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Georgia Bulldogs Recruiting: Is Mark Richt’s New Recruiting Tactic a Rip-Off?

In a word…YES!

Lost in the hullabaloo of these little portraits Richt has been sending to recruits is the fact that HE STOLE THE IDEA FROM ME!

When I was in a heated recruiting battle over the internship services of Chad Floyd last summer, I sent him this.  I think the picture speaks for itself.


Real original, Richt.

Real original, Richt.



That’s all I got/


Offseason: Which True Detective Character is Your SEC Fan Base?

I love Buzzfeed Quizes. I love how there are so many. I love how often people share them on Facebook. I love finding out which state you should be from, what Disney Princess you would be, and what character on [insert anything with characters ever made circa 1990] you are. It’s so much fun for all of us.


Actually this isn’t quite a quiz per se. It’s an observational quiz in which I answer a single question in my brain and then lump you (along with your entire cohort of fellow fans) into a category. Seems fair to me. In this case, the category is True Detective characters and the question is as follows:

Which True Detective character is your SEC fan base?

[Quick Note: You’re going to get pissed if you’re not Cohle or Marty. Stop that. Everyone on this show sucks in their own way. Still, sorry to all of you that I piss off (I'M NOT SORRY. SO MUCH QUIZ. VERY WOW.)]

Let’s do it:


Charlie Lange – Mississippi State

Hail State

You are from the backwoods. No one can understand what the hell you are saying. You were involved in some shady dealings and got caught (I see you Kenny Powers). We also know as soon as we see you that you will not play much of a part in this story. Except when you randomly do in the most unexpected ways.


Maisie Hart – Vanderbilt

I miss Coach Franklin…

You’re perfect. You’re smart. But you don’t really matter in the grand scheme of things.


Audrey Hart – Arkansas

If it’s any consolation this character goes from the back of a car with two guys to a seemingly decent life. Maybe there’s hope for you too?


Steve Geraci – Missouri

Where did you come from Mizzou?

We had kinda sorta heard of you early on in the story. But you were mainly drunk and pretty pointless. Then all of a sudden you were like the damn main character. What’s the deal? Who are you? Where did all of your success come from? I’m suspicious because you seem so darn nice…


Ginger – Ole Miss

You are white, extremely prone to mob mentality, and have a history of some pretty serious racism. Almost all of that racist what-not came with religious undertones. You have some serious clout right now, but you tend to screw things up in the end (cf. Dr. Bo’s fumble).


Lisa – Kentucky     

You serve no other purpose than ruining things for everyone else. Especially for Marty (see below).


Reggie Ledoux – LSU

You saw this one coming too. You use “x” in a way that no one on earth really understands. Moreover, you’re crazy and your craziness manifests itself as aggression. You also absolutely know someone who does one or both of the following: 1.) cooks crystal 2.) lives in shack on the bayou. Bonus points if you know someone who does both of those things. Not saying you’re terrible. You mean a lot to the story, and everyone wants to understand you. But, well, if we let you hang around too long (and drink enough) you’re likely to do some messed up stuff.


Beth – South Carolina

[couldn't find an image that was appropriate]

Things really sucked for you in the early days. Like really really really really sucked. But then you found the right guy via the right amount of money and things are better now. Sure you try to entice everyone with naked photos (see Spurrier “thrust” dot gif) and offers of kinky sex (why do you always play on Thursday nights?) but in the end you’re not a main character and no one ever expects you not to be anything other than a ticking dumpster bomb.


Billy Lee Tuttle – Auburn

We’re pretty sure you were into some pretty shady shit (Cam, Real Sports). But no one ever really caught you for it. Since that time you have gained lots of power and influence. And that makes most of us hate you.


Maggie – Florida

You are as good a character as your marriages. You had a great one to begin with that ran its course (Spurrier). Then one that was just about money and success (Meyer). There was that time in between those two that you did something you really regret (Zook), but all in all you are a key character. As much as I wanted to say you were the lady the Killer was banging I just can’t. You’re better than that. But we don’t respect you as much as we used to (Muschamp).


