’s Alabama Preview
  • August 23: Alabama Podcast
  • August 24: Staff Alabama Preview


Various pieces will appear related to the teams discussed above, but those will be surprises.  Additionally, we will spend the final few days leading up to the season thusly:

  • August 25: National Top 10 Staff Projections
  • August 26: National Awards Staff Projections
  • August 27: The beginning of weekly previews
  • August 28: Chad and Andrew live from the Georgia Dome for Ole Miss/Boise State
  • August 29: Full-blown Georgia panic
  • August 30: Live gameday coverage from around the country.


Please come back as often as possible.


That’s all I got/





Preseason SEC Power Rankings – DudeYouCrazy Style

  1. Alabama
  2. Auburn
  3. South Carolina
  4. Georgia
  5. LSU
  6. Ole Miss
  7. Florida
  8. Tennessee
  9. Texas A&M
  10. Mississippi State
  11. Missouri
  12. Vanderbilt
  13. Arkansas
  14. Kentucky


Some of this was reader voting and some of this was just me and Chad drinking and eating ribs. It happens.


That’s all I got/


SEC Changin’ Thangs: 100 Days of SEC Dominance – Day 10

91 Days until SEC football. Boom.

I doubt Vegas is taking odds on this, but if I could bet I’d throw everything I own down on the establishment of an early signing period for college football.  Why?  Because the SEC wants it.  And what daddy wants, daddy gets. (Dude’s note: Daddy is the SEC in this scenario.)

You can read more about this possibility just about anywhere, but the SEC is warming up to a new (additional) signing period launching on the first Monday after Thanksgiving.  I hope the president of Boise State is OK with the proposal, don’t you?

SEC Recruiting Just Ain’t Fair – 100 Days of SEC Dominance: Day 9

SEC! SEC! SEC! Do you hear those chants?  They’re only 92 days away.


The SEC is good at football because the teams in the conference have good coaches and good football players.  Well guess what good football players help good coaches do?  They help them win games.  And guess how good football coaches help good players?  They get them more good teammates.  That, my friends, is how recrootin works.

In the SEC the formula for recrootin success is as follows:

Good + Good = Good


And guess what?  Everybody in the SEC is good.  Here are the rankings (per 247Sports) of the SEC’s recrootin classes in 2014:

1. Alabama

2. LSU

5. Texas A&M

6. Auburn

7. Tennessee

8. Georgia

9. Florida

15. Ole Miss

16. South Carolina

22. Kentucky

30. Arkansas

35. Mississippi State

39. Missouri

46. Vanderbilt


That’s all I got/



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