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SECual Healing: Saban Whining, Over/Unders, LSU QB Issues

According to my TimeHop, this is about the time where, in the past couple of years, Georgia has started to make the news in the offseason. This has not been a good thing as it has led to heavy personnel loss, and it is refreshing to *knocks on wood* not have surprise attrition in 2015. #In SchottenheimerWeTrust, I guess.

Anyhow, the big news of the week is Nick Saban caught a fish bigger than him whined about the Big Ten and their satellite camps, intruding on the SEC’s fertile recruiting ground. The goal of the league’s coaches is to have them banned by 2016, and Mike Slive/Greg Sankey are on record as saying that the SEC will allow them if other conferences continue to do so. The golf potential for Steve Spurrier in California, a return of Bret Bieliema to Wisconsin, and the prospect of Les Miles yukking it up somewhere in the Northeast all make this an exciting prospect for me.


Meanwhile, ESPN in an attention-grabbing headline says the SEC West hasn’t lost its luster. (Or bluster.) No s**t.

Finally, you know college football is at least on the horizon when you start getting over/unders. 5 Dimes, God bless ’em, was first to the party. Following is the divisions ranked by their projected line.

Georgia 9
Florida 7.5
Mizzou 7.5
Tennessee 7.5
South Carolina 7
Kentucky 6
Vanderbilt 3 (lol it’s funny but it’s not)

Alabama 9.5
Auburn 8.5
Arkansas 8.5
Ole Miss 8.5
Texas A&M 7.5
Mississippi State 7

Let’s just say there are some juicy potential bets in there.

From that: would a 5th place division finish put Les Miles on the hot seat? I think I agree with SBN’s Ian Boyd when he says it would definitely get much warmer.

For You Falcons Fans- More (Recruiting) Proof That Bobby Petrino Is The Worst

I have long been diametrically opposed to posting on recruiting on this site, because following the whims of 16-18 year old boys still in high school is creepy. However, with Georgia’s recent loss of its class’ only running back, and the overlap between Georgia fans and Falcons fans (not to mention the fun that we have with Bobby Petrino on the DudeYouPodcast, this has some relevance.

South Carolina’s Mr. Football, running back Matthew Colburn, committed to Louisville back in June. With Signing Day just 36 hours away, Petrino and the Cardinals pulled Colburn’s scholarship- even though Colburn refused to take calls or visits to any other schools. The scatback (apparently 5’7 172 with a 4.3 40) is now scrambling to find a place to play his college ball.

This is a disgusting and cowardly act that has become more and more prevalent in the game of recruiting, albeit one that comes as no surprise from Petrino. This is the guy who told UL he wasn’t interviewing with Auburn as he was interviewing with Auburn, the guy who left the Falcons in the middle of the night, and the guy who took the world’s greatest motorcycle ride at Arkansas.

He also has a way of getting high-profile transfers from other schools, as Georgia fans know all too well. Just yesterday, it was announced that former Big XII defensive player of the year Devonte Fields would be suiting up for the Cardinals.

As Signing Day approaches, you won’t hear anything more from me until the smoke clears. In the meantime, let’s check one more in the box of #DeathtotheNCAA and a vote for an early signing period in football– something that every other collegiate sport already possesses.

Georgia Football Knee Jerk Reactions: Georgia Tech Edition

I was dreading writing this edition of the Knee Jerk Reactions, I’m not going to lie. Mustering the appropriate vitriol to combat the “Fire Mark Richt” trolls on the internet was going to prove tough, especially since I’m still legally drunk on turkey. Imagine my excitement when I logged on, and saw Andrew and Chad had already done the heavy lifting, so tip of the cap to those guys. As a matter of fact, if you haven’t read their blogs yet, go do that, and come on back.

Done? Good.

Back to the matter of the day, the loss to Georgia Tech. It happened, none of us can avoid it, but let it be known that I expected it to hurt more. Maybe it was the Arkansas loss to Mizzou, maybe it was the ebb and flow of the crazy game, or maybe it was the copious amount of whiskey flowing through me, we may never know. The bottom line is, the nerds won a weird, wild game in Athens, and it’s my job to write about it.