Errol/Yellow King? – Alabama

Come on, now. You saw this one coming. Anything involving incest, psychosis, and a desire for your crazy ass obsession to turn you into some sort of deified legend obligates me to equate that with Bama. Sorry.


Marty – Tennessee

You are so convinced you are good. Like so convinced. And maybe you are. For a moment. But then you’re back to banging stenographers or contemplating having anal sex with a former trailer park hooker (cf. buttchuging). You also tend to rage out a lot man. I mean why are you so angry all the time? You’re a big deal. You don’t have to prove it all the time. You can turn it around. But you seem so unable to get out of your own way. We love you. We want you to do good things. But we know better.


Cohle – Texas A&M

This one is exactly what you think it is. You’re the most interesting character in this story. But your inability to stop drinking or to just stop in general will be your undoing. Or will it perhaps make you even better than before? We don’t know. Because this is the last season we get to watch you.


Det. Papania – Georgia

Yes, UGA fans this is us. Here’s how I got here. We’re pretty much a nice guy but we do dumb shit all the time that gets in our way. More accurately, we make really stupid EARLY MOVES (smoke pot, boat under the influence, etc.) that bar us from any of the glory at the end. We have the killer fall in our laps only to get directions from him and drive away. Will we finish strong? Oh yeah. Will we get the killer? Nope, nope, nope. But we will show up at the crime scene and people will be like, “Man, I wonder what that guy is gonna do NEXT season.”


Georgia Bulldogs Basketball: I Was Wrong About Mark Fox

Jason Smith weighs in on Georgia head coach Mark Fox following his extension.

I said before that Mark Fox should be fired, Bruce Pearl should be hired, and UGA would then become a perennial tournament team.

I was wrong.

Mark Fox should not be fired. Bruce Pearl is definitely a better coach than he is but I think Fox has proven that he is in fact worth keeping.

Now, I won’t lie to you. I had heard that very argument before and thought it was the dumbest crock of s*** I had ever heard. Most people who argued thusly cited the fact that UGA had turned in an incredible basketball season. 2nd in the SEC! Tied with Kentucky! NIT bid! How could we not be happy?

This argument is not my favorite for a few reasons:

1.) despite the incredible tournament performance of Florida, Tennessee, and Kentucky the SEC was hot garbage this year during the regular season. If the Tennessee we witnessed this weekend had shown up during the regular season for a consistent interval UGA would’ve finished in a different spot. This takes nothing away from the heart of the UGA team. They wouldn’t have finished last, by any means. But they also would not have finished 2nd.

2.) You are very short-sighted if you think that 2nd in a down SEC and an NIT bid is the best that UGA can do. In fact, I hope that we all long for an era of UGA basketball where that is almost a “failure.” Sure I hate the “what have you done for me lately?” hiring style that is rampant these days. But expectations often determine results. People that want to hold onto Mark Fox just because he beat Missouri twice are setting the bar waaaaaayyyyy too low.

Realistically, UGA should be able to recruit quality, non-one-and-done players out of Atlanta that provide the foundation for a perennial tournament program. The only thing that is holding UGA back from that goal is a tarnished image of a program mired in basketball inertia coupled with a dismal amount of fan support. (Seriously. If you are a current UGA student get your ass to basketball games. You’d be amazed at how quickly things will improve if fan attendance goes up). The key to making those things go away is a great recruiting class and, I thought, a “splash” of a head coaching hire.

I’ve since retracted on the head coaching hire. Here’s why.

Mark Fox is a really good coach. If he can become a good recruiter we might start to think of him as a “great” coach. But the line between those two things will hinge on recruiting. Now, why have I changed my tune on him all of a sudden?

For a while there I thought that Mark Fox was a decent coach who was reaping the benefit of raw talent. He was ma mediocre X’s and O’s guy but that got overshadowed by the talents of Kenny Gaines and Charles Mann.

Now I wonder if maybe we’ve had it the wrong way round this whole time. Maybe these guys aren’t any good on their own but Mark Fox manages to milk flashes of brilliance out of them. We don’t really have any definitive evidence either way.

Watching the SEC Tournament Georgia looked like a team desparate to lose. They looked like a team that was being held together by glue and duck tape and sheer will. I suppose I had always assumed that this “will” was the will of the players. After thinking it over I think I’ve been wrong all along.

