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NFL Football: #FreeGurley + Week 6 Picks

So…any big UGA news these days?

Look, I’ve we’ve long crowed on this site about how much we hate the NCAA, and how it’s a corrupt institution and needs to be razed off of the landscape of sports. Hell, I’ll even save you the trouble of linking each blog, but rest assured they’re out there. Bottom line, this is ANOTHER symptom of the vileness of the most corrupt institution in sport (non-FIFA and IOC division), and if this is what it takes for you to care about the injustice carried under the pretense of amateurism, then you are a self-absorbed insular fan, and I will openly mock your old line of thinking.

That said, welcome aboard!

We all get here different ways, but I’m glad we’re all united under #DeathToTheNCAA. Not just for this RIDICULOUS Gurley suspension, but for every kid whose name we don’t know who should have guaranteed scholarships, better protection against brain trauma, access to funds to cover living expenses, the ability transfer without penalty, and sports related medical expenses NOT come from their own pocket. Pretty crazy stuff, right? I’m sad it took Todd getting in trouble for more people to get on board, but if that’s what it takes to get change, well, it’s not worth it because dammit I want to see him holding the Heisman above his head this year.

We went through most of this on the podcast last night, but some final thoughts:

1. There is no way that he should sit for more than a half if what we’re hearing is true.

2. Todd, I KNOW I can get you more than 5 bucks an autograph. Holla at your boy.

3. I want Evil Mark Richt to play him without asking anyone and giving the middle finger to the camera if asked about his decision. TELL THE PEOPLE CAM.

Now, PICKS. Home teams, as always, in bold.

Colts (-2.5) over Texans

Handing out Thursday night winners, while maintaining an unimpressive overall win/loss record. IT’S WHAT I DO.

Falcons (-3) over Bears

I’m petitioning to have the Falcons change the team name to the vampires, since this squad seems to die in direct sunlight.

Titans (-1) over Jaguars

Welcome to the official “if you’re betting this game, seek help” line of the week!

Ravens (-3) over Buccaneers

Tampa Bays friskiness against the Saints ain’t fooling me!

Lions (+2) over Vikings

Is it possible this Detroit team’s unpredictability without Calvin Johnson is a good thing? Yeah, I didn’t think so, but I like betting against rookie quarterbacks.

Patriots (-2.5) over Bills

The Neckbeard is dead. Long live the Neckbeard.

Bengals (-6.5) over Panthers

Is the AFC North sneaky the best division this year? I was blown away by how bad Cincy looked against New England, but I think that was an outlier for both sides. Either way, this Carolina team is no angry Tom Brady.

Browns (-1.5) over Pittsburgh

Have the Browns covered every game this year? It feels like they have.

Packers (-3) over Dolphins

If I watch 1 second of this game, something has gone horribly awry.

Chargers (-7) over Raiders

The “Who’s moving to LA in the next 18 months” Bowl!

Seahawks (-8) over Cowboys

Chill in the air. Dominant defensive backfield. Pundits telling us that Romo is back. IT’S ABOUT THAT TIME FOLKS.

Cardinals (-3) over Washington Professional Football Team

My favorite analogy for the NFL season is the sandwich one. We all love a good sandwich, and building one is a pure joy we can all empathize with. Once you take a few bites, you’re so enamored with everything, you barely realize you’re devoring a masterpiece, and maybe not enjoying it as much as you should. We’re at week 6 folks, and a quarter of our NFL season sandwich is gone. Let’s enjoy the rest of it. Maybe I shouldn’t write these around lunch.

Eagles (-2.5) over Giants

After how Odell Beckham looked last week, and the fact that the Philly offense has been misfiring, the logical pick is the Giants. BUT, Boyz II Men are performing at halftime, so Philly wins by 40. Fact.

Niners (-3) over Rams

What’s an Austin Davis?

Last Week: 8-7

Season: 36-37-3

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Football Season Should Be Year-Round: The Week 7 TV Viewing Guide

There was a rumor floating around in the spring that non-power 5 conferences (Or was it non-FBS? Who remembers?) were discussing moving their seasons to the spring. This rumor had me positively giddy for a few days, as we’re not even getting Tuesday/Wednesday night #MACtion yet. Imagine instead having #MarchMACtion. It would be glorious, you’d get to see potential NFL stars without them being overshadowed by the A.J. McCarrons of the world while getting beat 48-7 in a season opener, AND the product for the football we care about in the fall would be improved by more standardized competition.