The Good:

– Hutson Mason has caught a lot of hell from the UGA faithful this season, and through it all, he remained a steady hand for an offense that saw it’s fair share of ups and downs all year. He went above and beyond the decided upon narrative of ‘game manager’ and emerged as the leader of an offense that saw more adversity than any other I can remember. Saturday was no different as he spearheaded a balanced attack, finding a seemingly game-winning touchdown to Malcolm Mitchell in crunch time.

– Chubb and Michel performing alongside each other showed just what good hands this Georgia rushing attack will be in for the next few years. Along with the offensive line, they set the pace for the game early, running at, over and through Tech defenders. Slowed late, their tenacity never gave way to exhaustion, rushing as determined in OT as they did in the first quarter.

– Damien Swann over everything.

– Faking field goals! Blocking field goals! Blocking extra points! YOU DID IT @UGASpecialTeams!

The Bad:

– The injuries had to catch up at some time, right? Sure, we didn’t run out of running backs (came close though!), but leaning on freshmen in the marquee positions, can have major, but foreseeable, drawbacks. One of these drawbacks is fumbles, and after avoiding that bug for so ling, it finally bit on a big stage. Micro, this is a bad, real bad. Macro? It might have been unavoidable.

– One of my go to clichés has been “The other guys get paid too”, meaning that other coaches get paid to scheme for UGA as well, as evidenced by the on the field changes that Tech made on Saturday. Going to the faster B back in the second half paid dividends for the Jackets, and his ability to hit the hole at speed altered the entire game.

The Ugly:

– Getting field goals blocked. Deciding collectively not to return a kick-off. The decision to squib after the Mitchell touchdown with 18 seconds left. 18. Seconds. You did it, @UGASpecialTeams.

– Mason’s final pick was a marriage of a late throw, a well scouted UGA route, and a GT defender playing the ball perfectly. Bad? Eh. Ugly? YOU BETCHA.

Senior day will always carry special memories for me, as it is one of my fondest memories from playing college football. Running out on the field to meet my parents was great, but winning the last time on my home field was even better. While these UGA seniors didn’t get to end their time between the hedges winners one more time, I look forward to Bowl season, when they get the opportunity to cap their careers right.

Doing something twice in a row makes it a tradition right? Well, allow me to indulge myself with my annual tip of the cap to the Columbia Football Class of 2007. We got the chance to end our careers at home with a win, and the next week, we all hung up the pads after beating Brown on a last second field goal. I know that no one else cares, but as long as Andrew lets me write for this site, I’m gonna care loudly at least once a year.

Go Dawgs, and Roar Lion Roar.

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FREE WAFFLES IF GEORGIA WINS, Mark Richt Will Make You Cry, And More


Waffle House is offering free waffles for whichever team’s town wins this Saturday between Georgia and Auburn. Who needs an inspirational speech, when you have WAFFLES on the line!! If you are indifferent on who you want to win, do it for the waffles. Don’t wear black for Georgia, wear it for the waffles! Here is Waffle House’s full statement on the wager.


Get Hyped

You either love or hate Nick Saban. There is no middle ground when talking about the Head Coach of the Crimson Tide, but one thing is for sure, he is the best coach in football. This weekend Nick Saban wants all fans to know exactly what hosting the Number One team in the land means to him, and on his weekly radio show Saban got the fans hyped for Saturday. No matter who you root for, I would want my coach to do something like this to get the fans ready for Saturday. Here is the video.


Get A Tissue 

If you were to ask a handful of Georgia fans what their opinion of Mark Richt is, they would all have a different answer regarding him as the football coach of the Bulldogs. I guarantee if you were to ask the same Georgia fans about Mark Richt as a person, every single one of them would say he is a class act. A story from 2011 surfaced on NBC Sports this week about Mark Richt, and how he went above and beyond to show that their are still decent men in college football. If you haven’t seen this story, get a tissue, because Mark Richt proved once again just how classy he is. Here is the story.





