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SEC Football: Georgia Will Beat Auburn, Lose To GaTech

Under Pressure

Georgia has come a very long way since the freakish loss against South Carolina. They have lost the best player in the country, shut out Mizzou on the road, and dominated Arkansas in Little Rock to silence many doubters. Georgia has the most favorable schedule of any SEC contender to win out going forward. Georgia is a good enough team to be in the four- team playoff race, but the biggest question like always is can they handle the pressure?


Lady Luck No More

Auburn travels to UGA for the Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry. Georgia will be looking to get revenge after the “Miracle at Jordan-Hare” last season, and I believe it will happen. Auburn was not a good team last year, and I will stand firmly by it. Auburn had lady luck on their side, and it allowed them to get to the BCS Championship game. Aaron Murray had a Heisman-like moment leading a depleted Bulldog team back on the road to take the lead over a heavy home favorite. Georgia had no business being able to come back in that game, but it made that loss so much worse. I believe Georgia will use that to fuel them when the WarEAgle Tigers come to Athens, and the Dawgs will win by two touchdowns.


2008 Again? 

After the Auburn game Georgia has Charleston Southern, then Georgia Tech. The last time Tech beat UGA it was Willie Martinez as DC, and it was in Sanford Stadium. If Georgia beats Auburn, they will catapult into the conversation of a playoff team and the pressure will mount once again (just like before the SC game). Jeremy Pruitt is a great Defensive Coordinator, but the triple option is a hard thing for the scout team offense to replicate. The worst thing that can happen is Georgia looking ahead to the SEC title, and not take care of a scrappy GaTech squad that could be playing for a bowl game berth. If Georgia beats Auburn, GaTech becomes very dangerous. Laugh if you would like, but the triple option requires a lot of discipline to stop.



Can Georgia beat Auburn and GaTech? Of course! Can this be the team that Georgia fans have been waiting for since 1980? Eh, probably not. But Georgia is a good enough team to get to the playoff and win the whole damn thing. Imagine how many autographs Todd Gurley could sign if he could put “National Champion” beside it! Hutson Mason, not Aaron Murray, will be a National Champion. Georgia needs to stay focused, and unlike the SC game, FINISH THE DRILL.


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Schadenfruede Alerts All Over the Country: Your Week 9 Viewing Guide

Hustling through this because its currently 11:15 and this is supposed to go live in 20 minutes… shoddy scheduling on my part this week.

Thursday Thrillers

And by ‘thrillers’, I mean in the Halloween way, not the games themselves:

1) Miami at Virginia Tech, 8, ESPN: Oh, the ACC Coastal. Coastal

Seriously though, that’s amazing. Only Georgia Tech among these seven has played more than three conference games, and the transitive property has eaten the whole division. GET YOUR FLORIDA STATE vs. <insert 7-5 team here> TICKETS NOW!

2) Connecticut at #18 ECU, 7, ESPNU: ECU in the AAC feels like they’re swimming way out of their depth based on opponent cache alone, but they’re really, REALLY fun to watch and could be a (whatever they call the BCS 6 now) bowl buster.


1) #6 Oregon at Cal, 10, FS1: The over/under on total yards for this game has to be in the 1600 range. We know what Oregon does, but what Cal does is even more impressive. They gave up 723 passing yards and WON a game this year, took UCLA to the wire, and have hung (and given up) 50 on about everyone. This is football on crack.

2) BYU at Boise (9, ESPN) and USF at Cincinnati (7, ESPN2) exist for people with no life. Of which I hope I’m not one with this oncoming cold.


This is the most deplorable noon slate of the college football season, I think. A total of two ranked teams, one of whom doesn’t count because B1G.

1) Texas at #11 Kansas State (12, ESPN): Texas schadenfruede is always fun, Bill Snyder is always heartwarming, and…Texas schadenfruede is always fun.

2) Rutgers at #16 Nebraska (12, ESPN2): What’s more vomit-inducing: including this game on the viewing guide, or cheering for Rutgers to further destroy the B1G’s rep? I don’t know and I don’t want to know, but I suppose we can all laugh that the state universities of New Jersey and Nebraska are in the same athletic conference.

Beyond: Nothing really. Like at all. UNC at UVA intrigues only me, and I realize that. UAB at Arkansas is on the SECN and may draw an eyeball or two. Just stay away.


There’s a lot of good, not great, viewing interest for the 3:30’s, but we need TV execs to balance their stuff out a little better.

1) Michigan at #8 Michigan State (3:30, ABC): For pure “what will Brady Hoke do to get himself and the AD’s asses canned this week?” purposes.

2) #1 Mississippi State at Kentucky (3:30, CBS): Just like we predicted in the preseason. I guess we cheer for MSU to eliminate the BlueCats.

3) #22 West Virginia at Oklahoma State (3:30, ESPN): My two favorite likely-to-find-meth-den Power Five cities face off in a game between teams we forget about now but will randomly be playing for the XII title in a month.

4) Georgia Tech at Pitt (3:30 ESPNU): See chart above, insert ‘watching GT lose in front of 25k fans’, and enjoy watching the world burn in the stadium where….well, that’s happened before:

5) Missouri at Vanderbilt (4, SECN): Pure, unadulterated unintentional comedy potential.


Seriously. All of the good SEC games are under the lights.

1) #3 Ole Miss at #24 LSU (7:15, ESPN): Again begs the question “How is LSU ranked?”, but that’s neither here nor there, I guess. Tuning in to continue my unhealthy man crush on Mississippi’s D.

2) #4 Alabama at Tennessee (7:30, ESPN2): Pure. Lane. Kiffin. Knoxville. Comedy. Gold.