Win, win, WIN!

This notion really hit home again when realizing that most teams were playing their sixth game of the season this week, meaning football is about to reach its halfway point. As a guy who only has a cursory interest in the NFL (go Ravens and my unmentionable fantasy team name), the promise of not having eight cold football-less months per year would vastly improve my life.

Thursday Night- Meh.

BYU at UCF, 7:30, ESPN: No Taysom Hill for BYU, UCF’s two losses to mediocre teams…there’s no real College Football Bowl Playoff Rotation Bowl (do they call those BCS bowls still?) interest in this game. I may actually recommend whatever NFL game hits Thursday night for once.

Friday Night- Maybe? 

Washington State at #25 Stanford (9, ESPN) is a game I wouldn’t expect to take place on a Friday night (not on Stanford’s campus, anyway), but this COULD be compelling if Connor Halliday throws for another 734 yards. In case you missed it, Connor Halliday threw for 734 yards in a LOSS to California last Saturday. That ain’t right. He’s got a future dashing some poor fanbase’s hopes for a few years on the next level.

Worth a mention because they exist: San Diego State at New Mexico (9, ESPNU), and Fresno at UNLV (10, CBSSN).

Saturdays in October- Where Even Noon is a Good Time to Drink

1) #13 Georgia at #23 Missouri (CBS, noon): Wait, I didn’t realize there was a CBS doubleheader already this week? I got one shot at previewing this one in here. This should be a great game.
2) Texas vs. #11 Oklahoma (ABC, noon): Not terribly compelling, which is usually when it becomes compelling. Can Charlie Strong and his no-name bunch of misfits take down the Sooners, who are reeling from a loss at TCU last week? Nah.
3) Duke at #22 Georgia Tech (ESPN3, 12:30): This’ll be on one of the local networks here in Atlanta. The Nerds are ranked, but can eliminate Duke from the ACC Coastal race. I’m torn here.
4) Indiana at Iowa (ESPNU, noon): See the team that beat Missouri here in case it looks like we don’t. Switch to bourbon if that’s the case.
5) #1 Florida State at Syracuse (ESPN, noon): Obligatory ‘FSU-is-still-kinda-on-upset-watch’ mention, but I don’t even want them  to lose to Syracuse.

A 3:30 Slate Where I’m Not Trapped in a Church for a Wedding

1) #2 Auburn at #3 Mississippi State (CBS, 3:30): I’m not sold on MSU yet, as I mentioned here. So watch them roll over Auburn.
2) #12 Oregon at #18 UCLA (FOX, 3:30): Loser fades into East Coast bias-laden obscurity, winner maintains an outside shot of getting back into the playoff picture (because they’ll probably both lose again).
3) #9 TCU at #5 Baylor (ABC, 3:30): This is sick. TCU probably shouldn’t have jumped all the way to 9, but oh well. A win and they’re the MAJOR favorites in the XII, which is nuts considering they went 4-8 last year. Baylor? Well, you know:

4) Louisville at Clemson (ESPNU, 3:30): Bobby Petrino said he expected Syracuse’s crowd in the Carrier Dome was louder than what the Cards would face in Death Valley. Hokay.
5) UNC at #5 Notre Dame (NBC, 3:30): I’m not doing this to myself again.

F*** It. You’re Drunk Anyway. 

1) Evening Doubleheader of SEC West Matchups on ESPN (6 and 9): #7 Alabama at Arkansas is moderately compelling even though Bama has won 7 straight, the last two by a combined 104-0. Following that, #3 Ole Miss travels to #14 Texas A&M in what is sure to be a Rebel Black Bear letdown game, right?
3) USC at #10 Arizona (ESPN2, 10:30): This is your solid weekly nightcapper. Calling the USC ‘upset’, because how does an unranked, hardly-voted-for team all of a sudden vault (Download the UGA Vault!) into the top 10?
5) Not subjecting you to any of the other games on the tube. Here’s the link if you want something miserable and boring.


Georgia Football: The #DawgNationCBC, presented by*

* we can not stress enough that we are not taking ALS lightly, just thought we could have a little fun with it. Donate to stop ALS here:

We here at have spent the last 8 months raising awareness about Georgia football’s 2014 season, but it occurred to me as I enjoyed the last football-free Saturday afternoon of the year that we perhaps hadn’t done enough.