NFL Football: #FreeGurley + Week 6 Picks

So…any big UGA news these days?

Look, I’ve we’ve long crowed on this site about how much we hate the NCAA, and how it’s a corrupt institution and needs to be razed off of the landscape of sports. Hell, I’ll even save you the trouble of linking each blog, but rest assured they’re out there. Bottom line, this is ANOTHER symptom of the vileness of the most corrupt institution in sport (non-FIFA and IOC division), and if this is what it takes for you to care about the injustice carried under the pretense of amateurism, then you are a self-absorbed insular fan, and I will openly mock your old line of thinking.

That said, welcome aboard!

We all get here different ways, but I’m glad we’re all united under #DeathToTheNCAA. Not just for this RIDICULOUS Gurley suspension, but for every kid whose name we don’t know who should have guaranteed scholarships, better protection against brain trauma, access to funds to cover living expenses, the ability transfer without penalty, and sports related medical expenses NOT come from their own pocket. Pretty crazy stuff, right? I’m sad it took Todd getting in trouble for more people to get on board, but if that’s what it takes to get change, well, it’s not worth it because dammit I want to see him holding the Heisman above his head this year.

We went through most of this on the podcast last night, but some final thoughts:

1. There is no way that he should sit for more than a half if what we’re hearing is true.

2. Todd, I KNOW I can get you more than 5 bucks an autograph. Holla at your boy.

3. I want Evil Mark Richt to play him without asking anyone and giving the middle finger to the camera if asked about his decision. TELL THE PEOPLE CAM.

Now, PICKS. Home teams, as always, in bold.

Colts (-2.5) over Texans

Handing out Thursday night winners, while maintaining an unimpressive overall win/loss record. IT’S WHAT I DO.

Falcons (-3) over Bears

I’m petitioning to have the Falcons change the team name to the vampires, since this squad seems to die in direct sunlight.

Titans (-1) over Jaguars

Welcome to the official “if you’re betting this game, seek help” line of the week!

Ravens (-3) over Buccaneers

Tampa Bays friskiness against the Saints ain’t fooling me!

Lions (+2) over Vikings

Is it possible this Detroit team’s unpredictability without Calvin Johnson is a good thing? Yeah, I didn’t think so, but I like betting against rookie quarterbacks.

Patriots (-2.5) over Bills

The Neckbeard is dead. Long live the Neckbeard.

Bengals (-6.5) over Panthers

Is the AFC North sneaky the best division this year? I was blown away by how bad Cincy looked against New England, but I think that was an outlier for both sides. Either way, this Carolina team is no angry Tom Brady.

Browns (-1.5) over Pittsburgh

Have the Browns covered every game this year? It feels like they have.

Packers (-3) over Dolphins

If I watch 1 second of this game, something has gone horribly awry.

Chargers (-7) over Raiders

The “Who’s moving to LA in the next 18 months” Bowl!

Seahawks (-8) over Cowboys

Chill in the air. Dominant defensive backfield. Pundits telling us that Romo is back. IT’S ABOUT THAT TIME FOLKS.

Cardinals (-3) over Washington Professional Football Team

My favorite analogy for the NFL season is the sandwich one. We all love a good sandwich, and building one is a pure joy we can all empathize with. Once you take a few bites, you’re so enamored with everything, you barely realize you’re devoring a masterpiece, and maybe not enjoying it as much as you should. We’re at week 6 folks, and a quarter of our NFL season sandwich is gone. Let’s enjoy the rest of it. Maybe I shouldn’t write these around lunch.

Eagles (-2.5) over Giants

After how Odell Beckham looked last week, and the fact that the Philly offense has been misfiring, the logical pick is the Giants. BUT, Boyz II Men are performing at halftime, so Philly wins by 40. Fact.

Niners (-3) over Rams

What’s an Austin Davis?

Last Week: 8-7

Season: 36-37-3

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