3) #20 USC at #19 Utah (10, FS1): I’m interested in seeing if Utah is actually good or not, and bipolar USC is totally not the opponent for me to make this determination.

4) South Cack at #5 Auburn (7:30, SECN): So…uh…do we…cheer for SC in this game? I think we do! (Vomits up blood) GO COCKS!

5) #13 Ohio State at Penn State (8, ABC): Go Pedobears, please kill this discussion of tOSU in the CFP with fire.



Larry Munson Week: Anybody Remember that Time Lindsay Ran?

Larry Munson loved the Georgia Bulldogs above all else.  As the late broadcaster’s obituary read, “Indeed, Munson never hid his allegiance to the Bulldogs.”  I had no personal relationship with Larry, just an autographed helmet in my office and a fond recollection of his finest, most animated calls.  But even without knowing the legend, I don’t feel I’m reaching when I say Munson would have loved the 2014 Georgia Bulldogs.  

He would have celebrated the defense’s new-found affinity for “hunkerin’ down.”  He would have joyfully recognized the brilliance of so many young players on the field.  “My God! A freshman!” he might have exclaimed about Nick Chubb.  Or Sony Michel.  Or Isaiah McKenzie. Or Dominick Sanders.  Or Jeb Blazevich.  And Lord knows what he would have had to say about Todd Gurley, but it probably would have nestled somewhere between a broken steel chair, a hobnail boot and sugar falling out of the sky.  In light of this, we decided to spend Georgia’s bye week celebrating Larry Munson along with out partners at The UGA Vault.  Over the next few days we’ll take a closer look at some of his most iconic moments throughout the decades.


Georgia vs. Florida 1980 – Run Lindsay!

Larry Munson Week – Run, Lindsay! from The UGA Vault on Vimeo.



That’s all I got/




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Ole Miss and LSU: The SEC’s Most Underrated Rivalry



As an Ole Miss Rebel, my favorite time of year isn’t the Egg Bowl, but rather the Magnolia Bowl.

Although the rivalry of Ole Miss/LSU doesn’t quite get the attention it once did, my left eye still twitches when I see that combo of purple and gold. I had my first Death Valley experience in 2008. While there, I had a group of LSU fans dump a bag of trash over my head as I was heading towards the bathroom. My Rebels sought vengeance on the field for me when they defeated the Tigers, 31-13.

However, my favorite Magnolia Bowl memory comes in 2009, when the Mad Hatter couldn’t quite manage the game clock.

The Tigers were down by two points with 1:16 left in the game, and had the ball on their own 42. It should’ve been a drive away from an LSU win right? Nope. As the Tigers inched closer to the end zone, with 26 seconds left, Miles himself didn’t even know the play, causing 17 seconds to burn off the clock. Nine seconds remained in the frigidly tense game; the Tigers were hoping to spike the ball, but instead confusion from the chain gang caused the game to the end.

Rebs won, 25-23. Mad House.

“I don’t know what all happened down there at the end,” then Ole Miss head Coach Houston Nutt said. “I just know the scoreboard read 25-23 Ole Miss Rebels.”

Although the height of the rivalry was the days when Archie Manning wore No. 18, I believe Saturday night’s game will refresh the air. It’s the first time since 2003 that both LSU and Ole Miss are entering the game ranked. It’s also the first time since 1961 that the Rebels are ranked higher than LSU when both teams have been ranked.

The media might try to sell other SEC rivalry games, but the Tigers and Rebels have played each other every year since 1945, this Saturday being the 103rd meeting. The Rebs haven’t lost by more than 7 points in the infamous Death Valley since 1995.

While the origin is unknown, I like to tell myself that Rebel fans coined the term “corndog” to describe LSU fans. After all, their shade of gold matches the mustard you put on a corndog.

A Mississippi State fan might tell you Ole Miss is their biggest rival. As for me, my deeper hatred runs for the Tigers. Starting with their colors, to their attitudes, to the way they spell “Geaux”, I’ll be a satisfied Rebel knowing we beat those corndogs.







-Ashley Barnett

Mark Richt Coach Of The Year, Power Ranking The SEC’s Top Defenses, And More

Year Of The Running Back

Last year we had the privilege of watching some of the most talented QBs to ever play in the SEC. Between a two-time National Champion, Heisman winner, record breaker(s), and Zack Mettenburger, we knew it would be a tough act to follow. Even with the emergence of Dak Prescott, the quarterback position is pretty thin when it comes to future NFL draft picks. Where the QBs are thin, the running back position is LOADED with talent. Todd Gurley, TJ Yeldon, Derrick Henry, Alex Collins, Mike Davis, and those are just the guys who have been here for at least a year. The NFL can thank the SEC in a couple of years, because they are about to be loaded with running backs. Here is how each team replaced their star QBs.

Coach of the Year

Clearly the front runners are from the state of Mississippi, but I believe Mark Richt should get some serious love for the job he has done over the past few weeks. Georgia has not had the best player in the country, and went on the road in the SEC and basically put the SEC East Championship on ice. Mark Richt has done a great job at uniting a team that could have just as easily folded up and given the season away to Mizzou. My hat is off to Richt and Pruitt for the amazing job through the midway point. Here are the favorites.



The SEC as a whole has not been the same on defense the past couple of seasons. LSU does not look like the same team on defense and that is just sad. They were one of the more feared units in the entire country, now they have a hard time stopping the run/pass you name it. Georgia has been a huge surprise this season leading the nation in turnover margin, while losing some key starters off of last year’s team. Here is a power ranking of the best defensive units to this point.




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