Today, that changed.

As first started by a brave man named David Roberts, I was challenged by my buddy Grant to chug a beer to raise awareness that Georgia was set to curbstomp Clemson a week from today. Curious, I had to check the replay for proof:

Sure enough, my awareness of the serious task at hand for the Dawgs was raised, and I felt obligated to step up to the plate. I’m not in pads at training camp in the 100-degree Georgia heat, so I had to ask myself: have I done my part? The answer was no. Until now.

Pardon my weak chug, the beer was quite foamy at the start. Among the people I challenged, EIC Andrew Hall. Let’s see if he steps it up.

In the meantime, if you feel as if you need to do more to raise awareness of next week’s whoopin’, get your favorite frosty beverage and post it with the hashtag #DawgNationCBC. I’ll find the best and post them.

Go Dawgs.

Georgia Football: The Last Hangover

Bad news: this is our last offseason Hangover of 2014. We’ve had fun, we’ve made fun of things, we’ve had guests, we’ve made fun of those guests. Bottom line, we had a good run, but all good things must come to an end.



Join us below as we sign off for the Hangover for the last time this year, have a little extra fun, and get ready for football Saturdays to start bringing in the REAL hangovers.

Go Dawgs.

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The REAL Story Behind Yesterday’s Recruiting Coup

According to Andrew, yesterday was a pretty big day for Georgia’s 2016 recruiting haul, as they secured commitments from two five-star recruits. Bringing in a top-flight QB early in a recruiting cycle is always huge for momentum, as they tend to be ring leaders among their recruiting class peers. This is all great news.

Unless…we’re being taken for a ride by our fearless leader.

2016 QB Jacob Eason hall2


What do you see here? For my money, I can’t get past the fact that this Jacob Eason character is, in fact…

Andrew Hall.

But why? Why would Andrew do this? 

Two theories I can think of, which are intertwined: first, Andrew is a diehard Georgia football fan. I don’t know the nature of his relationship with his wife, but if he loves her more than Georgia football, the man has a heart the size of Sanford Stadium. Getting word of a ‘commitment’ from a Stafford-esque QB out 19 months before Signing Day 2016? A great way to drum up some long-term recruiting success for the Georgia program.

The issue here is, I have seen Andrew throw a football. So either he’s been doing a LOT of training behind the scenes, or Mark Richt, Mike Bobo, and recruiting evaluators nationwide missed the mark on this ‘prospect’.

The fact that Andrew moved recently? Ties right in to this elaborate ruse. All ATLiens will admit to seeing less of Andrew in recent months, and between an intense training schedule and high school classes in Washington state, it all starts to piece itself together.


Secondly, at, we claim not to care about being ‘sources’. In the wake of the Tray Matthews story, Daniel, Jason, and I realized that being the purveyor of new information isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Andrew, on the other hand? Well, frankly it changed him. He has the unquenchable bloodlust to provide breaking information, accuracy be damned. I have the transcript of his conversation with ESPN’s Chris Broussard, who called and congratulated us for breaking the Matthews news.

You were a schemer, you had plans, and look where that got you. Nobody credited you for TriggaTray’s dismissal news. I just did what I do best. I took your little plan and I turned it on itself. Look what I did to the newscycle with a few anonymous sources and a couple of informal GM polls. Hmmm? You know… You know what I’ve noticed? Nobody panics when things go “according to plan.” Even if the plan is horrifying! If, tomorrow, I tell the press that, like, Adrian Peterson is retiring, or Kevin Durant is being traded to the Lakers, nobody panics, because it’s all “part of the plan.” But when I say that one little Miami mini-dynasty will die, well then everyone loses their minds! Introduce a little anarchy. Upset the established order, and everything becomes chaos. I’m an agent of chaos. Oh, and you know the thing about chaos? It’s fair!

We thought we had Hall’s sourcelust bottled up. We kept him busy with SEC previews, Daily Doses of Dawg, and his normal siterunner duties. We thought this problem would go away if we ignored it. Never in a million years did we think Hall was capable of this: emerging as a 5-star QB prospect, convincing recruiters everywhere that he was from the Pacific Northwest, and then committing at Dawg Night— and doing it all so he could break the news.

Boy, were we wrong. Please accept a formal apology from me, Chad Floyd.




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