I think Mark Fox has been carrying this team on his back.

It’s not surprising if you think about this guy. He lost his father the day before the Missouri game. He painted up and became one of the “Spike Squad.” He and Mark Richt are really good friends. His family is an integral part of the Athens community. There is no real reason for him to have approached this season lackadaisically. Yet, somehow we all (me) assumed that he didn’t have much of a chance at righting the ship. And somehow he has turned a team that almost had us ready to wear paper bags on our heads into a team that has a real shot at making the tournament next year.

That alone makes me believe in another few years for Mark Fox.

Now, I would be inclined to qualify that by saying he has to recruit well in the future. But even that may be an overstatement. Case in point, J.J. Frazier. In fact, the only mark against Fox (mark against Fox, get it?) is that J.J. Frazier hasn’t seen more of the spotlight.

In short, we may be waiting on Fox to get the Blue Chip one-and-done but look where doing that got teams like Duke. Maybe Fox is building something that could be great one day.

And one things for sure, no one takes time to build anything anymore.

Mercer Bro Dances After Beating Duke

Cut down the nets.  This is the championship as far as I’m concerned.



That’s all I got/


March Madness: Upset Schedule for Thursday’s Opening Round Action

Don’t Forget to Join DudeYouCrazy’s March Madness Mastery Contest via ESPN here!


At DudeYouCrazy we root for two teams: the Dawgs and the Underdogs.  And sometimes Chad roots for the North Carolina Tar Heels.  But it’s whatever.

So, while I know everyone already read Chad’s eloquent preview and everyone’s already joined our March Madness Mastery Contest***, we know you might want a little more.  You’ll tell us you want a viewing guide so that you can watch all the games, but you really only care about the upsets.

In light of that, here’s a comprehensive list of potential upsets for today (all times ET – a.k.a. correct):


  • Dayton (11) will look to upset Ohio State (6) beginning at 12:15 PM on CBS.
  • American University (15) (also USA! USA!) will look to stun Wisconsin (2).  Tip-off is at 12:40 PM on truTV (that’s a real network apparently).
  • Pittsburgh (9) over Colorado (8) is technically an upset.  The game launches at 1:40 PM on TBS.
  • Harvard (12) over Cincy (5) would be nerdular.  Tune in at 2:10 PM on TNT.
  • Western Michigan (14 seed, bleakest place on earth) will try to upset ‘Cuse begginning at 2:45 PM on CBS.
  • BYU (10) takes on Oregon (7) at 3:10 PM on truTV (that’s a real network apparently).
  • Can Albany (16) pull off a monumental upset over Florida (1)? No.  But watch at 4:10 PM on TBS.
  • Delaware (13) will try to upset Michigan State (4) and prove that 13-over-4 is the new 12-over-5 on TNT at 4:40 PM.
  • At 6:55 PM St. Joseph’s (10) will try to become the first Saint to pull off an upset in the 2014 Tourney by defeating UConn (7) on TBS.
  • If Wofford (15) beats Michigan (2) it would be considered an upset.  That riveting matchup is on CBS at 7:10 PM.
  • NC State (12) will beat St. Louis (5).  You heard it here.  Tune in at 7:20 PM on TNT to watch the upset of the night.
  • North Dakota State (12)—or NDakState as they’re better known—will not upset Oklahoma (5) at 7:27 PM on truTV (that’s a real network apparently).
  • Milwaukee’s Best (15) will be bested by Villanova (2) on TBS at 9:25 PM.
  • Arizona State (10) might beat Texas (7) because those numbers are somewhat close.  That game’s on CBS at 9:40 PM.
  • Manhattan (13) gets the unfortunate draw of Louisville (4).  Don’t watch.  But if you do, watch on TNT at 9:50 PM.
  • New Mexico State (13) and San Diego State (4) gets the late game at 9:57 PM on truTV (that’s a real network apparently).  Go figure.


***Dude’s Note: In reality some 2200 unique visitors have come to the site since we announced the March Madness Mastery Contest.  Only 27 are currently registered?  What is that?  It’s free.  There are prizes.  It’s free!  Join here.



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